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Oklahoma City new home construction | The Home Site

Oklahoma City new home construction | Find Your Site

Thank you again for joining us for another segment. This is Jordan, moral her at Shaw homes and we always appreciate you coming in and I’m reading our articles and listening to our podcast. This is where we’re talking about mostly here is just our path and as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we’ve talked about the model home to are we talking about financing and the next thing that we really want to get into is the homicide reservation. Now the importance of the home site reservation is exactly what it is. It’s reserving your home site. Now what that entails is for $1,000 you can reserve a home site for a week. And what that does is slow things down. That $1,000 is entirely different and entirely refundable at, uh, if, if you decide not to move forward, Oklahoma City new home construction, within a week. And so we actually don’t even cash the check.

We don’t deposit it, we just hold onto it. Oklahoma City new home construction so when you do that, this allows you to have no rush decisions instead of on the contrary, if we didn’t have a home site reservation, what it would be like, hey, if you don’t go get it now and then someone else is going to get it and we need to read the contract now and there’s a lot of pressure there and we don’t wanna we don’t wanna do that to you. So what we do is it allows you to have a week to just kind of breathe and make those decisions. It allows things to kind of slow down and the clock tick back a little bit for you. So that way you can make sure that that’s really the home site that you would do. Want to pick your allowed to swap home sites and make sure that, uh, you are, you have everything, all your, all your questions answered.

And uh, the main thing that this does is as a representative of Sha homes, there are about 11 other colleagues or associates that I work with. Oklahoma City new home construction each of those people all, um, are working with about 10 to 15 other people at any given time and they all might be eyeballing the same home site that you are and might actually go in and reserve it tomorrow and are discussing and deciding to do that now we worked on a live software. So what we can do is once you decide that you do want to select that home site, we can reserve it and then hold it for you for that week as you make those decisions and determining what you want to do. And so as an Edmund new home builder, this is good information for you because really what it comes down to is we can build your floor plan with all your selections the way that you want to, a thousand times over.

But there is only one of a kind home side. God’s not making any more land anywhere. So once that one of a kind home site is taken, it’s gone forever. Oklahoma City new home construction so when you find that and it’s the direction that you want it facing, it has the backyard that you want. It has a, the front yard that you want and it fits the floor plan that you want. That is the time to put her on homocide, reservation down and hold it. And at that point, like I said, at the end of the week, if you decide, you know what, let’s not move forward with it. Will tear up the cheque or give it back to it’s no problem at all. And the cool thing is, is this $1,000 that you do give us all that money is, is it goes towards your earnest money of your, on your home, which is your down deposit.

It doesn’t go towards us, it’s not a fee to hold it, it’s literally your own money going into your own house. So it’s just there to help you. Um, and to reserve that home site. And then. So what we do next, and I really kind of went into detail this on the other one that I’ll cover a little bit more on this segment, is the price out. Now, the importance of the price out is that you get to build your home on paper. Now, when you want to know exactly how much your home is, you either have to buy it when it’s completed and then knowing exactly what that price is, or sometimes you ended up finding out after the contract or even at closing with that number is going to be the awesome part about the price out is there’s no, Oklahoma City new home construction, there’s no gray area for that.

When we know the answer to the numbers on that, we’re not trying to be cryptic about the numbers. We’re not trying to withhold the numbers from you. We’re trying to give you all the information so that way you can make that good decision. A lot of builders will hold out that price until they get you to contract. We’ll give it to you before contracts so you can make the decision that you want. We want to make sure that when we find out what your budget is, that we can keep you within the realms of your budget. We’re not trying to blow it out and try to make more money there. We’re trying to give you the home that you want within the budget that you have. And so with that being said, Oklahoma City new home construction, uh, the price out is there as a tool to give you more information to make a good decision.

