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Oklahoma City new home construction | The First Time Around

Oklahoma City new home construction | The First Time Around

And thank you for joining us for the final segment. This is Jordan, more over at shaw homes and stuff and south and we’ve been talking to you about your past and owning a new Shaw Hall and there are so many steps that you go through when you’re looking into an investment this large, but we have 10 easy steps to owning a home and because we’ve done this a few thousand times, you don’t have to. We want to make this as simple and as easy as possible for you and to you. Oklahoma City new home construction so what we were talking about, the last one was actually starting construction on the home as an admin. New Home Builder. We ended up doing two meetings. One’s a pre drywall meeting and actually really the purpose of that. I didn’t really cover this in the previous segment, but really the whole purpose of a during the pre drywall is so that way you can see the guts of the home.

You can see the rough electrical, the rough plumbing. It can let you know where each room is and where the toilet’s going to be, where the kitchen sinks going to be, a where the floor receptacles are gonna be at and you know me, things like the htmi pool to with that would end up looking like in the walls so you can know where your TV’s going to be mounted because once the drywall goes up, that’s like the ugliest stage of the home because when it’s like that, it’s just monochromatic. It’s one color, it looks really small and it’s a dull and boring and it’s hard to imagine anything. So you have the pre dry wall meeting and then you have the homeowner’s orientation. Oklahoma City new home construction the whole purpose of this is just to make sure that we’re, once again doing quality control, we want to make sure that you walk through and you understand everything because as you, as you purchase a new home, there’s going to have to be some settling that happens inside of the hall.

For example, you’re framing your two by fours that are all throughout the house and your ceiling, your ceiling and floor. Oklahoma City new home construction Joyce, for your second story, uh, they all have, they all contain moisture inside that would and so throughout that year, that first year there, there’s going to, it’s going to be drawing out a lot which causes things to kind of expand a little bit and your house is going to just have to settle and make a few adjustments and so you’re going to have like little hairline cracks around windows and then certain corners and things like that. It’s completely and utterly natural because of the settling of the home, which is what, why when I get into the warranty here in a moment, it’s really important to mention that we do have a follow up phone calls and make sure that we get those things repair because we already understand and know that it’s going to happen and we want to make sure that we do have the chance and the opportunity to get those things fixed.

And so that way that’s not an issue. Some people really think it’s going to be like it’s a structural issue. It’s not, it’s just a cosmetic issue and we just want to make sure that we put everything in line and everything in order for you before, um, that, uh, one year, everything warranty expires. The thing is, is we’re so in our product that we offer a 10 year structural warranty, so that means while you’re in your home for 10 years, if anything happens to the slab or the wall, you’re completely covered. It’s under that warranty. Um, but we’re, that’s why we offer it to is because we’re that confident that if it wasn’t there and we were nervous about that, we wouldn’t offer something like a 10 year warranty. And so as an Edmund new home builder, a that homeowners orientation, they’ll show you how to live at pilot light and it gets you acquainted with your Oklahoma City new home construction, show you where the furnaces that upstairs, where the hot water heater is, um, and so on and so forth.

Just so you have a basic understanding of your home when you’re acquainted with your home. That’s why it’s a homeowner’s orientation. And so, uh, the other neat thing is throughout that process, like I said, I’m hanging out with you through five of those steps. And then step number six is designed, studio sevens transitioned into building a, Oklahoma City new home construction you’re having all these appointments, you’re talking to people, you’re having your weekly meetings, you’re texting, calling, getting all your questions answered, and then all of a sudden during seven months during our really what I should say at this point, six months during the build of your home things, you’re just not hearing anyone hearing anything from anyone because it’s being built. So we’ve done is our construction managers are supposed to send that weekly updates to show you what it looks like a, as your home progresses. So you know, maybe it’s the grade of the land and that’s all that’s done that week.

