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Oklahoma City new home construction | Do You Want A Formal Dining?

Oklahoma City new home construction | Focusing On What is Important

Thank you for joining us for another segment where we are talking about the exciting news of Oklahoma City new home construction and yeah, that’s correct. Shaw homes is expanding over to the Oklahoma City area that just building in Tulsa anymore, um, which we still are of course, but we’re expanding out to another city as well. And that is Oklahoma City. So our focus is Oklahoma City new home constructions. That’s what we’re talking about. So on our previous one we of course wanted to talk about our new incentive that we have this month and that’s 15 grand a where you get to spend it, how you want to, that’s towards upgrades, closing costs or just the reduced price of the home. Um, with that being said, it’s always important to take people on our weekly model home tours that are done at the same times every week and that’s Saturday night and Sunday at five and Monday at six.

And um, we just to, or the greater greater Tulsa area and show people beautifully decorated model homes and talk about the function of each of those homes and find out what works best for them. And so on. Our last segment, we talked about cc vb and I only got about halfway through that and that was connect and card on that car. We tried to find out what their price ranges, square footage, how many rooms do they want, do they want a study or a dining, how do they find out about us? Do they, do they rent or own? That way we can find out all the information that we need to set up that appointment and properly set the expectations for, um, our new customer that has come in yesterday. I was able to a book two tours at the same time, of course for a two different days.

But I find that sometimes some people might be a little apprehensive about going on the tour and committing to the appointment. But I always find that when they do, they’re glad that they did. And so I encourage anyone, if you aren’t sure about joining one of our Edmond new home tours or weekly model home tours, I would encourage you to all we, all we do is talk about function and strictly just give you information about the plans. Oklahoma City new home construction we do not talk about pricing and we do not pressure. That’s the last thing that we want to do. In fact, we will get into pricing a little bit further on in our path, but that’s not where we want to talk about it right now. And you’ll actually see why. The primary reason would be that we know exactly how much it costs to build a home down to the nail and how many studs and how many sheets of Drywall, how many bricks and so on and so forth.

We know exactly what it costs. However, the variables that we have is, do you know if you want one or two story, which community that you want to build it in, which homeside in that community that you want to build it in and which exact floor plan that you want. With that being said, if we know those things, we can give you a number. Oklahoma City new home construction, but what we like to do is take you on that too, are first. That way we can get a pretty good idea of what works best for you. Because we find that sometimes what people think they want after going on the tumor, they realize it’s actually different because they fall in love with the function of another plan. So I’m taking those tours are extremely important. I encourage everyone to do it. It’s only 90 minutes and I mean, who doesn’t already love to see beautifully decorated model homes.

I know how people react as soon as they walk into my model home and see it, uh, or when they see other ones, people love seeing them. So why not take them on a tour and let them see it anyway. And so by doing that we can, we can really connect with people and at this right after we, Oklahoma City new home construction, are able to get that information from them and connect with them. Then we can talk about benefits. We don’t want her to come across as just selling you something because what we’re ultimately trying to do is help you find your dream home. Uh, so that’s right. People and Edmond. So Oklahoma City new home construction, you people will be able to find your dream home soon. We’re coming to Edmond, Oklahoma. So Shawn Holmes is going over there and so our goal more than anything is helping people find that perfect plan, a perfect home site for them and just help them along that process more than anything that we can, we can do or want to do is just to be able to help people.

That’s, that’s Mr. Shaw’s desire, that’s our desire is just to be as helpful as we possibly can. And if you look at our path, they’ll realize that we’ve done this a few thousand times. So you really don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to do, uh, all the, all the work we’ve done, the heavy lifting, we just have to ask you a few questions and figure those things out. And then you just get to have fun making those selections. It should be a fun process. Why shouldn’t it be? I know a lot of other builders is make it a strenuous and daunting and we don’t, we use, we make it easy. It’s an easy path to owning a home and building a shot home. So after we get your information, we figured those things out, then we can talk about those benefits. We can go through and talk about the unique, Oklahoma City new home construction, you know, selling points of each home, what makes this home stand out different than the other.

Oklahoma City new home construction we usually point out out about four, but there are much more than that, but we’ll walk through the home and just kind of pulling out that might be different about another plan or just what might be unique to that plan along because each one has its own features. When people mentioned, you know, that they just want, they want the dining room to be the center focal point, I think immediately of her Greenville because it’s right in the middle. That’s a wide open plan and it’s got a grand sealing up to 19 feet. And so that’s the center focus where you might have dining rooms that might be off and a little bit more isolated. Uh, that one’s definitely more grant or if you just, you want one that’s over there, but it’s still open. We have the Monterey because that’s a great one where it’s kind of tucked off to the side, which you can see it from the kitchen and the great room and in fact you can access it from both or the Monterey a usually has a Butler’s pantry as well, which is really neat for hosting and entertaining parties.

So when people let us know kind of what they’re looking for because everyone’s needs are different. Everyone’s families are different. Um, by taking people on these tours, they get an idea because they get to see it and soda. We by telling them the advantages of taking the plan that works well for their family. And then when we finally of course want to do is just a book the appointment with you because by doing that we set that date and were able to get together and let you see those beautifully decorated model homes. And so our goal in doing that is just to find out what works best for you. And then we’ve kind of explained the rest of the path, uh, to you as we go through that tour. And we always like to start and end every appointment with that path because it sets the proper expectation as to what happens next.

Oklahoma City new home construction will be using the same process that we use here. And that’s just working your way through it. That model home tour is our first step. That’s why we want people to start their, uh, just like you start, uh, and uh, you know, it may be a board game or starting anything else that says start here. Well, in the model home tours that start here, that next step that we were talking about is financing. And I know I mentioned my first segment where we were talking about our preferred lenders and finding out are you, you know, what are you prequalify for? What is your monthly payments look like and what are you comfortable spending? And then what we’d like to find out between, uh, the model home tour and price out is that, and the homesite reservation, it’s important as we’re going around that if you know the community that you want to live in, that there are home sites that are available and just like I had last week, someone was really, really excited about a pond home site.

Now we don’t have very many ponds I’m available to build on anymore because they’re all sold out. And so we actually have two and it fit the perfect plan that they were wanting. That worked well for them. Uh, and so what we want to do is give people the option to reserve that. And that’s what that’s there for. Oklahoma City new home construction so it’s just a thousand dollars in Oklahoma City new home construction will be the same way. It’s a thousand dollars to reserve that home site and it is fully refinable for one week and we don’t even cash that. We just hold onto it. And this kind of slows things down. That way you’re not making any rushed decisions because at that point what we can do is hold that for you. In fact, you can even try to do another one. There were two pond home sites. They’re right next to each other and they reserve wine and ultimately decided to go with the other one.

They can do that within that week. And Oklahoma City new home construction, so with that being said, it’s an, it’s important to talk about the home homesite reservation because then the next step is that priced out where we can then price out your home exactly what will it will cost on that home site because that’s one of the biggest variables that we can have is moving to different home sites in different communities. That’s the biggest jump in price, whether it’s plus or minus. And so by knowing what that is, we can give you a more accurate number and that price out and we’ll give you an itemized list of exactly what it costs for your home plus any additional options or upgrades that you wanted to add. Um, and then we can even break it down again to know exactly what those monthly payments would look like. So Oklahoma City new home construction is our focus and we’re just talking about that path and cc bebe and I look forward to joining you again in our next segment. Jordan Moore 3 10-5-18

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