Oklahoma City new home construction so at this point we will price it down to the way that you want down to the dollar. It’s a total print out on the spot. So it’s not like we’re talking about it here and I’m sending you home without it. We’re going to give you the itemized price out that has a printout to every little thing that you add onto. So if you’re saying, oh, I want the mud bench and I want to do the hardwood floors and I want to make sure that the bathroom is tiled, the showers tiled upstairs, all that information, you’ll know exactly how much that costs right on that right side. Um, so it’s not a guesswork as to what those things will be. A, we’re a very knowledgeable staff. We should be able to answer to every question you have. I don’t know the answer. I know who does and I’ll be able to contact and get you the information that you need.

Will. We usually made it your favorite model, um, so that we can kind of walk through it and get a feel of the things that you do want to do. It’s about a 45 minute meeting, 45 minutes to an hour. I’m really at that rate. It’s completely, entirely depending on you. If we go through every single thing, then uh, naturally that does take just a little longer and uh, there’s no surprises that way, you know, it’s not like you get to closing and you’re like, hey, why is this $4,000 more? Now we know exactly what it costs. Oklahoma City new home construction I mentioned in a previous segment as an edmund new home builder, what we do is we have 400,000 line items in our software program of exactly how much everything costs and in each home it’s those that guess work for us to be able to find out the answer to that for you.

We know exactly what it is. And so if you’re wanting to know about price, we can definitely get it to you and for you. Oklahoma City new home construction so the next thing that we do as an Edmund new home builder is the purchase agreement. Now, this is the part that usually most people want to know because they’re wanting to know when is the money do a in order to buy the home. So we actually don’t require a ton from you. We do require a certain amount of earnest money that will be due on the day of the purchase agreement. Um, we’re pretty flexible, especially if you’re dealing with a contingent, uh, because we understand a lot of money, a lot of people’s money are tied up and the equity of their home. So they need to sell their home first in order to actually be able to, um, you know, at that point, um, give us the earnest money.

So you will end up watching an informed them informative video that’s done by the director of sales and he will be going over a lot of pertinent information that deals with the signing of the contract and setting the expectation of what it’s like to build a hall with us. And in that video it should answer the majority of your questions, but, Oklahoma City new home construction, you know, if it doesn’t, then at the end of that, of course we can answer any question that you do have and it’s about an hour meeting. And this is the, a few important things that I want to make sure that you understand here is one, a, your structural options become final today at the purchase agreement. Structural meaning, anything that has to do with an exterior wall being moved out, uh, adjusting the placement of the roof and also if you’re swapping the orientation of the plan.

And that also means whatever floor plan that you’re selecting can’t be changed as well. So that’s just your exterior. So anything that has to do with the planets, uh, exterior walls or structural and the plant itself cannot be changed past today. Oklahoma City new home construction also the home site that you select, so once you find that piece of land and that home site and we’re go to the purchase agreement, you can’t change it after this point. The awesome part though is that after a, whereas you can still change your color selections and your finishes. So if you’re having a hard time, whether or not you wanted to do hardwood floors or the tile that looks like hardwood floors or you know, like it looks like hardwood or if you want to do a whether or not you wanted to do the mud bench or you know, whatever those things are, those things don’t become final.

A villain thing that becomes final as structural and the home site. Oklahoma City new home construction so at this point the mortgage or prevalent approval letter would be due on this day and any additional deposit would be due. And I’ll go over that a little bit more on the next segment. I’m just because as I go into that, it’s probably going to bleed over, but the purchase agreement is probably easily the most exciting part. One of the most exciting parts of the process. And also an area that I think a lot of people end up having what you would call a buyer’s remorse when you have buyer’s remorse is usually I try and make a big purchase and you think that maybe you shouldn’t have done it because it required a lot of money and so you’re going to have that problem. I guarantee you that you will, and you’re going to get a second yes learning that you’ve made a good decision and you did. It’s just a natural human reaction and tendency after you make a large investment of a purchase like that. So we’ll continue to cover that in the next segment. Jordan Moore 4 1-4-19

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