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Oklahoma City new home construction | Favorite Floor Plans

Oklahoma City new home construction | Style Your Home

Thank you for joining us for another podcast. This is Jordan, more at the village of southern trails for Shaw homes and Oklahoma City new home construction. That’s right. We are actually building and Edmond Oklahoma now. And so, uh, on my previous podcast we were going through the model home to her and I have discussed the Addison, the Prescott and the stone brick and I wanted to continue on by talking about a few of our other homes. And so as I mentioned with the model home tour, it’s about a 90 minute tour where we take our customers and they follow us in their own vehicle and it’s a. they’ll end up seeing about six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes to have the most fully furnished and decorated model homes and the Tulsa area, which is why we take on a mobile home tour because we focus on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan.

Not just the pretty colors and the selections, but the function behind the design. Because when we build a plan, there’s a lot of thought put into why relaid out the rooms and the specific way that we did and you know, a lot of our plants are built by our customers. It’s our feedback that they get from us from the parade of homes and other things that they’ve been wanting or looking for a home and we just adjust him every single year. And so with that being said, we’re going to continue talking about some of the plans that we have a and we actually had to model homes and the seven oaks south community. And we covered the stone brick last time. Um, Oklahoma City new home construction will also feature if the Greenville Greenville is probably one of my favorite floor plans because it just has a bit of a wow factor.

Uh, as soon as you walk in, there’s a 13 foot ceiling and then after you get past that, there’s a 19 foot a ceiling for the dining room. So this thing is definitely got a wow factor. It’s got big tall ceilings and I always find it interesting because we’ll have some customers that’ll say, Oklahoma City new home construction, I dunno, I kinda wish we would just utilize that space. There’s other ones that are saying that’s what they want because it definitely, it makes her space feel bigger so everyone’s got their own taste and that one. But I definitely liked the Greenville a, the Greenville is actually our most open design concept. You’ll see this when you walk into that because as soon as you get in, you see the back of the home right through the dining room. There’s no pillars or anything. It goes straight, straight through all the way hand.

And of course the great room is shared with the kitchen off from the entry of courses, a bedroom, two bedrooms and a bath and a off to the other side is the laundry room, which you can anger in through the garage. And then you can actually access the closet, the master closet back into the master bathroom, which actually has tall ceilings as well. And then the master bedroom, um, this one itself will actually features a second story, but you actually get the, the tall ceilings, and in a one or a two story, it doesn’t matter which plan youtube, you will have all that space. Um, the Greenville is actually the largest, um, plan that is dedicated to the master suite. It’s practically the whole side of the house. And, Oklahoma City new home construction, with that being said, there’s actually a unique optional master suite expansion which makes that master suite even bigger.

Yes, right. It gets even bigger. And Oklahoma City new home construction will have this feature and that allows you to add on a study and an exercise room to that master bedroom. Uh, I remember the first time I saw this, I asked our sales manager why, what are these called? Because I didn’t know people did those in Shaw halls, but that, that we do. And it’s an awesome feature because that allows you basically to kind of close your door at night and then wake up early and get your day started and you could be completely ready to go, including exercise. You’re steady, you’re morning reading your devotions, whatever that might be, get ready and then leave without disturbing anyone else that would have never known because right off of there would be an exercise room, a study which of course can be used in different ways to hit into that master bathroom, get ready, get dressed in the closet and head out the garage and that ever disturb anyone. And you’ve already completed the handful of your day already. So that’s something that’s awesome about the Greenville will definitely one of my favorite things for sure.

Um, our feature once again his Oklahoma City new home construction. Excited to announce that we’re expanding our shaw homes family to Oklahoma Sudu. Um, after we got a 700,000 we’d had to. What is my community, which is the village at southern trails here. Uh, it’s off of 101st and between Aspen and all live. And uh, the model that is featured here is the Monroe to pee that is 2,700 square feet. The Monroe can actually be built 15 different ways, which is pretty awesome. This is probably one of our merce most versatile floor plans that you can pick from. And it actually has the largest great room. It also has the largest outdoor living space. Uh, so this is a great plan for entertaining. I know a lot of people like to hang out in their living room or a entertain outside. This will allow you to do that and it’s all hooked up to the kitchen since it’s a little open there. So you can set people to kitchen, nook. You can sit people in the kitchen counter at the island and then you actually, uh, from, if you can tell from the model, there’s some seating over by the fireplace. And then you have the entire, a seating area that’s a in the great room where you would have, you could have a sectional as well.

So the monroe to p a also has a master, a corner pub and the snooze button, it actually has the most dedicated space to the, vanity than any of our other plans. It’s got a, his and hers. So it’s actually split. But the, hers is definitely much larger, but it’s got a unique corner tub, Oklahoma City new home construction, that uh, our other plans do not have, which makes the bathroom feel a little bigger than just walking straight through. You actually have to turn to get through. And so I feel like it has a nice little feature because of that. I’m leaving the village of southern trails will actually had all the way out, so bixby at this point and we’ll go to the Redford, which is in Somerset. This is off of 121st, uh, right past memorial, uh, next to the bixby high school and life church. Oklahoma City new home construction will be able to feature this Redford as well as one of our most popular floor plans. And the Redford actually has, again, that turned island design for the backyard for view towards that notebook.

And so it’s a little different. The stonebrook has this one as well, but the Redford is a larger floor plan all around and also has a little bit more of a, an entry to when you come in because of the vaulted ceilings, the Redford can actually be built as a one story where the stone brick cannot, Oklahoma City new home construction, the Redford has that turned island design and actually has the most kitchen cabinets than any of our other plans. Uh, lots of kitchen counter space and uh, that’s utilized. So if kitchen is a big deal to you and you’re wanting a lot of space, this is definitely the plan to go with a. We actually offer unique hearth room design where you can actually put a fireplace in the nook. And this is displayed in the model, but it’s very, very neat because the neck is in large, is not really as a dining room. This is the area that you would, uh, ended up having to your dining and it’s got a nice little fireplace there for sure. Something else that’s featured in the Redford is, we call it the marriage saver, sweet. And it’s got his and hers vanities has got a, his and hers closet because it’s divided into, um, Oklahoma City new home construction, it’s pretty unique and I was a reason why we call that is because each has their own. It’s not like you’re having to share an entire counter or having to share a whole closet. Each of them are split into their own. So we, we joke about it, but it’s definitely something that some people are looking for when they’re building at home

so that Redford isn’t. Somerset will actually have hopper back on the road and go just a little further down. And this is where we can turn in and look at the Wyndham and seven lakes. The wyndham actually has a huge gay great room that is largest and monroe, but it’s definitely large. It features a Butler’s Pantry, which not a lot of our plans do. A Oklahoma City new home construction this one is featured in this plan in itself and it has a guest suite, which is a really useful if that’s, uh, the, you know, the plan that you’re looking to build. And, uh, and that’s what you’re needing or those kind of features that this is one that features that.

Um, and with Oklahoma City new home construction, this is definitely one of those options that you can build in that would be a Wyndham. So we thank you for joining us for this podcast and we look forward to finishing our tour and talking to you on the next one, edmund new homes. Jordan Moore 4 9-28-18

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