They’ll send you the photo like, Hey, this is, this is what the greatest Atlanta of your home site looks like. And then the slabs poured. And so they’ll show you what it looks like with a slab. And they’ll circle certain things like, Hey, this is where your kitchen sink will be. And let you know all those things and then they’ll, they’ll send you weekly updates of what’s happening to your, uh, to your home. And the reason why that’s so neat and important is because now you know, um, you’re involved in that entire process and they shows that they know what’s going on, but their thing is they’re required to be in every home of every, uh, every home of every house, every day. Now we have multiple construction managers. We don’t have one guy that goes to, all of them were, that would be completely unrealistic and overwhelming.

We have a construction manager that’s in charge of a couple of communities. Oklahoma City new home construction They have another one’s in charge of another and we have a head of construction which is in charge of all of them. It’s just like I’m might be able to sell in every area, but I’m can only sit in one model home. So as an Admin, new home builder, uh, they are required to walk through your home every single day in every room of that home too. So they’re going to go through and spot check. They’re going to be intimately aware and acquainted with your home more than you are up to that point. And their goal is to keep you informed through it. Now the cool thing is, is it’s an open job site, so you’re free to go in at anytime. Of course we do recommend that you go in after hours because we don’t want to interfere with the trades.

Um, and so the construction site, so you don’t want to get hurt, but you’re more than welcome to go check out the process that’s going on in your home. We’re not going to lock the doors, aren’t trying to keep you. Really, the only time we’re going to lock is this. Make sure if anyone’s not stealing things like appliances and stuff out of your home, um, but we’re not hiding anything. So as an Admin, new home builder, I’m the next step is closing. Now, Oklahoma City new home construction this of course is an exciting time because everyone knows what closing means. This is where you get to meet down at the title company. Your down payment would be fulfilled at this point. So if you had a $300,000 home and you were going to give us 10,000, are you going to put $10,000 down? Sorry, let me backtrack here. Ten percent down.

What would be required on this day is $30,000 now for a $300,000 home. That requires 15 grand from us for the earnest money. So on this day we’re going to give the, you know your earnest money is going towards that. So at that point you’re only going to need to give us 15,000. Sorry, the company, the mortgage, the closing company, $15,000 a because you’ve already supplemented with the 15 that you gave us seven months ago and then any closing costs would need to be paid and then the mortgage would be assigned for the title’s transferred. The keys are given and it’s time to move in and then we’re not done with you yet because we actually have Tulsa’s best warranty. We have a 10 year structural warranty like I mentioned earlier. That’s pretty awesome. One of the things that makes it Tulsa’s best warranty. We have a two year mechanical warranty now, this has to do with, you know, your plumbing, electrical and Oklahoma City new home construction, you know, your heating and cooling and then you have a one year limited warranty and that really includes just about everything except for your landscaping and sod because you can kill those.

Oklahoma City new home construction so as a Admin, new home builder, we do actually have a 24 hour emergency line for you to use if you need to because we actually have a full time warranty coordinator on staff, which is awesome. This isn’t outsourced to another country, this isn’t, or to another state or anything. This is actually someone working out of the same building where our design studios at these people are there to, uh, you can reach out to them anytime that you have any questions or any concerns. Um, however we will regardless follow up with you at 60 days and at 11 months just to make sure everything’s in order. Um, that way we can get out there and find out if there’s anything that needs to be done to the home. Like I said, there’s going to be some settling. That’s going to happen and really we tried to set this expectation up front.

We’re not perfect and any endeavor that requires multiple humans is going to have some flaws and so we want to let you know that that’s there. You’re going to find some imperfections and that’s why we want you to point them out to us and we’ll send out a punch guy that is going to go out and follow up and make sure that all that stuff gets done and an order of the way that you wanted it to be done in the first place. And we want to provide excellent customer service. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction, these are the things that we really want to cover with people. Just to show you. These are the benefits of working with Shaw homes. We’ve done this so many times and we want to provide the best customer service from beginning to end in this process. So that way you in. Really what it comes down to is you should enjoy the home building process and that we find that so many people don’t because they haven’t worked with us. They haven’t been through the experience that we do provide and the main thing is as we offer it on different levels of affordability, we have three different series. It’s a Manchester heritage and waterstone, so we really do cover all the spectrums. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction we appreciate you joining us again this week and we’ll catch you next time. Jordan Moore 6 1-4-19

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