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Oklahoma City new home construction | Take the Pressure Off

Oklahoma City new home construction | Take the Pressure Off

Here we are as shaw homes in another segment. This is Jordan more and seven south, uh, really focusing on the idea of edmund new homes. That is our feature focus. We’re expanding our family not only just in the Tulsa area as we continue to be the largest builder in the Greater Tulsa area area and eastern Oklahoma, but we’re also expanding ourselves out to Oklahoma City now. What an exciting time for us to be able to do that. And the last section that we were talking about was the path to owning your home. Oklahoma City new home construction it is always so important for us to go over this. We actually go over it with our customers just about every single time we have a reading. We couldn’t emphasize enough to just over communicate with that next step is going to be what? What’s the step that you just. Where are we at right now and what’s next?

We know because we’ve done this a few thousand times that sometimes it can be a bit of a, an undertaking, you know, just like people dealing with the finances of the home, listing their home on the market. Starting to look for what they want, it can be exciting at first and then they start thinking about all the details and it can become overwhelming and they get discouraged. Well, we’ve done this so many times and we want to take the pressure off of you and just make this a fun, easy process for you to go through. And the last segment, we covered the model home tour and in the model home tour, Oklahoma City new home construction, you know, we just take you through and you get to see all those beautifully decorated model means to find out that plan that worked for you. After talking about that, the next step in that process is financing.

And the reason why this one is so important is just as important to you is it, is for us is because we want to be able to find out what works best for you. We don’t want to show you a ton of columns that you aren’t looking for a and or a ton of homes that you may not be able to afford and thus kind of waste your time doing it. It’s the last time that we want to do when I’m fine. What’s your price ranges? We want to keep you in that budget and show you what you can afford. Oklahoma City new home construction so with that financing, we can talk about monthly payment quotes. We actually have three preferred lenders are the three largest banks in Tulsa, which is spirit bank, Bank of Oklahoma, and, uh, first Oklahoma Bank. And the reason why we have those is because we know that they provide the best customer service.

Um, there are plenty of lenders out there giving false information. We want to make sure that we give you the information. We know how frustrating that can be, to hear one number and find out another at closing. These guys provide the best customer service and best information glenshaw is most as dedicated to making sure that the process of buying the home is enjoyable and that they have, that you guys have the best process. I’m going through and edit a new home will work the same way. It’s going to be just as important to him that have those, those preferred lenders that we work with. Oklahoma City new home construction the reason why we have them is because of that reason, it’s just to make it easier for you. They will actually do interest rate matching and closing cost matching. So if you come in with another lender is making that you have a really good price, you can keep that price or they can even sometimes a beat it.

If you go to one of our preferred lenders, plus there’s an additional incentive. That’s why it’s so important for us, for you to go through them that will actually give you a $500 incentive to work with our lender. You don’t. Oklahoma City new home construction you choose to use another one, which is fine. You won’t get the full incentive. You only get a. depending on what the incentive is. This month’s, this last month was $15,000, so you’d only get 10 grand of that if you use a different lender that are preferred. Either way, it’s a super easy process at that point because it’s only a five minute application. People usually think it’s gonna take a really long time to get preapproved or that it costs. Something. It does is actually free, only takes a few minutes and you’ll hear back within a day, um, what you’re pre approved for and how much. And they also offer all the popular loves that everyone uses anyway.

Fha, conventional, um, the va loans are loans, native American loans. So those are a few things about the financing. Now, on the last segment I talked about one of the next important steps being number three is the home site reservation. Oklahoma City new home construction the reason why this is so important is because we can build the plan, we can build your favorite plane that you find out on that model home to her a thousand times over. We know how many pieces of what it takes. We know exactly how many gallons of paint to how many nails it takes to build this home and we can do it a thousand times over. However we can not produce anymore land. And with that being said, when we find that one of a kind home side that you want to build your home on, we would encourage you to put down a homesite reservation.

