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Oklahoma City new home construction | Set The Proper Expectations

Oklahoma City new home construction | Guest Registration

Here we are, this is Jordan or at seven south, got to talk to you about the two model homes here and some of the unique features that we have in this community. However, I wanted to talk to you about a few of the other ones and kind of a little bit more about the guest registration card and you know, that really just the importance of that. And so with the guest registration card last, a couple of questions I was asking was a, the number of bedrooms. The next one is the number of bats and this one, you know, it’s very similar to asking how important it is for the bedrooms for, for Oklahoma City new home construction once again as the feature that we’re talking about right now is that we’re expanding Sha homes into Oklahoma City and Edmond that new homes is our feature and that’s what we get to talk about.

Um, and for this foreseeable future. And so when we talk about the bedrooms, it’s just really important that we find what’s the motivating factors as to why we are trying to be rooms from the, the house authority. Ha, I bet you already have. This is kind of the same with bats, you know, this one isn’t quite as important, but it still qualifies to find out how important it is to you. I’ve talked to some people where, you know, they just have a bunch of girls and it’s important to them to make sure that they have their own bathrooms and if that’s what’s important, we want to make sure that we ask about that and set the proper expectations with that. And then the next question after that is the number of garages, and we always joke that this is the time that the husband gets to talk because they have been quiet up until this point. Um, and uh, we asked them, you know, how many garage would you like? Is that two, two and a half, three or four. And most of them will say, we want to find out why it is important to you. Now, is it because they want,


you know, is it for storage? Is it for a workshop for tools? Is it for


their car? I mean, you know, kind of really depends on what it is that they are looking for and uh, so that’s always a good question to ask. And then the next one that we’ll ask is do you want to study and would this study be in addition to any of the bedrooms because some people will say, yeah, I want four bedrooms, but they’re already thinking that that fourth bedroom will be like a hybrid study. Uh, so we want to ask if there would be any in addition to the one that, you know, that they were thinking it might be that study. So it was Oklahoma City new home construction. This would work the same exact way. And so we just want to find out, you know, we’re not overestimating the of the room count that they’re looking at. And then we also always like to ask how important is formal dining to you?

Because that can be a, you know, basically make or break for some people because you know, they might do weekly entertaining with friends and family or it might just be a once a year. So it’s not quite as important to them as would be to someone else. So, uh, with Oklahoma City new home construction, it’s always important to ask those questions to kind of get, get our general idea to finding out what that might be with 70 different floor plans. Uh, we’re always, you know, want to point people in the right direction. Oklahoma City new home construction for some empty nesters that do want formal dining, something like the redford will work really well because it’s just an expanded nook with a lot of seating and space can be utilized all year around versus something that is, might not be used quite as much. And so, uh, you know, we just always want to make sure that we find that out in.

The next question that we do ask a on our guest registration form is, do you want an upstairs and a, as you can imagine, this would be a very important question. I’m really depends on where those needs of the people that might have already expressed that they are older and they do not want to have to climb stairs and that’s something that you would want to take into consideration when we are, uh, you know, trying to find that information now. Now when we do find out that they do want to do a game room, we will ask, uh, you know, is that a game room only? Are you looking for a game room and bathroom or a game room bed and bath? Kinda once again, just gives us a better idea and narrows down a few things because we have several different ways to build certain plans.

The Monroe itself can actually be built, Oklahoma City new home construction, 15 different ways, which is a lot, but that really spans the gap of someone that might be an empty nester and, you know, just a smaller family versus someone who is multigenerational and looking to bring in someone into the, into the family. And so with that being said, uh, that’s always an important question to ask. And uh, the next one is desired square footage and now we find a lot of people really don’t have any idea of what the scope of square footage it looks like. They can give a guess, but most of the time I even after they too, or through a home, they’re like, yeah, I had no idea it was that many square feet. So, and that’s completely fine. Um, but we do want to ask because some people might want to keep it around a certain range and we always ask what’s, what’s, uh, how many square feet do you currently have in your home right now?

Oklahoma City new home construction just kind of gives us a better idea. And then then that next question is desired square, not desired score. You’re the desired amount that you would want to purchase the home. Now this is a good one because you know, the bank will prequalify people for a certain amount. But then the next most important question is, is asking how much you are comfortable paying for a monthly for that home? No one really. Not a lot of people pay cash for their homeless people just sell the other one and use the other one is a down payment and then have a monthly payment. So we always want to ask and kind of find out what are you comfortable, what, what is your comfortable monthly payment and then how much can you go up to and if it had everything that you wanted in it and the perfect location not to go over this amount.

Oklahoma City new home construction so our idea on doing that is just to make sure because for every, uh, basically every $10,000 in a mortgage, you’re looking at 50 or $60 to your mortgage payment and a lot of people have enough wiggle room that if that’s the difference between them having what they want in their home and not, they’re willing to pay a little bit more, uh, to get the house that they want things. Some people they get stuck on the purchase to total purchase price of the home rather than payment when, you know, that’s how we all pay anyway. Just just being real with it, you know. Um, so with that being said, those are really the main things and for Oklahoma City new home construction that, that yes, sort just ration card is going to work the same way, just gives us a better feel and is more of an organic way to kind of go through the conversation with you and find out the needs.

And with Oklahoma City new home constructions, this one, like I said, works the same way. Our goal in doing this is to connect with you to find out your needs and to narrow down what plans work best for you. With that being said, we have over 70 different floor plans. We’ve killed a number 28 different communities and we have over 500 home sites and this can be overwhelming to someone that might come in off a right off the street, but we have a path to your new show home. And by asking these questions, that religious narrows things down for you, um, for us to be able to find those for you instead of having to go through each and every single one of those homes. And, uh, you know, every single one of those communities, we can ask you those things, find out what’s best for you and then get you that information back to you.

That’s important for us because we want to make sure that we’re saving you time. We don’t know how long you’ve been out shopping and want to kind of narrow that down for you so you’re not wasting more of your precious time. We want to be able to save you that time, give you some of that back and even save you money by doing a lot of that work with him for years. And so, uh, we appreciate you joining us for another one of these segments where we’re featuring admin new homes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This is Shar homes and this is Jordan wore once again speaking and talking about that feature of Oklahoma City new home construction. And like I said, we appreciate you joining us for these, uh, I’ll be going over some more floor plans and some of the path again, um, the next segment. So make sure that you do join us. And, uh, we’ll cover probably a few of the variations of some of the floor plans and the importance of taking you through that path and setting the proper expectations for you. So, for, for Oklahoma City new home construction, this is Jordan more at sevenoaks south. Jordan Moore 3 10-26-18

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