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Oklahoma City new home construction | The Lighting Allowance

Oklahoma City new home construction | Expanding Our Family

Thank you for joining us for another segment. This is Jordan, more here at seven oaks south free training of course shaw homes that Tulsa’s best, uh, and highly rated builder and we are excited to announce Oklahoma City new home construction and that is because we are expanding our family to Oklahoma City. And what we’re talking about is a list of included features that already come with every single one of our heritage series homes and I’m going over that just so you’re aware of it. And also just to become better a better communicator and letting people know this is what comes included in each of our homes. And so with that being said, for an Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, I think it would be important for you to know that dupont tie vex a house wrap comes included. And this is for um, moisture vapor for protection. This would go up against the wall.

So after they put up the framing, you would put up, you would basically put this decking up on the walls there, which is, that would part. And then they would put this tyvec sheet all along there. And this is to create a moisture resistant barrier. This keeps water from seeping into the house, which is where a lot of people you end up getting mold and a lot of other issues, um, with the way it works between a brick and the wood, a lot of condensation is formed and that’s because you have a hot exterior and you have a cool interior and those two meet together, you have compensation and if you don’t have a moisture barrier in between there, then you have a lot of problems because there’s moisture whenever moisture in there, that’s where you have, like I said, mold and other issues. So with Tyvec in there, that is that barrier that keeps water from coming into the house after that compensation, whatever that might be.

And that water will end up jumping down, coming through something called. And the brick called a weep hall that allows the water can exit out between that barrier and not accumulate and cause mold in the house. So this is something that comes included. No other builder in Tulsa uses, um, tyvac on their home, but we do. And so the next one is textured and primed horizontal, a hardboard siding or random shakes. These are what I was kind of mentioning. A welcome, uh, on any of the part that you’re having that you would have siding maybe as a two story home. That’s where that would come included. So that’s textured and primed, horizontal hardboard siding and or random shakes. I’m next for an Oklahoma City new home construction builder that is two story homes use limited lifetime warranty moisture resistance. Sub Floor on top of engineered no squeak floor joist.

So this comes included if you choose to build a plan that has a second story or plan, does have a second story. These are a pretty awesome feature that you can have a, you know, a lifetime warranty on moisture resistance sub floor, which is great and has no squeak. I’m floored. Resistance floor joists. So the next one is a 30 year warranty, a architectural style shingles and um, which is an awesome warranty. It’s 30 years. And the next one is a designer mailbox to match the community covenance and design that would come included, um, pains on all exterior soffits. And Facia Trim, that is one main color and an accent color, which would be your front door and shutters. That would be the colors that would come and see. The options have included. They’re insulated fiberglass entry door with a continuous weatherstripping protection. This is for the back patio and for your back patio, you’ll have fiberglass door with full view glass as an option. Um, your next one that comes included as westlock front door entry set, including a deadbolt, your choice of satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze. And for Oklahoma City new home construction, the next one would be a prime and Boston still. 16 foot garage door comes included with your home.

A quarter Acre home site will be fully saddened and the rear yard oversized and acreage requires extra sod to be added. So for landscaping, you actually get a $500 allowance for shrubs and trees and flowers, Molten Green, uh, iron edging does come included or as per covenant in our communities. Different communities require different covenants and things that are required in the homes. And when those things are like that, they usually come right included with that as well. For example, if the village at southern trail that’s required for homes to have full guttering, so that is a premier community for us and that would come with full guttering, including included, uh, you will actually get to a frost free hose bibs that would come included to where you waterproof Gfi receptacles, that’s one of the prompt, one of the bank and one side by a your air units, you’ll get an electric half horsepower garage door opener included for the two car bay for plans that included three car garage prewired for the coach lamps on all three bays are included fixtures, just simply the lighting lounge.

We actually give you $1,500 and the lighting allowance for one story or $2,000 for the two story. And anything that you choose beyond that can, will just be out of pocket at the lighting studio. Or you can even just roll that into your mortgage as well. Um, that’s the fun part about that is you’ll actually have some people that have come in and not even shoes. Everything, um, will, they’ll choose everything but it’ll be under the budget and they’ll get a credit for it and you have other ones that will choose their entire budget on one, one light fixture, so that kind of runs the spectrum on those, but that’s just to each their own for an Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, um, right after that is our top notch mechanicals and what comes included is a carrier, 80 percent high efficiency gas furnace, which is what most people want, but you have an option to upgrade that if you want.

But next is a 14 seer carrier, high efficiency cooling air for cooling equipment and automatic thermostat with heat and air control, which leads me into the next one, which is zoned heating and cooling with two separate units on two story homes for extremely for extreme energy efficiency. And so that gives you two separate units that you’re controlling for zone heating and cooling. That way you can run them differently than they are upstairs are not working one unit and overtime, which you’re focusing on dividing the two of them thus being a lot more energy efficient. So for an Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, we also have a o Smith or equivalent, a 50 gallon high efficiency gas or electric water heater. Um, the next one is a 200 amp electrical service and pecs, freeze resistance. Plumbing pipes are all included, which are great features to point out because I’m, you want to make sure that you have something that’s resilient to being weathered.

Some, some builders will put in something less than kecks to, uh, save the cost. But in the long run you’re not saving that much if you have plumbing problems and your Pi, your pipes ended up freezing and busting. So this allows them to expand and, uh, and a decrease of with the weather and there are more resilience to those variables that, you know, water and weather have on pipes. And so, uh, for an avenue, a Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, these are, some of the features will continue to, um, cover the rest on the list on the next segment because I’m not even halfway through it yet. And that way it just gives you a good idea of what comes included in each of our homes. And it’s not keeping you guessing, you know, so that way you know what you’re, what you’re getting, if you buy the home at the base price of what it is, which would be the best price on that. And then you can then select what you want to upgrade or add beyond what those things are. We, we give you the power and we give you the say of which you want to to put in your home. So for an edit, Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, we thank you for joining us on this segment. And I will join you again on the next one as we continue to talk about what comes included and each of our Sha homes, um, for the heritage series. Jordan Moore 3 11-16-18

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