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Oklahoma City new home construction | The Design Studio

Oklahoma City new home construction | The Design Studio

This is Jordan with shaw homes doing another segment, our final one for the week and just kind of want to wrap up talking about the path to owning a shaw home and just our focus on edmund new homes. So for owning and Edmond new home, we walk people through the same processes we do here in Tulsa and we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding out there where the largest builder in eastern Oklahoma and Tulsa. And so we’ll be happy to bring our beautiful homes that are easy process over to Oklahoma City for all the Admin, new home buyers. Oklahoma City new home construction so as we mentioned the end of the last couple segments, we’ve talked about the model homes who were financing homesite reservation price out purchase agreement. And we wrapped up with that one, the last couple ones that we go over with people as I, um, move a little further. And the process is the design studio.

And the design studio I think is probably people’s favorite part because you’re making all your selections. I’m here. We actually have Tulsa’s largest design studio and we’d give you tons of options. We have award winning designers, in fact, over the last couple of years, no builder wins more than two awards at the parade of homes except for us. And last year we won 17. So this is a pretty big margin there. Um, we have an awesome design studio. The ladies that work there and do a great job. They’re the ones that design, Oklahoma City new home construction, these model homes which people obviously love and aspire to have and to design after. And so these are the ladies that you get to work with through the design studio. So it’s a super simple process and it’s actually compiled of three easy meetings and they’re each scheduled a week apart. And we do that for a reason because we allow you to marinate on your decisions.

There are a lot that you’re making your first one, you’re doing interior selections and we’ll spend a couple hours on that one and then you’ll have a whole week before you meet again for exterior. And um, within that week they’ll actually give you some homework, go out and Kinda look at certain homes with different stone and Stucco and brick. So you can see them for yourself instead of just looking at a sample or a photo, you get to kind of drive around and look at it so that way you can make the best selections for your exterior as well. And then the third meeting, which is your final one, and it’s basically just for your signature, is that says we’re finalizing it. Oklahoma City new home construction so it’s actually how the design studio works. And like I said, it’s, it’s people’s favorite. You’re making all your selections and I think some people have a tendency to be overwhelmed by that part, but you’re working with professionals and award winning designers and they’ll help you make the decisions that you need to find that some people just don’t make the right selections.

And the cool thing is, is once you make one color selection, then that really helps you with a handful of your other ones, you know. So anyway, uh, for Edmond new home buyers, the next step would be the plan review. And here is basically our checks and balance because at the price out a, as a, I’m the representative for you. Uh, we go over what you would like to add to the home and then we pass that along to the design studio. The design studio looks at everything that she wanted to an average just in the home and make all your color selections and make sure everything is where you want it to be. And then we pass that along with the builder. Oklahoma City new home construction then that’s where the builder or the construction manager goes over your selections to make sure we have, uh, the right ones on there for you.


so they’ll do a review of your selections, will discuss the timeline. So this is extra where we talk about everything we’re about to do. And then do it. Discuss the timelines a give you discuss, Oklahoma City new home construction, the weekly updates that they’ll give you, discuss homeowner orientation. You’ll actually meet at the main office and this is where you get to meet the construction manager, review the blueprint of your home, review your site plan and discuss the greater the land. Then we go to step number eight and actually do everything that we just told you we’re going to do. So it was an Admin, new home buyer for

Oklahoma City new home construction, homes and step number eight is building and this is where you get to meet at your home and to the homeowners orientation on site. We also have another meeting where we go over the, a pretty dry wall because once the drywall goes in, it’s the most monochromatic, plain, dull looking part of the home. So we let you go through and look at all the guts before the wall goes on and you just get to enjoy the progress. Those are the two meetings we have with you, but you can stop by anytime during the construction process and look at your home. We just advise you to be careful because it is a construction site. So with that being said, uh, take caution, but it is an open job sites for you to look at. Um, aside from that, the other thing is you get to enjoy those weekly updates.

If you can’t make it out every week, the construction manager will send you out weekly updates to show you what’s going on in your home and kind of keep you in touch and in touch. And in the loop, you know, it takes about six months to build your home and we want to make sure that you know everything that’s going on and we haven’t forgotten about you. It’s things are happening and we get to share that with you. Oklahoma City new home construction, after that we do, um, you know, of course we welcome any questions and that’s when everything’s happening. The next step as an Admin, new home buyer, a is closing at closing. This is where we meet at the title company. This is where the down payment is fulfilled and you get to pay the closing costs if you have a mortgage and sign for the mortgage.

If you do, and this is where the title is transferred, the keys are given and it’s time to move in. And then our last and final step, because we’re not done with you at closing, is our warranty. We actually have Tulsa’s best warranty and it’s a 10 year structural warranty. I two year mechanical warranty and a one year everything or limited warranty that’s really just limited to saw and landscaping because people can kill those. Oklahoma City new home construction, we actually have a 24 hour emergency line and a fulltime warranty coordinator on staff, so we’re not outsourcing it. It’s done in the company at our main office. They’ll get to talk to a real person and they will actually give you a follow up phone call at 60 days and one at 11 months just to make sure everything is going well for you. And, but you can contact us at any time during, uh, you know, the that period and ask any questions and we’re there to help our goal.

And that is just to provide excellent service to be there through you, uh, also be there with you after the build. So, Oklahoma City new home construction, that is what it looks like on our path. I would say the second half is probably the easiest to explain, but we all also, I was going to make sure that we set the proper expectation for people, um, that um, you know, are looking to build. So that way they know exactly what to expect and those next steps. And so we cover the path with you pretty much had every appointment we covered at the beginning and we covered at the end and then, uh, I mean really who remembers everything they’re told the first time and as we continue to go through it, you start to remember more and more. And that’s our goal is to make sure that we almost essentially train you in it so that way you know exactly what to expect when you come through the doors.

Oklahoma City new home construction so that is our simplified easy process to owning a home. Of course, there’s a lot that goes on in between there and then behind the scenes. But for you as the customer, that’s what you, uh, you know, get to know. Um, and of course I want you to ask questions along the way and I’m filling you in through those. But we find that most people after they get done with the model home tour ended up going on the tour again at least twice. Oklahoma City new home construction, one other time just to make sure that they’re selecting the right plan that they want. And sometimes usually even a third time, at least the second or third time in the design studio to make sure they know all the selections that they have. And so that’s, that’s the fun part is like I said, we have some people that have a tendency to be a little apprehensive about it at first.

But once they actually go through it, they’re always glad that they did and they want to continue to do it. That’s why I, like I’ve mentioned in previous sessions that, um, people found him to be the single most helpful thing that they have done during their home shopping experience because we focus on that function because we focus on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan instead of just, um, you know, letting people walk through on and own. We point out why we laid out the rooms the way that we did. Oklahoma City new home construction like I said, that our homes are built by our customers’ comments over the course of the years of what they want and over 30 years of architectural experience. So while we laid them out the way that we have, because it’s the most functional life, people are always surprised when I walked through there like, man, whoever thought of this was genius and that’s exactly what we go for is because we think about how families change and lifestyle change and we want to accommodate that for them. And so for Admin, new home builder, those are the things that we’re talking about. Jordan Moore 6 11-9-18

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