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Oklahoma City new home construction | Its Bigger on the inside

Oklahoma City new home construction | Making Use of Space

Thank you for joining us for another segment here at sa homes and we are talking about that wonderful news that we have expanded our family over to the Oklahoma City area and we are Oklahoma City new home construction builders. That’s right. We are building over in Oklahoma City and we have the privilege of being able to represent a Oklahoma City new home construction over there and let people be a part of the easy process that we have over here at sa homes. And so a few things that I always liked to talk about every, every week is just how convenient and how awesome our model home tour is. It really is just going to save you a ton of time because we have over 70 different floor plans. We build in over 28 different communities and for that reason we can save you a lot of time by taking you on a model home to her and letting me see and walk.

There were a handful of plans. Oklahoma City new home construction, instead of looking at a two dimensional piece of paper, I can’t tell you how many people I’ve taken on a tour that has looked at our floor plans on the website and then walk the plans themselves and either changed their mind or, uh, decided to go with another plan because it’s just entirely different. For example, we had someone that liked the Greenville flow plan that we have, but they actually walked the model and then looked at the floor plan itself and they’re like, well, that isn’t. You don’t get the idea of the depth of how big certain things are without actually walking through them. They said the same thing about the Redford and how large is a nook was and how it, how it was adjacent to the great room, but you really don’t have that idea unless you walk that plan, which is why we tell people we’ve done this a few thousand times so you don’t have to.

Oklahoma City new home construction we explained to them, you know, I know that you thank you know that you like the, the floor plan, but I guarantee you it’ll be an entirely different thing when you walk through it yourself. And that’s why we have people go on the tours is it gives them a good idea of why we laid out the rooms the way that we did. In fact, we actually have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder in Tulsa. And that’s the exact primary reason why we take people on the tour. It’s because it’s the function I always liked taking people to the Redford one in the village at southern trails, which is move in ready and then taking them to the red for one age, which is the next model home that we’d see in Somerset. And they get to see what it’s like furnished and unfurnished.

And because they do that, they, uh, my last customer has told me, well, uh, it actually looks bigger with everything in it. And then we’ve heard other people think that you would think that it look smaller with everything in it. And it was on the contrary or after you got the sectional in there and all the other furniture, they were like, wow, this is actually bigger than I thought it was. And I’m telling them that it’s the same exact floor plan on that first story. And after walking through it, they’re like, I can see the value of why you do that is so people can see that. And uh, I continue to, to, um, I continue to see that as well. Uh, I know the value, but I continually over and over see it because of locking people through it and letting them see it for themselves.

Oklahoma City new home construction so with that being said, part of having the most fully furnished and decorated model homes in the Tulsa area so people can benefit from that. They can see why we laid out their rooms the way that we did. And there’s a particular reason why, why we do that, why we put certain ones that have the features of uh, the uh, you know, the, the turn island like we have in the stone brook rather Redford or why we have the walkthrough feature or, or why we have them enrolled, built 15 different ways. It just goes to show that we of course let other people build the plans in the sense that over the course of the last 30 years people have built it from what they tell us that they want. And we also build it from just popular trends and what people are looking for in a home.

So as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we always want to make sure that we are presenting all these things to people walking through an actual plan is the most beneficial way for people to know if that plan works for them. Now, once we know the needs, do they want an upstairs or downstairs? Most plans we can accommodate that because out of 70 different floor plans, the majority of them can be built as a one or a two story. We do have a few plans that can only be built as one or the other, uh, but the majority of them, uh, can be built as both our model homes often will show a two story just so you can see one of the variations of the way that that plane can be built, but they, for example, that monroe can be built for different ways. As a second story and I just depends on what you’re looking for.

Are you looking for a game room, bed and bath and which way do you want the game room to be? Do you want it to be over the garage or would you rather let it be over the great room? Do you want direct access to the game room as you go up the stairs or would you like to go down a landing into a hall and to that Game Room? Would you like two bedrooms upstairs? Do you want a bonus room? Those are all the things that we consider when we’re telling people what they’re looking for in a home and that’s why the monroes really need. Because as a one story that can be a empty nester plan, perfect for someone that’s as an empty Nester, but then as you go up to like a monroe, I, that is where you start getting into multi generational.

And so as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, these are things that we always want to mention to people. Um, so that way, you know, they’re taking it into consideration when they’re building the plan or looking for something that is moving ready. Now, speaking of moving ready, we do a, usually about 40 different homes at different stages in the process that are ready for a move in. The vast majority of them are ready to go right now and you can, you can even purchase them before they’re completed 100 percent and even make some changes to those options. And so, uh, uh, as an Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, we always want to make sure that we’re anticipating the need of the customer, what they’re looking for. And that usually it’s narrowed down by how many bedrooms, how many bath do you want to study? Do you want a dining room, a one or a two story?

Did you want a game room? And then how many square feet, how many square feet is it really important to you or is it just what accommodates that plant in that dining room? If you want something that access to dining room, do you want a separate dining room? Did you want to expand it nook. So there are just so many different variables that you are looking at when you’re looking into either building a home or looking for a move in ready. The exciting part about that movement ready is that’s just what it is. It’s move in ready. It’s quick, it’s ready to go and we want to, Oklahoma City new home construction, always present that as an option for people that are looking for something a little quicker. In fact, I was talking to a realtor today about someone that was relocating and so someone like that doesn’t always happen. It’s time to a bill and so we understand that.

And so with that being said, we always have something that’s moving red and my community. I have three moving ready homes. We have so much traffic at him and I’m sure that they won’t be lasting much longer, um, but I have to ventanas and a stone stonebrook and I always like to show them to people because it also gives you an idea of all the different selections that you can have. That’s really neat because it’s the same floor plan, different selections. And so, uh, with that being said, uh, it’s important for us to be able to present those to people as a home buyers and what they’re looking for in the home.

We appreciate you joining us for one of these other segments will continue to go into the importance of going through the path and what that means to you as the customer and what that means to us as the builder. We always want to anticipate the needs of the customers that come through the doors and find out what’s important to them and what we can do to meet their needs as well. So Oklahoma City new home construction we’ll join you on the next segment where we’re talking about a path as a new home builder, as an Edmund new home builder, and is an Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, and all of the important things that we can cover in the next segment as I continue to drag the song until it’s 10 minutes because I’m about 10 seconds away from a ending this segment. So we appreciate you joining us for a here at sevenoaks south. Jordan Moore 4 12-7-18

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