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Oklahoma City new home construction | Focal Points

Oklahoma City new home construction | Point Onward

Hey, this is Jordan more with shaw homes joining you again in seven hours south and the stonebrook of v, some reviews, 2,619 square feet and next door to me is the Greenville one, which is 2000. Um, let’s see here,

2,987 square feet. And so usually these plans can be built a handful of different ways. A lot of them are just based off of the needs of customers and building them and kind of the demand that we do have on those. And so that’s kind of the fun thing about having 70 different floor plans is finding one that works well for you. And naturally that’s the importance of that model home tour that we always want to take people on a often when we go on the tour, we just start at the Prescott model home, which is a prescott he and that is in a ashbrook which are on a half acre home size. There’s a lot of people are wondering, do you have any larger, uh, what they call lots and we call them home sites, but we do, we actually have, um, half acre home sites and just about most communities, Oklahoma City new home construction, or what I should say is in most cities, so we have, we have half Acre and a broken arrow. We have paper in big speed. We have half acre and orange juice, so we have that range and we have other smaller, more acquainted communities. We have ones that have a lot of home sites and those, uh, we have some that have a lot of amenities because some people are looking for like the community


or you know, they want a, maybe a tennis court or whatever those things might be. So we have a lot of different options that people can pick from in that arena. But we start at Ashbrook. And so, Oklahoma City new home construction, the main thing that we’re kind of focusing on throughout the series is Oklahoma City new home construction. That’s the focal point and the focus point of what we’re looking at right now because we’ve expanded our family, uh, from Tulsa to Oklahoma City. Of course, we still build in Tulsa. We’re Tulsa is largest builder, eastern Oklahoma’s largest builder, but we’re, we’re expanding our family out to Oklahoma City as well. Oklahoma City new home construction so with that being said, uh, we, uh, start in Ashbrook and go to the Prescott model home. And that’s just, that’s the unique part of this whole tour. That one has a few different features that other plans don’t. That one has the laundry suite on the opposite side of the home.

It has the most storage closets of any of our plans. It, it, it has actually the most square footage of windows in the living space. You can see that we actually intentionally put the cover patio off to the side so that way it wasn’t blocking that natural light from coming in. And this plan can actually be built as a one story and you would basically just get rid of this staircase right here in the hallway and turn that into a big walk in closet. If you decide to build it as a two story, you can add it, um, as just a game room, a game room, bed and bath or a game room, two beds and a bath. So yeah, for a handful of different options that you can build this plan as. And so we will always want to. That’s where we always start.

This one actually doesn’t have the snooze button feature where you walked through it, you go into the closet and that’s, there’s just a wall there. People want that. Not everyone wants a two way access to get into the master or some people just want one. So we do offer that in this plan. It has a good sized master bedroom, a master bathrooms, a little bit more quaint, but it has a good walk in shower, a tub, and a nice long countertops in there as well with a good size. I’m a linen closet, but the bedrooms are good size and actually has a nice, a formal dining area that’s still open. It’s kind Oklahoma City new home construction It’s got a pillar that’s in there that kind of separates it from the rest, but it’s an open area. It’s not a closed off area, so these are one of those good ones for entertaining where that formal dining is more out in the open rather than in a separate room away from everyone else.

So as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, these are the kind of the things that we would want to point out as we’re going through. And then we actually start to head south and a little bit more south across the expressway and go into highland creek where we’ll go to the Addison p, m model home. Now this one is going to be the are most efficient four to five bedroom plan a. This one actually is a perfect plan for someone that’s either looking into having a nursery or just having a bedroom suite kind of off of the master and it actually has split living too. So you have the two bedrooms across the and are divided by the great room and on the other side of that would be the master. So this one works well for that nursery because they nurseries on the other side of the hall and separated between that great room and if you choose to build this one is a two story.

It comfortably seats nine people up in the game room. And so the reason why I say it’s our most efficient four to five bedroom plan is for the amount of square feet and the size of the home. There’s just a lot. There’s a, it’s a really Oklahoma City new home construction, punches of, there’s a lot of punch in this. So there, that’s why it’s our most efficient one because usually when you’re looking at four to five bedrooms, you’re looking at a lot larger square foods. So this one for that can be really good for a larger family that’s kind of a little bit more maybe on a budget and this one will fit that and be a little bit more reasonable price for someone that’s looking for that many things like a game room. And having that many bedrooms in a plan. So those are a few things about that one.

Then we will end up heading west down the road and coming down to 100. It’s 700 south, which is the model that I’m in. And as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we would go into the Stonebrook v and point out a few features about this one. This one actually is what we call the little brother to the Redford because it has this unique turn island. Only two plants have this turned island and that’s a stonebrook and the Redford. And so this island is turned towards the kitchen nook. We don’t have a formal dining in this plan, so we haven’t been large to nook where you can put your table. And in most of our plans, the islands facing towards the great room. This one’s turned. We actually have a really large pantry in this plan we call the prepper pantry. And so, Oklahoma City new home construction, we always like to point those two things out.

And um, this plan, the other thing I would say is that actually has the snooze button design master suite, which you would have seen in the addison at this point, but this one I’ll have a little bit more of a different function because as you come through we have a separate bedroom and laundry rooms. They’re not walking straight into the laundry room, Oklahoma City new home construction, in this plan either, which is great and it actually has a unique l-shaped vanity which we don’t have in any of our other plans. This one is really neat because the mirrors are right next to each other and this bathroom is already a good size, but it actually makes me feel even larger and actually starts to multiply the light that’s in there because it’s a window over the bathtub. And so it has a really good, um, a lot of counter space to work with there.

And so, uh, as a, uh, as a, Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we then head over to the Greenville and the Greenville is actually named after Mr Shaw’s hometown and South Carolina. And this plan is pretty neat because it has a little bit more of a wow factor than any of the other plans that we had seen at this point. It actually has really tall ceilings that’s included in the first, that’s included as a one or two story floor plan. This is our most open design concept and it also has split I’m living so you have the bedrooms on one side and the entire side of this, the other side of the home is all dedicated to the master suite and in fact factor. That being said, there’s some really neat options that you can add onto the master suite where you can actually have a private study and exercise room.

Of course you can use those however you want, but it’s only accessible through the master bedroom, which is pretty awesome. That allows you to have a whole dedicated side of the home that is private to you and separating from the rest of the family. And this plane can be built as a one or a two story. Now this one ranges as a one story is about 2100 square feet. Oklahoma City new home construction, yeah, 20 to 57 all the way up to 3,712 square feet, so it can easily be our largest floor plan that we offer and that heritage series and so those are some of the things that we like to cover on a when we’re going through that tool and point some of those things out. People that’s important to some people to have that split living so that way you have living on each side and it’s not directly accessible right off the kitchen, which is a great feature as well. And so we’d like to point those things out and it is an Oklahoma City new home construction buyer. Those are things that are important to you and we’ll continue to talk about the features that we point out on tour on the next segment. Jordan Moore 4 11-23-18

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