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Oklahoma City new home construction | The Different Variations

Oklahoma City new home construction | Variables Matter

Thank you for joining us for a nother segment. This is Jordan more with Shaw homes and seven oak south. I’m currently in the Stone Brook v Model, which is 2,619 square feet. It’s a very good size plan. One of the neat things about it is it’s actually shaped like a square, so this has almost no problem fitting on just about every single home site. It’s a good use of space. Oklahoma City new home construction, and it’s a very, I wouldn’t say compact. Oklahoma City new home construction, I just think it’s more a, it’s a very, it’s a better use of the space rather than having larger open areas that you might not necessarily want to pay for. For example, next door to the Greenville, it might have an, a, a beautiful entry and a very large dining room with tall ceilings. However, if you’re not really keen on how that looks or the feel of it, you might not want to pay for that because of course there’s going to be more supplies to get your ceilings up to what, 24 feet.

I’ll have to double check on height of that ceiling, but those are pretty tall and so if you’re not looking for that, you don’t want to necessarily pay for that. And here in the stone brook, it’s a little bit more, uh, utilizes that space. It’s a two story plan. I’m out of a handful of plans is one of the only two story plans that we do offer a as just a two story. Now most plans can be built as a one or a two stories. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we always want to let you know I’m at two or we’re going to show you a two story versions of plans so that way you know what it’s like to have it as a two story. People are visual creatures so it’s a lot easier just to say, hey, let’s take out this staircase and put a wall here.

That’s what it would be like as a one story rather than, yeah, your staircase will be appear and as we’d go up there, there’d be a game room, bed and bath. You have no idea of that layout. So we provide one of them so that way we could show the different variations. So another example is that Greenville, it’s a one e at that model next door. It’s a lot easier for me to say, yeah, there would be another room right here and you could add another bedroom and a bathroom here. Rather than trying to say that as a one story, it’s a lot easier to be able to represent that way. And so anytime you’re on the tour you’re going to see a two store and plan and occasionally we’ll show you. I’ll move in ready a home that is just a one story. I’m just so that way you have an idea of what it’s like as well.

Now we only have a couple of plans that are just one story plans. One of those is the findlay. Findlay also happens to be our smallest heritage plan that we do offer. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, that’s just important for you to know. That’s 1,802 square feet. Like I said, it’s only a one story plan. Another one story plan that we do offer that is larger than that’s called the Glendale. Now this plan is as wide. Um, why are most of our plans are a lot more deep. This one’s more wide and it is just a one story version of the plan that are. Those are the only two plans that we do offer that can only be built as a one story plan. Now as far as the two story playing goes, there’s three, we have the stonebrook, the Ventana and the notting hill.

Those plans can only be built as a two story plan and the main reason why you’ll see this and there’s kind of a similarity between all of them, but they’re also very different in that the only bedroom downstairs for the stone brook and the Notting Hill is just the master. Now the Ventana does have another bedroom downstairs. A lot of people will use possibly as a nursery, which is just a tad smaller, but you can still fit a good size bed in there as well. So upstairs is where the majority of the other living is. So like I said, masters downstairs, the rest of them are upstairs. So on the Stone Brick v there’s three bedrooms, two bath, sorry, three bedrooms, a bath and a game room upstairs. Now if you did the stone brook age, that is two bedrooms, a game room and a bathroom. So you’re one less bedroom upstairs.

Now the Ventana p could be a game room, bed and bath upstairs or the Ventana cues, two bedrooms, a game and a bath upstairs. So they’re just kind of more or less a changing the layout of the upstairs plus or minus a make mostly bedrooms, not as much on the bathrooms. And the next one, one that would want to mention is that notting hill. Oklahoma City new home construction the reason why I want to mention that one is because this one has the probably the neatest different ways that you can build the second story and there’s a nottinghill l, h and V. I kind of went out of order there. If you did an age that is two bedrooms, a game room and a bathroom upstairs. If you did a V, that ends up being three bedrooms. The game room in a bath upstairs, and if you did the El that’s like the Wii, except you just add an additional bathroom upstairs and a ends up kind of knocking out an area where you have a little bit more of a closet space.

I’m one of the bedrooms. So really once again, what you’re dealing with here is just a few different variations of the second floor. Now in all of these plans, you really don’t have a formal dining room. You have a study that can be used as a dining room if you want them to. And all these, uh, it’s worth mentioning as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder that some people just want their plans laid out this way. They want to be able to have their bedroom downstairs and the rest of them upstairs. Now I find that the notting hill is the most concealed way to have the plan because you can do the l and the e and the h versus something like the stonebrook or um, the Ventana which you almost have direct access to that game room. Now the stonebrook is off of the landing.

So it’s not like you’re doing a straight shot, you’re actually going up a hall and then it’s to the left or the right, depending on how the plant is built, uh, have been Tauna Vnq you’re literally going straight into the game room. So some people like that with her children to be able to call up to them and directly talk to them and other ones you can go up and around and down the hallway where it’s a little bit more concealed, a little bit more private living upstairs, especially with something as neat as that. Notting Hill. Oh, Oklahoma City new home construction and having two bedrooms, three bedrooms and two baths upstairs with the game room. And the neat thing about, um, the stone brook and the Ventana is you do have a half bath downstairs, uh, and uh, that people is like, your guests will be able to use that, you know, they wouldn’t have having to use the master bathroom.

Oklahoma City new home construction, you don’t usually typically want people to go through your bedroom to get to the bathroom. So that’s why there’s a, a powder bath or a half bath there. And the Ventana, there’s actually a full bathroom downstairs because there’s a bedroom downstairs so that one can either be a plus or minus, depending on what you’re looking at. Do you want a full bath that’s accessible to the people downstairs and with that bathroom as well. And so there’s just a lot of things that you can kind of compare and look at on a lot of those, but those are the only plans that can be built as a two store. And like I said, it has for a good reason to, because really the only bedroom downstairs as the master, except like I said, the Ventana where you have one bedroom, aside from that, the rest of them were all upstairs.

So therefore you need it to be a two story. You can’t just build that as a one story which is to have a master and that’s it. Oklahoma City new home construction, and like I said, for one story plans, you’re really just looking at the Finley and the Glendale. The rest of them can be built as a one or two story, which is really neat, Oklahoma City new home construction, to, like I said, it’s a lot easier for us to be able just to say, you know, let’s put a wall here and then you’re actually with bump out your closet here and that is what it’s like to be as a one story or um, you’re able just to walk through and just really get a visualization of what it would be like for your plan to be as a one story and as kind of how I mentioned is a one story, uh, what I should say as a on a model home to her.

You’re going to walk through everything is a two story so you can get a feel for what it’s like to be able to have it. Um, but we will always let you know what those things are. That’s why there are so many different versions and ways to build it. The stonebrook can be built two ways. The ventana can be built two ways. The nottinghill can be built three different ways, but then we have other plans that are like the monroe can be built 15 different ways because you can build it three different ways as a one story and then there are four different ways to do the upstairs, so therefore that would be five different versions per one story. And so that is a total of 15. And so there are just so many different options and different things that you can do when it comes to finding the right plan that works for you and your family. That’s why we believe that there’s something for everyone. Uh, and as a Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, we want to take you on that tour so you can find out the plan that does work best for you. So thank you for joining us on this segment. And I will continue to talk about the wonderful advantages and benefits that the tumor has for a shaw homes customer. Jordan Moore 3 12-28-18

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