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Oklahoma City new home construction | Quality Craftsmanship

Oklahoma City new home construction | Making You Aware

Thank you for joining us for a, another segment here at sa homes. This is Jordan wore and sevenoaks south. I often want to say the village is southern trails, but I’ve actually been here longer. So, uh, anyway, what we want to be able to talk about is Oklahoma City new home construction This is what we’re, we’re, we’re presenting and talking to people about and um, we have expanded our family from the Tulsa area into the Oklahoma City area. Now. This is exciting news. A few of the communities, just so you’re aware of it, uh, that we will be building in his Kingsbury Ridge, the preserve at cuddle or carvel and the pinnacle, which is in Piedmont. We’ll also be building a rush, Brooke Cornerstone, a Ridge Creek Rush, Brooke Watermark, Timber Ridge and Woodland Park. Uh, so it’s a handful of communities that we’re building and that’s what we’re really featuring. This Oklahoma City new home construction article and what we’re talking about here.

And so we’re excited to be able to present it to people and let them know that this, this, uh, process that it’s really easy and simple to be in your shop at home. Oklahoma City new home construction it’s also just a great way to be able to understand that one, I know that you will have the same quality and craftsmanship and uh, those plans is you do here in Tulsa as well. So, um, we appreciate you again for joining us on those and we’ll kinda start to cover a little bit of the things that, um, we cover with all of our customers as I do come through the door. And so a few things that I would want to mention is some of the market ready homes that we do have a will eventually have those available and Oklahoma City as well, but we at any given time have about 40 moving ready homes.

Some of them are at different phases in the process and some of them are directly a ready and move in here. And seven oaks south. We actually have a stone Brook v that is move in ready. And we also have to Vin Tonic Hughes. One of them has a ready, was finished up at the beginning of this month. And we also have another one that should be ready here in a few weeks. So that’s three move in ready homes in this community alone, and we always get the traffic for those, Oklahoma City new home construction, for people wanting to come in and see those, the reason we build that many and we would actually will increase the amount that we do because people are lining up to see that we can’t really, we can’t even really build them fast enough because people want these homes and I want to move into them. Uh, they have, uh, the same warranty as if they were to build.

And so it’s just a tremendous opportunity for people to, uh, that don’t quite have the luxury of time. We can still have this moving ready homes as an option for people. And so that’s kind of a handful of things that we get to a handle with a lot of the realtors is this to let them know like, Hey, this is an option that people can have. You can have move in ready right now. And that’s brand new construction and these Oklahoma City new home construction communities. Um, we also have a Redford one available in the village at southern trails. We also have them in roads who p a. The reason why I liked both of those is because those are each the model we have them in to two P is model the village at southern trails and we also have them in the road to pee. That is moving because we know that people will love the plan when they come in to see the model home that some people are ready to just to buy those immediately.

We actually don’t have Oklahoma City new home construction The the majority of the time we don’t have our moving ready homes. Our models are not for sales, what I should say and so with that being said, since they’re not for sale, we often build one that is so that way people have that option to buy it. I’m like I said in sevenoaks south, we do have a Stonebrook v here and we have that one as I move in ready home as an option for people to select if they’re ready to select this plan and live in this community. In ashbrook we did have an addison p, but that one just sold his last week, so congratulations to Jessie on that one and as an avenue home builder, we also have a crescent in highland creek that is moving ready or crescent isn’t one of the plans that are featured on the model home tour, but it’s one of those ones that we like to take people through anyway, so that way they have an idea of what that plan looks like.

Um, we also do have a more move in ready homes. We have a Redford three, it is available in Somerset and that one is a very popular plan. So we built one over there to the selections and that one are phenomenal and it has definitely has more of a bit of a farmhouse look and feel to it. It’s a white painted brick, which is very popular right now. So it was an Oklahoma City new home construction builder. We want to feature these right down the road from that. We also have a monroe one that is available to move in ready at the estates at the river. And the, uh, actually that one’s in quail creek and then anthea states if the river, we had a Monterey there, but that one sold and I believe the model should be for sale here soon as well. So there’s just a lot of opportunity for people to be able to go through these.

There’s a notting hill and millicent pond, um, this was again, one of these plans that we don’t go through on the model home to remember. This is one that we try to definitely add in so people can see what that plan is like. It’s a very unique plan, especially with the way this one fits in that lot. Oklahoma City new home construction, it had to be adjusted a little little bit, which makes it really unique and neat. Um, with that being said though, um, another one is we just had to released and Fairway Park, which is a community that’s been done for about, I don’t know, a year or two now, and a notting hill l and a stone Brook v are now available there. These were homes that were for rent and now are for sale. And so I’ll be excited to be able to take a couple of my customers through there.

I had a, I had a customer that fell in love with the stone brook, but wanting to be in broken Arrow school districts and this one is literally right across the street from the broken or a high school, so you can’t get any more convenient than that. So it couldn’t have been any more timely to be able to meet their needs on that. So, uh, it’ll be my privilege to be able to help them to acquire that home. And so anyways, so that was move in ready ones. We’re really trying to do a big push to try to get these to the, the um, homeowners that really fit their needs so that way we can build a handful of our newer ones. I’m even newer ones for the parade of homes that will be rolling out here in June of 2019. And so as an Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, it’s just good to be aware of what our inventory is.

And if you’re looking for something that’s just moving ready and immediate, that’s usually what we like to ask people’s. They come in like, what’s your timeline? Are you wanting, are you wanting something move in ready now or do you have the time to build? And we find out that they want it now. Then we will pull off that list and find out and try to qualify what works best for them and show them those homes. Uh, so it’s definitely a privilege to be able to do that. Oklahoma City new home construction, other than that in the process, if they do show up and I’m at our home and they do have that time, our goal at that point is always to take them on the model home tour. That’s the main objective is just to get them on that tour so they can see that home, that plan that will work for them.

And then to see that one of them kind of home site to price out that home for them and then get them to the purchase agreement and get them moving forward. Oklahoma City new home construction so that’s always the goal that we try to cover. And make sure that we have that touch with each customer as they come through and to make this as easy as possible, um, and seamless as possible so that way people can just enjoy the home buying process and not dread it because we know that if you go through other builders, uh, other builders have a tendency to just make it more complicated. Oklahoma City new home construction, and we have simplified this process because we’ve done this a few thousand times. So when people come through the door, our main goals is to find out what, what are you doing here? What brought you in, you know, are you, what, what are you in right now?

And why are you wanting to get out of it? What brings you into the model today to give up your valuable time and what can I do to help find the best home for you? And a lot of that is assessed by asking them those questions. And then of course after that, it’s just taking them on that tour and scheduling them to do that. So it was an Oklahoma City new home construction builder that’s going to be one of the biggest things that we emphasize on is just taking you on that tour. It really just answers all the questions. It puts you in a and in that spot and know what our plans look and feel like. That way you can feel confident in our process and know and that way you can also visualize yourself in that home. That’s why Tulsa, we have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder and that way you can see that that function behind the design and we put that furniture in there so that way it gives you a feel of what it would be like if your furniture was in there as well. Jordan Moore 4 11-23-18

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