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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Oklahoma City new home construction | No High Pressure

Oklahoma City new home construction | Pressure Free Sales

So as we continue to talk about owning a shaw home, we’ve talked about the simplicity of going through our path and, uh, that is what makes us easily set apart from the competition, our quality and of course our process. Oklahoma City new home construction, we’ve put a great deal of thought of to why we put the path the way that we did. We’ve done this a few thousand times so that way you don’t have to and you most likely won’t have to do it again depending on, uh, how long have you ended up keeping your home and you want to sell it and move to a different area to maybe downsize or maybe to upgrade whatever you’re wanting to do. Um, will be there for that one too. We’ve been around since 1985 or we’ve got a ton of experience, um, in the Oklahoma City new home construction industry. We are easily the largest builder in the Tulsa area and the eastern Oklahoma area.

And we’ve now moved over to Edmond, Oklahoma, which is Oklahoma City new home construction and we’re building and the Oklahoma City area now as well. We’re excited to be able to do that because we’re bringing our popular floorplans, our a grade two beautiful homes and are easy process over to you so that way you can enjoy the process as well. We know a lot of people that have been through some other builders and have wasted a lot of time and money when they didn’t need to do that and one of the best things that we do is that model home to where I spent most of the time talking about that in the previous segment and the importance of that. Now the logistics of that is you’re going to meet us at one of the homes that will tell you about and you actually follow the community manager out on your own vehicle.

That way you know if any kind of emergency pops up or anything, you’re actually free to go at anytime. You know you’re not stuck in our car. We’re not holding you hostage. You can go at anytime and you’re following us in your own vehicle and we just basically go to six or 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes so that way you can see the function behind the design of the homes plan. We’re not talking about price, we’re not going to be pressuring anything. We’re just here to give you information to help you make a good decision. We have, um, over 70 different floor plans ranging in very versatile as a one or two story and most of our plans. And so with that being said, we a going on a tour, it helps us find out what, what it is that you’re looking for and it just really ranges from, uh, maybe as an empty nester all the way up to multigenerational.

And it helps us find out those things because we have plans that can only be built two story. We have plans that can only be both as a one story and the vast majority of our clients can be built as a one or a two story at the very versatile on the way that that can be built. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction, the next thing that we always want to talk about, the next appointment that will set with you is the price at which we’ll want to do within a day to two days, um, you know, maybe three days Max after that bottle of them to, while it’s still fresh and we’ll go in and we’ll actually priced out that home for you. And that way you know exactly how much it costs. The awesome part is this isn’t a purchase agreement, there’s no contract here were just being extremely transparent with our pricing with you.

So it’s another tool, uh, to give you more information that may help you make a good decision are we actually have over 400,000 line items, skewed line items in our program, uh, to be able to immediately price those things out for you. We know exactly how many pieces of wood, how many tubes of caulk, and how many nails, uh, how many, how much ground, so on and so forth that we build in every single home. And because we know that we can give you accurate pricing, this isn’t an estimate ballpark, like a custom home builder will, they’ll probably just try to shoot a number in the air of an estimation of what it might be. We know exactly how much it will cost to be able to add the mud bench and or maybe you want the mud bench without the covey’s or maybe you want the hardwood floors and they can tell you exactly how much that is.

And so in that price out, we will cover every single pricing question that you have. In fact, what we’ll do is when we give you the packet, there is a legal sized front and back piece of paper that shows you everything that comes included in the home. Oklahoma City new home construction in that price out, we’ll actually go through, talk about what comes included and then just give you the options of what she wants to pay for. The awesome part about this is we’re not going to put a bunch of things in the house that you don’t want, so that way you don’t have to pay for that. I mean, I always like to give the example of if you don’t have a dog and we include doggy doors, you’re paying for something that you don’t want or need in your home, so what we do is we find what most people want in their home and we put a lot of those things that come included and then we allow you to select what you want to upgrade rather than what we choose for you.

It’s your home after all, it’s not ours, so we want to make sure that you’re in control of the selections that you make. The cool thing is the price that is not final. It’s literally just there to give you information to help you make a good decision on your home will. Usually what we do is we print out one or two of those sin you guys off to your separate corners and let you decide what you do and you don’t want in there. If it’s a budgeting thing, then you might want to think a few of those things out, but I can’t tell you how many people I’ve helped that with our our incentive and everything. They ended up being really close to their budget and got just about everything they won, which is great because usually they’re doing is they’re overshooting thinking that they’re going to take a bunch of stuff off and you don’t have to have to take a few things off and just decide what’s more important or not and so for the people that don’t have much of a budget problem and of course are just going to have a few select whatever you want.

It’s going to be super awesome. It’s gonna be super helpful for you to be able to have as an Oklahoma City new home construction, but that’s step number four. We went from step one to four. Well, the reason why is most set the price out appointment, but in between those that appointment, they have two things that we basically will need you to do. Number one, financing. We can give you monthly payment quotes and kind of give you an idea of what it’s going to look like if you know how much you’re going to put down on the home, uh, we can let you know what that monthly payment would end up being. And we actually have three preferred lenders that have an extra incentive. And so, like I told you, this months incentive is $15,000. This can go towards the base price of the home towards upgrades or towards closing costs.

Oklahoma City new home construction so if you use one of our preferred lenders, you get the full incentive if you choose to use someone else, which we will, we will allow you to do if you choose to use someone else. And then that incentive will only be $10,000. So you’ll still get 10 grand to play with, but you have to get an additional amount if you use our preferred lender, it only takes five minutes to do the application. You’ll find out within 24 hours what you ended up getting approved for. And the cool thing is, if you’ve already talked to someone, they will, uh, do interest rate in closing costs matching to all the local banks. And so if you’ve already talked to someone, you’re like, I already got a really good deal and don’t really want to give that up. They’ll match it or beat it. So it’s really just a win win for you.

They offer all the popular, Oklahoma City new home construction, all the loans that you’re going to want to use any way and are the three largest banks in the Tulsa area, that’s a bank of Oklahoma first, Oklahoma Bank and spirit bank. And they all offer phenomenal customer service, which is why they’re hand selected by Mr Shaw himself. And the thing is, we don’t get a kickback from that. That’s actually illegal. We’re only there to provide the best customer service. And Mr Shaw has found over the years that there was a lot of deals that blew up over, um, misinformation and lenders lying about numbers and their customer experience wasn’t that good. And when we, when they were dealing with a lender themselves. So our goal is to provide the customer service best customer service from beginning to end, um, and that’s including when we send you to our lenders as well. And the thing is, is they work with us all the time.

This isn’t anything new to them, so they understand the process, they know, they know how we work, we know are, they know our expectations and what we want from our lenders. And so they’re there to provide the best service that they can for you as well. And so as an Oklahoma City new home construction, that next step, uh, between the price out in that I’m a model home tour would be the home site reservation. Now I’m going to cover this in much more detail in the next segment, but the idea behind that, the homesite reservation is exactly what it is. You get to reserve your home site. Now this means that, you know, we can build the floor plan a thousand times over a million times over, but God’s not making any more land. And so once you find that one of a kind home side that you want to build your home on, we want to make sure that you have an opportunity to reserve that and take it off the market so no one else can take it from you. Um, I work with about 12 other associates that are all working with about 10 to 15 other people and they could be looking at your home site at any given time. So there’s an Oklahoma City new home construction. We want to give you the opportunity to reserve the home site so no one else can take it from you. Jordan Moore 3 1-4-19

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