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Oklahoma City new home construction | Get Acquainted

Oklahoma City new home construction | Get Acquainted

Thank you for joining us for another segment. This is Jordan Warren Shaw homes and we are here to talk about just that path to owning your new Shah home. We have done this a few thousand times so you don’t have to do, you just have to go through it and enjoy the process, make your selections and have fun. Oklahoma City new home construction so what we’ve done is we’ve got 10 easy steps to owning your Shaw Hall and where we always start when people come in is we’d start them on that model home tour and on that model on two or pretty awesome because it only takes about an hour and a half. Sometimes it can take a little longer depending on how people, how excited people get and most people do. So, you know, it takes a little longer, but it’s usually about 90 minutes and you get to see six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes. We actually have more, uh, the decorated model homes than any other builder in the Tulsa area.

And you get to drive your own vehicle. You will just follow us out on your own. That way, if anything pops up, your free to go at anytime and kind of emergency, it’s okay. And we are not here to talk about pricing and there’s no pressure. We are just here to give you information and focus on function. Oklahoma City new home construction, we believe that there’s something for everyone and here at Shaw homes that we have versatile plans that go from one or two story. In fact, we have over 70 different floor plans. We’re always adding to those as well. And uh, we actually have one that can be built 15 different ways, uh, starting out at an empty nester size plan all the way up to multigenerational. So there’s an edmund new home builder. Uh, our goal is just to basically start with this model home tours, so people become acquainted with our process and they also become acquainted with the plans that we do have to offer.

It’s important to go through these because people often go through our website, look at the floor plans and make a judgment from there. But it’s an entirely different thing when you walk through a, a, a plan yourself, especially when it’s fully furnished and decorated, it gives you a much better idea of why, what, what you can fit in the room with all the furniture. So that’s the reason why we do that. And on that too, where you just get acquainted with that process and our homes and we get to know you better as well to meet your needs. So as an Edmund new home builder, our next step is to talk about our financing. Oklahoma City new home construction, we actually have three preferred lenders now and because we have these lenders, um, they are able to help them throughout the process that you provide the best customer service.

They are the largest banks in the Tulsa area, which is Oklahoma City new home construction okay. Spirit Bank and Oklahoma mortgage first, Oklahoma Bank. And uh, this is where we can talk about monthly payment quotes. It’s only a five minute application and it’s actually free. A lot of people think it costs something, but he does it. It’s only a five minutes to get on there. And within a day you’ll find out how much you’re actually approved for and what you can purchase with. It’ll let you know what that number is and a lot of times people have already talked to another lender and they’re on their way in to come talk to us and that’s fine, and we let them know that you can still do it. And our preferred lenders will either beats or a match or beat the interest rate or, and the closing costs. And they also offer all the popular ones that people usually want when they’re going through the home buying process.

Uh, the next phase as a Admin, new home builder is the home homesite reservation. I’ve talked about this a little bit on the segment prior to this, but this one is just awesome because with only a thousand dollars you can reserve a home site and that’s the location that you want to build your home on. And it’s refundable refundable for up to seven days. That way there’s no rushed decisions. You’re actually allowed to even swap home science at this point. So if you’re really stuck between either two communities or two separate home sites in the same community, you’re able to swap back and forth and try to figure out which one that you do want within this week. Oklahoma City new home construction you just get to take your time, get all your questions answered. We don’t even cash the check, we just hold onto it. And then the biggest thing about all of this is it’s, it’s con blocks competing customers from that home site.

That’s the greatest part is I work with about 12 to 13 other colleagues that all work with about 15 to 20 different people at the same time that are all snatching up all these home sites. And uh, we work on a live system. So when you reserve that home site, it takes it off. So people can’t take that land. The reason why we do that is because we can build the plane that you want a thousand times over, but we cannot produce more land. Oklahoma City new home construction, so with that being said, there’s only a, one of a kind home site. So when we find that place that you want to build your home, we encourage you to reserve that. And then, uh, in addition to all that, that thousand dollars is actually going towards your earnest money towards the down payment of the home. This isn’t something, this isn’t a fee that we have.

This actually just goes back to you anyway. And so if you decide in that week that you don’t want to reserve one of the home sites, then we can just tear up the cheque or give it back to you. And that’s completely fine. If you go on that week, it just will go. It’s nonrefundable. Oklahoma City new home construction if you purchase a home then it just goes towards the earnest money. If you don’t, it’s just nonrefundable at that point. So it was an edmund new home builder. The next thing that we always take people to is the price. This is one of my favorite ones because essentially what we get to do here is build your home on paper. Um, we get to me at your favorite model and it’s usually about a 45 minutes or one hour meeting. And we’re doing itemized pricing that way. There’s no surprises and you get all of your questions answered.

It’s priced down to the way you want down to the dollar total price print out on the spot and you get tons of options to choose and you have very knowledgeable staff. I have been in this industry for awhile and there’s a lot of, uh, I have an answer to most of your questions of mount. I have access to get to the answers to them. Oklahoma City new home construction that price out is a, just a good one because there’s just no surprises. It gives you an idea of exactly what it costs to build your home and know when you’re dealing with a lot of other builders, you just kinda get an estimate of what those things are to add. Well, you know exactly what it costs. We know how many pieces of wood, two by fours, how many nails, we know exactly what it costs to build every single item.

Oklahoma City new home construction we can line item at four years. So you know what that price is and there are no surprises as an Admin, new home builder. That next step that we take is number five and that is the purchase agreement and this is where you’ll watch a, it’s about a 40 minutes and formative video and the purpose of this video is to make sure that you’re hearing it all from one mouth and that is our director of sales, your, um, this is a large investment for most people and we want to make sure that you hear it directly from the top and directly from management of the all these important things and I’ll answer the majority of your questions at that point. We also like to make sure if there’s anything last things that you want to add or subtract on that price out before moving forward because some of the things do become final at that point.

With that being said, the only things that do become final or the structural options and the home site selection. Once we do the purchase agreement today, after this, you can’t swap the land and you can’t swap your homicide. It’s required to keep those. But the awesome part is the colors and finishes are not final. So if you’re having a hard time debating between whether you want to do the hardwood floors or if you want to do the tile that look like what or if you wanted to do three centimeter granted or two centimeter granted and you’re just kind of doing a debate between those all that can still be adjusted in the design studio. It’s not final today. The only thing is is anything that’s structural, including Oklahoma City new home construction any thing that would adjust the exterior wall. So even if you do use the same plan and you decide that you want to bump something out, we can’t do that beyond just the day.

So as an Oklahoma City new home construction the other thing that we talk about is the contingent and delay of build. The awesome part about a contingent is a lot of that come in are needing a home to sell before they can move or start the process. A lot of their equity or they’re a down deposit money or even just their earnest money is tied up in their home right now. So as a contingency, we can move forward in the sense that we can go ahead and reserve their site, reserve your plan, and reserve the pricing for up to 120 days or four months, uh, and tell you, sell your home, why don’t you sell your home and you can give us the earnest money or it’s just contingent on just to sell to the home at that point when it sells, we can do a release of contingency and then, um, move forward in that process.

But that would have to be after your home closed. The other one is the delay of build. The Oklahoma City new home construction phone works similar in the sense that you have a 120 days or four months that you can delay the start of the build. So these people are usually ones that are either a transfer from out of town or they have a lease that maybe they just signed a a year lease about two months ago. And it takes about 67 months for us to build your home. Uh, in order to line that up, we can delay it to three up to four months to line it up so that way you can move out of your lease into your new home. And so as an Admin to new home builder, I will wrap this segment up and we’ll continue on the next one. Jordan Moore 5 11-30-18

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