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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Oklahoma City new home construction | Licensed To Build

Oklahoma City new home construction | Licensed To Build

Welcome to another wonderful podcast from shaw homes. This is Jordan, more, Oklahoma City new home construction, the community manager at the village at southern trails bringing you exciting news of Edmund new homes. Yup, that’s right. We are expanding shaw homes into Oklahoma City. A few things that I wanted to talk about with you today was actually adjust our inbound book a two or a script. I think this is important for me to go over. So as I practice it, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be beneficial to you as well. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction, as you would call in to shaw homes, we would say thank you for calling shaw homes. This is Jordan more. How may I help you? Great. Can I get your name and just in case we get disconnected, what is the best phone number to reach you at? And how did you originally hear about us? Well, how familiar are you overall with Shaw homes? Well, let me ask you, if all builders charged the same price per square foot out there, what is the main thing you’re looking for out of your home builder experience? So what you’re saying is, and can you describe that with a little more detail, what that means?

Have you worked with a builder in the past?

Do you have a certain style of home that you’re looking for? Have you spent a lot of time and comparing pricing? Well, let me give you a quick overview of the three things that Oklahoma City new home construction. That makes shaw homes different than every other builder in Oklahoma. Do you? Do you have a pen there? Well first of all, Shaw has been licensed to build since 1985 and that’s because we’re in a state where and because we’re in a state where you don’t have to be licensed to build homes, this is a big deal because people like you

because you know that we won’t take your money and run like some of the new store sets you’ve probably heard. Second, we actually have more furnished and decorated model homes than any builder in eastern Oklahoma and that’s because people are so visual. You’ll love this because you can too are a ton of homes and get a fuel for the right floor plans and move in, ready available homes for you. Does that make sense? And third, as an Oklahoma City new home construction, we have the best warranty and best prices in the marketplace and that’s why we would encourage you to do your research and read the reviews about us and as a little bonus are homeless are also not on wheels. This joke usually goes a little better. Now the next step involves scheduling a tour with you and that way you can see our homes and I can get you a customer price quote right down to the dollar. Do you work during the week or our weekends? Does Saturday or Sunday work better for you? Right now we’re slammed, but I’m showing that we have an availability at blank or blank.

Now, what’s your email address? So I can send you a link to a ton of recent testimonials and home tours so you can check out and home tours for you to check out before we meet. So that’s the idea of an advanced step when someone calls us here at Shaw homes and it’s important for us to work through those. Now, if you are looking to build a home, I would say that we have done it a few thousand times and we’ve thought about a lot of things, which is why we’ve created our path to your Sha home. Oklahoma City new home construction will be no different. In fact, it’ll be the same path a and you will just have to do. You’ll just have to follow a little bit of a different guideline when you’re going down to visit the model homes. But the actual path to purchasing your home will be exactly the same.

Like I mentioned, we’ve done it a lot, so we’ve simplified this to an easy process for you so that way you know we’ve done all the work and you don’t have to. That way you can enjoy the process a instead of dreading it. And so we actually go through 10 steps and that’s the home model. Home tour financing, homesite reservation price out purchase agreement, design studio plan, review, building, closing and warranty. The reason why we want to take people on the model home to or in the first place is because they finally get to see the homes. We take them more than around to this one that they meet us at, which they think is for sale and what will you get to do is let them know, Oklahoma City new home construction, you can build your home a lot of different ways and we’re here to help you through that process and set the proper expectation.

Oklahoma City new home construction will be the same exact way they’re going to want to take you on a model home to her so that way you know, and we tell people it’s about a 90 minute tour and it’s, you’re going to say about six to 12. Our homes fully furnished and decorated for the most part, unless it’s a move in ready one, you’re driving your own car. We’re not talking about pricing, so there’s no pressure from us either. We’re just there to help you find what will work best for you. We want you to enjoy it. I think there’s just a lot of bad processes that builders send peoples are like, come in the model home and ask how much it is. Oh, we’re not selling our model homes. They’re there for you to look at and then when we close out the community, we might sell it at that point, so the idea is so you can see the function behind the design.

We’re just giving you information and that’s that. We believe that there is a floor plan for everyone. A lot of versatile plans and one and two story. There’s a handful that can only built as a two story, but pretty much all of our plans can be added as a second story and that works for people that are downsizing, that works for people that might be empty nesters or perhaps they’re multigenerational. They need a larger home and each room needs a little bit more privacy. That’s something that we can determine when we go on that model home to her and we toured the Greater Tulsa area and as an AOklahoma City new home construction will two or the Greater Edmond area or Oklahoma City area so that way you can get a feel for which neighborhood that you want to build in and then which homesite which hump plan that you want to build on that home site, so that model home tours important.

That’s one of the main things that we strive for people to do a. They can get a feel for what each of them are live and then we can also narrow it down. Once again, that community, that next important part is that financing. It’s important for us to bring those things up and ask them a few questions that we have on our survey and that is countered to hear about us because there’s a handful of people that hear from Muslim different ways. That could be friends, that could be a google. I talked to one of my customers yesterday. Oklahoma City new home construction They just searched for this online. That’s how they found us and from Google they found us on shaw homes dot calm. Some people know us from the parade of homes. Maybe realtors are just signs are driving by and they see that it says shaw homes and we’re a new construction community and they’ll want to check it out.

Oklahoma City new home construction will actually also have this form as well and we asked them, when you want to be in your new home, what’s that timeline look for you? And that’s usually either immediately three to six months, six to 12 months or over a year, and then we asked them, do you rent or do you home? Because that determines whether or not they need to sell their home and that they’re living in. It kind of eliminates that question for us or if they have a lease and we need to do a delay of build. Either way, it kind of helps us place them where they’re at. On that map, we asked him, how many bedrooms do you want? Three, four or five bedrooms and number of bats. We went to two and a half or three and then we asked them about garages. Do you, do you want to car or two and a half or three or four?

Ask Him, do you want to study? Is that important to you? Do you want a dining room? Is that important to you? Do you want an upstairs? Oklahoma City new home construction if you do, do you just want a game room only or do you want a game room and bath or do you want to game room, bed and bath? And then we’d like to also ask them what their desired square footages because we can try to find the needs of what they just said, but if they’re wanting to stay in the realm of a certain square footage, it’s important for us to know that and to find that out. Finally, uh, the thing that I would mention is just that price range. Of course, that’s an important question so that way we can know where we can even take them. If they’re wanting to build a 3000 plus square foot home and they want to, uh, live in jinx and they have a budget for $200,000, that’s not going to work, uh, but if we can find what those things are, we can help narrow them down and let even let them know what’s realistic.

And as an Admin, new home builder, we will endeavor do the same thing, uh, in Oklahoma City and try to cover that same information. So with that being said, we appreciate you joining us. And the exciting news again that we have is Edmond new homes and that is a shell. Homes is heading to Oklahoma City. So we’re excited about that news. Oklahoma City new home construction We’re excited to bring that over to you because we have such a simple process and an enjoyable process so you can just kick back, make the selections that you can enjoy home building experience instead of it being stressful like it was for your relatives. So we appreciate you for joining us and we will catch you again next week. Jordan Moore 6 9-28-18

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