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Oklahoma City new home construction | Do What Needs to Be Done

Oklahoma City new home construction | Do What Needs to Be Done

So here on the next as an Oklahoma City new home construction we want you to know that a contingent is a great way to lock in the pricing, lock in at home side, locked in that incentive for up to 120 days. That’s a great way for people to be able to sell their home that usually might have their money otherwise tied up in the equity of that home. This gives them the ability to move forward on that one. Something I always like to let people know is we can also rent out homes to our show homes, customers that we do, um, and this would be at a lower rate and then you would be able to move out as soon as you’re home is ready. So say your home is ready on the 15th of September, you will be able to move out on the 15th to move in on the 16th, whatever that is, and you’ll be prorated for the difference on that one.

But the biggest thing is we also want to let you know that there will be no pets allowed, but it gives you an area to live during this time of your home being prepared. The other option that you do have is a delay of bill. The delay billing works similar in the sense that you will have, they’ll be able to lock in everything, but this one is based on you have up to a hundred and 20 days to delay the build of the home. You might wonder why would you want to do that? Well, there’s a, there are circumstances where people might be Oklahoma City new home construction, they might have a lease and say they have eight months left on their lease right now and it only takes us seven months to build their home. We can delay it for one month and then get started. So we can line it up as close as we can to the time that your home would be a finished.

That way you can move right out from your home or apartment into a house. And so sometimes, Oklahoma City new home construction, like I said, that’s up to four months which is a total of 11 months total and the time of the build, so it’s almost a year. And so we can be sometimes flexible on that too, but we just want to make sure that people have that option because I know leasing can sometimes keep people from moving into their dream home because and then missing the opportunity of that home site and the pricing at that time. And so as an Admin, new home builder, those are the things that we kind of cover on that one. And then we just say congratulations because at that point you are moving in to a, we’re starting the construction on, on your home and show the next steps after that is the design studio.

And this is where we actually have an award winning designers and we had the largest design studio in the Tulsa area and we have tons of options offered. It’s a super simple process and you actually are just doing three simple meetings at this point. You will do one interior exterior and, and the final signatures. Each of these are a week apart so you can marinate on your decisions so that roughly, altogether you spent about a month in the design studio after that, it takes about six months to build your home. So that’s why we say it’s a total of seven, seven months to be fully completed before moving in. Oklahoma City new home construction so that’s the, uh, obviously the importance of that delay of build. So we can line that up as close as we can. We, as I’ve mentioned, we’ve done this a few thousand times so you don’t have to, it’s just there to make things a lot more simple for the people that are coming in.

We understand all the different scenarios and obstacles that people do have a when they come in. So that’s no surprise to us. That’s why I mentioned we’ve done it so much. So with that being said, um, the next step after that design studio is, Oh, actually elsewhere I should mention about the design studio is that, um, we once again, are not going to be able to do any structural options. This is a, this is a logo that was clarified and made a point on the the purchase agreement, what we’re just reemphasizing the fact that review will not be able to make any structural changes in the design studio. I’m with that. But knowing that a, it’s an exciting time because of those three appointments that we do have one with that interior. It’s gonna last about an hour and a half or so and right after that you’ll have a week and they’re going to give you some homework and during that week you’re going to go in and you’re going to find out, Oklahoma City new home construction, basically be able to look at brick and the different kinds of homes on the entire home.

Instead of looking at a picture or a, a sample of what the break looks like. You get to see it as a whole, seeing it in natural light in the sunlight for your own eyes. And then they’ll give you other homework as well for your selections. So that way you can nail down your interior and then go into your exterior knowing what to expect. And you’ll also head out to the lighting studio to make your selections there. And as an Edmund new home builder, the third appointment is just final signatures, so that way, uh, you know, and exactly for sure what you’re signing off on and you’ll review those and that really wraps up the, a design studio, Oklahoma City new home construction, after that, the next step would be the plan review. And now the plan review is basically our checks and balances so that way we can, we know that we have made all the correct selections from step one to five, you’re handling me as a sales associate.

And then, um, after that we handed you over to the design studio, which then takes all the selections that we priced out and then puts colors to them and verifies that that’s the selections that you want. And then you go from design studio to the builder. So this is basically just put an a there, just put there to make sure that we make the correct selections and that we’re building the correct a plan and everything else. So it’s just to make sure everything’s in order before, Oklahoma City new home construction, moving forward. Uh, and going on the thing about, uh, the plan review is, it’s just us telling you what we’re going to do before we do it and then we’d do it. So we talked about all the appointments that you will have an I’m heading up into the building of the home and we’ll, you’ll meet the builder there, which is the construction manager will review the blueprints, review the site plan and discuss the grade of the land.

They’ll talk about weekly updates that she’ll be receiving, which is pretty awesome. We want to make sure that you stay involved during the build of your home because we’re very involved with you step one through six and even seven. But as soon as it goes to step, hey, Oklahoma City new home construction it’s like we, you would think that we wouldn’t talk anymore because we’re making progress. So our construction managers send out weekly updates so you know exactly what’s going on in your home while it is being built. And so that’s the exciting part of that. And so as an Admin to new home builder, that is something that we do is just to make sure that we keep the checks and balances and honest and all the selections are the proper ones that you are wanting inside of your home. And so with that being said, um, that’s where the plan reviews done.

It’s done at the main office. She’ll be ticket the construction manager, the guy’s going to be talking to you through the build of your home and he’s going to be in charge of everything else that’s there. The rule that they have is every room of every home every day, so they’re going to be familiar, intimately acquainted with all of the homes that they’re in charge of. We have several construction managers that are over certain different communities, so it’s not one dealing with all of them, which would be overwhelming and you would overlook a lot of things. We have one that’s in charge of a couple of communities and they go through and just verify that everything’s being done by each of the trades people. Oklahoma City new home construction then it’s on schedule and they keep track of that. And then also report it to you. I’ll take photos and let you know where they’re at in the state of that build and that could be at slab.

So we’ll take those photos and tell you and then they’ll highlight all the neat things about it. Like this is the stub out for where your kitchen sink will go. And then they’ll also ended up having a pre dry wall meeting. And so would that pre dry wall meeting. That’s before we, Oklahoma City new home construction, finish, uh, of course putting up the drywall because that’s probably the most monochromatic and dull part of the bill because you know, people are visual and they can’t really see what the plan looks like when it’s like that everything looks smaller and more boring. They just can’t put it together. And so with that pre drywall and waiting, we get to walk through with them and then they can see the guts of the home before we put the wall up, what the drywall up. And then right after that, you know, of course we’ll continue to build on the next meeting will be the home owners orientation as an Admin, new home builder. The importance of that is that way people understand, Oklahoma City new home construction, that we, uh, walked through the hall, make sure everything’s in order, and also set the proper expectations for the settling of the alm. In reality with a brand new home,

you’re going to have a lot of that is inside of the bed beams

and, and also inside of the walls. And once that drives there’s going to be some adjusting of the house. And so when that happens, you’re going to have some small cracks in the Pentagon and around the windows. And we’ll come back. We’ll talk about coming back out and fixing that a for you for your 11 month followup. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction, these are the expectations that we like to set. And on the next one I’ll cover a little bit more about the building, the closing and the warranty. Jordan Moore 5 12-14-18

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