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Oklahoma City new home construction | Talking About Function

Oklahoma City new home construction | Slight Variations

Hey, this is shaw homes and this is Gordon Moore bringing you a segment where we get to talk about how easy our process is and our feature and our focus is Oklahoma City new home construction. That’s right. We are expanding our easy process from Tulsa, uh, also on, into Oklahoma City to Oklahoma City new home construction. And so our feature that we’ve been talking about has been the guest registration card and just connecting with our people as they come through the door and then really just giving them the benefits of the floor plan and the benefits of why they would want to build with Shaw. And then our idea is then to just book an appointment to go on the tour. Uh, each floor plan has been designed and constructed in a way that is unique and set apart from the other ones in slight variations because every, every family’s needs are different and we want to make sure that we meet the needs of every single family and most of our plans are built from the comments and, and, uh, suggestions that people have made over the years as they’ve walked through them.

So I would venture to say that the majority of our homes are built by our customers as well as 30 years of architectural experience. And so we’ve been around since 1985 and we have been building since then and are continually growing. We’re actually the largest builder and Tulsa and an Eastern Oklahoma. And like I mentioned, we’re, we’re expanding for, to Oklahoma City new home construction. We’re moving over to Oklahoma City as well to bring this simple process over to the fine folks in Oklahoma City. And uh, so part of that simple process is our path to owning your new Shah home and we always want to find out, have you built before in the past and with who and how was that experience? And then we also want to find out, you know, um, you know, and also just to really basically set the expectation of what it’ll look like for them to build with us.

And uh, we’ve done this a few thousand times so they don’t have to. They can just enjoy the process and go through it bit by bit with us instead of having to not basically not know. And then go through, I’m blindfolded and that’s the last thing that we want people to do or how we want them to feel, and I’m that number one step for owning a shaw home and a Oklahoma City new home construction is the model home tour. The model home tour is one of the most important parts, but we’ve also been told by our customers it is easily the most helpful thing that we offer during the home shopping experience. They’ve. We’ve actually even had people said that that has even built with other builders or even went with a used home. They were like, yes, the model home tours by far the most helpful thing that we did during it, because we focus on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan.

That’s the primary objective is just to talk function with you and not a pricing or a new pressuring. It’s just to let you see some beautifully decorated model homes and you will. This takes about 90 minutes and it’s about six to 12 of these homes and you’ll drive in your own vehicle. That way if anything comes up, you’re free to go. At any time were there just to give you information, we’re focused on function and we believed that there is something for everyone. There are so many different plans. We actually have seven, eight different plans for you to pick from. However we can narrow those down. And what would, what would work best for you? Um, a lot of our model homes are built as a two story can also be built as a one story. Then we have a handful of plans that can only be built as a two story.

And uh, the reason why we want to mention those and we have a couple that can only be built as a one story. Oklahoma City new home construction the reason why we do those is because we believe that there’s something for everyone. Our plans are versatile. For example, our monroe can be built larman row floor plan alone can be built over 15 different ways and that goes from being a down from an empty empty nester all the way to multigenerational. You have a mother in law moving in and you still have kids in the house and whatever that might be a we can. That same floor plan can accommodate both ends of that spectrum. And so, uh, with Oklahoma City new home construction, this process is still the same exact way. And so that model home tour is just so important because we just focused on that function. You’ll get to see design elements that we want to make sure that you’re jotting down because you know, you might have an idea of how you want your floors to look or what color you want your cabinets to be.

So we encourage you to take photos. Some builders don’t like you taking photos inside the model homes. We encourage it. We want you to, we wanted to, to archive them. So that way when you get into the design studio, you have a point of references to, you know, what that would, uh, what you want your home to look like. Oklahoma City new home construction then even in the price that we can let you know what those pricing would be, as I mentioned the model home to or will not be a time to talk about pricing a, even though we will cover it in detail, I’ll answer every single question you’ll ever have about pricing and the price that step, which is number four. Um, but right now we’re just in the first step. So I encourage you to hold onto those questions and we’ll cover them in detail there.

Um, with that being said, the step number two is financing for Oklahoma City new home construction financing will work the same exact way as it does here in Tulsa. A financing the financers might change a little bit, but, uh, the process still works the same and this is where we can get a good idea of what a monthly quote would be for you to live in Shaw home. Uh, that way we can narrow down what plans work for you and what community. And we actually have three preferred lenders and uh, that is the Bank of Oklahoma First Oklahoma Bank and a spirit bank. These are our three preferred lenders and the reason why they are our preferred lenders is because we, like I mentioned earlier, we’ve done this a thousand times and we’ve seen a lot of customers do go to other lenders and deals, have a, is there a better way to say that?

Oklahoma City new home construction, we’ve seen deals blow up because a inaccurate numbers during closing, they were dishonest or they didn’t provide good customer service. These are hand selected and hand picked by Mr Shaw himself because they offer great customer experience and that’s one of the biggest things that he’s expressed to our team, uh, and everyone else at shaw homes is we want to provide the best experience that we can for people that are building homes. And that is a very important aspect of it, which is why he selected them. And so those are our three preferred lenders. If you’ve already have, you already talked to someone because if you have, I want to let you know that they will do closing costs. Matching interest rate is matching was not like we get a kickback from whatever we send them. That’s actually illegal. So we don’t do that for Oklahoma City new home construction, it’s the same way that would, uh, we don’t do that because it is illegal and it’s unethical, but the idea is we want you to have the best experience.

Oklahoma City new home construction so that’s why we provide that as that option. The other thing is, is only takes five minutes to do, I don’t know if you’ve already been through the mortgage approval process or not, but it’s a very easy process. It’s only five minutes for the application and then you’ll hear back in about 24 hours a as to what you get approved for or if you do get approved at all. And so it’s important for us to find that information out for you. And they also offer all the, uh, most popular loans that everyone uses or any other moments you would, Fha, conventional rd, va, native American loan, whatever that is, they offer those as well. And in fact, they, they’ll, they will not only match it, but sometimes they can even beat it. And so if you feel like you got a good deal with someone else, they’ll be able to match it.

And the biggest thing that I would say here is that we have, we have a bigger incentive for those who choose to use our preferred lender. With that being said, that’s $5,000 more in your pocket that you be able to spend a towards your home. Uh, you know, right now we have 15 grand off to the closing cost of the home or towards the base price of the home or towards upgrades. If you choose to use your own lender outside of our preferred, you’d only get $10,000 of that. So yeah, you still get an incentive. We still want to put that money in your pocket, but it wouldn’t be as much as if you used our preferred lender. And so the next step in the process is the home site reservation. And for Edmond new homes, this one works the same way as it does in Tulsa. And once it emphasize again, I’m going to go over really the home reservation or more detail in the next one. The main thing I want to say is Oklahoma City new home construction That’s right. So will join you in the next one. Go over the home site reservation a little bit more detail. Catch you then. Jordan Moore 4 10-26-18

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