And the whole purpose of this is that way it takes it off of the market. Oklahoma City new home construction, there I have 11 other colleagues working with 10 to 15 different people at the same time that could have already looked at the home site that you’re interested in. Went home and were thinking about it and could at any moment put down a homesite reservation and we actually work on a live system so I can get on that. And once we find it, uncheck it, take it off so that way no one else can reserve that home site. Like I said, we can’t produce any more land. So when we find that one that works for you and it fits your plan and that’s the one that you want to do, you know, sometimes the home sites more important than the plan to some people because they want their house to be backed up to all the trees or to a palm or whatever that might be.

Once we find that, we encourage people to do that home site reservation. Oklahoma City new home construction the cool thing is, is it’s a thousand dollars to um, to reserve the home sites. And is fully refundable for up to a week. The purpose of this is to slow things down. Once again, going back to that step one, there’s no pressure. The idea is just so you can make an informed decision. We don’t want to go out there and just do some kind of high pressure sales tactic to you and make you feel like you better get it. Now is going to go away. The truth is is it will go away and someone else will buy it. Well we’re going to allow you to reserve it and then you’ll have a week to determine whether they want to do it. We actually don’t even cash the check. We hold onto it on our desk and then if you decide to before for the weekends, I don’t think we’re going to do it.

Then we just April either tear the checkup or give it back to you or if you decided to move forward, this thousand dollars actually goes towards my vacation fund. Just kidding. It actually goes towards the closing, the closing cost of down payment of the home. And so this money, and like I said, it’s been going for us, it goes towards the earnest money for your down payment and you’ll see that again on the back end, which was pretty awesome. Oklahoma City new home construction so for Edwin new homes, a homesite reservation will work the same exact way. This will allow you to swap homicide. Some people are stuck between middle. Well, if I reserved this one and I really liked the other one, what can we swap? Yes, you can. We’ll just allow the other ones and become available again, swap over to another one and we can do that as many times as you need to, as long as it’s available to do that.

Oklahoma City new home construction we can get all your questions answered. This blocks competing customers from taking your land. And like I said, it’s a one of a kind of home site. We can build the site, we can build a plan, but we can’t produce more land. So once that piece of land is reserved and someone goes forward on it, that one’s. That one’s lost. So you want to make sure that you find that we can take that away from someone else taking it. So for Edmond new homes, that next step is the price, the price out. So awesome because it’s like you’re building your home on paper. We know exactly what it costs to build every single home. It’s not an estimate, it’s not a ballpark. You know what you want to do. Hardwood floors, oh, oh, you know, probably this amount and if it goes over then you just pay the bills or whatever it is.

Now we know exactly what it’ll cost and our price out meeting takes about 45 minutes and itemized pricing, price them the way you want down to the dollar and it’s a total print out on the spot. So we’ll print it out. And I usually give one of, uh, the, uh, a couple, uh, pronounced one to the husband and one to the wife so they can look at it. We told them to go to their own corners later with a pink and a blue highlighter and highlight the things that, that they’ve, they don’t necessarily want. And I can compare with that is, and uh, you know, people get to build their dream homes this way and it’s a lot of fun doing it and then once you kind of look at it and you realize what that price is and then you can just kind of subtract the things that you might not necessarily want or need to get that around the budget.

That’s where I think it gets a lot of fun for people. In fact, one of my first customers that I ever helped, Oklahoma City new home construction, we did a price out for them and they got just about every single thing they wanted in their home for their budget. And they were in. They were completely surprised me because they thought it was going to be way overpriced and it was right at what they needed to be spending. So that’s the exciting part about that. Um, and this isn’t as, this is noncommittal, the price out is just another step to give you more information and to making the correct decision. I know I would want to know exactly what I was going to cost before I went to contract. And not knowing that there’s gonna be some fluctuation or variable, this gives us a good idea of what that number is going to be and we want to provide that for you. And so for Edmond new homes and for Shala homes and broken Arrow and now Oklahoma City. Thank you for joining us for another segment and we’ll see you again next week. Jordan Moore 6 11-2-18

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