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Oklahoma City new home construction | The Popular Homes

Oklahoma City new home construction | An Open Concept

Thank you for joining us for our final segment this week. This is Jordan wore at shaw homes and the village and our, sorry, at sevenoaks south and the Stone Broken v next door to me is actually the Greenville one, which is a popular plan that actually has our most open concept and is 2,987 square feet.

And uh,

and like I said, it’s 2,987 square feet. This is a plan that you can build in Edmond, Oklahoma City new home construction and we’re expanding our family over to the Oklahoma City area, which is exciting news and there’s about eight different ways that you can build the Greenville and I want them to be able to leave off with, uh, talking to you about the path a little bit more in the last one and cover the model home to her and the financing and started getting into the home site reservation. Uh, just to let you know what that one, we actually do not cash the check. We just hold onto it. Uh, and we will either a deposit it or our tear it up depending on what you want to do with it by the end of that week. And so with that being said, uh, this actually just goes towards the down payment of your home.

This isn’t going towards, this isn’t some kind of fee just to hold it, uh, it is refundable for up to a week. Oklahoma City new home construction, the next step after that would be the price out, which is I think a lot of people’s favorite part of the process because this is where we’re able to start going room by room and talking about what you want in your home and we get to build your home on paper essentially and give you an itemized price out to how much that, uh, your home and be with all the features in that. We always encourage people, let’s just go ahead and build it. Like you don’t have a budget, right? Nothing’s holding you back from doing that. And that way we can, uh, at that point we can always just subtract or add anything else from there. Uh, I think it’s always good because there’ve been a handful of people that I have helped in the past that will go through the process and ended up being really close to their budget and getting everything that they wanted in the home.

Oklahoma City new home construction so in that price out, it’s an itemized list down to a dollar a bit by bit. So that way you can kind of compare. We know exactly what it costs to put everything in the home. This isn’t guesswork for us that we actually know how many two by fours going every plan, we know exactly how much a month bench costs. And so it’s not an estimate, it’s accurate pricing. The only thing that can end up changing in the future because when you get into the design studio and you select anything that’s outside of what comes included or that we priced out, for example, there are certain paint colors that are more expensive. Or, um, you know, you might decide to go with a difference tile that might be a level two or level three tile that is included as an avenue homebuilder a, we want to let you know that nothing is final on the price out.

It actually is just there to be beneficial for you to be helpful for you in making your selections and there’s no surprises and you’d get all your questions answered. Um, the next step after that is a purchase agreement, which is where you’ll watch an informative video that is done by our director of sales and it’s about a 40 minute video and, uh, that video will probably end up answering the majority of the questions that you have about the home building process and any questions that you have that would have to do, um, with the technical side of things. Uh, it’s about an hour meeting. And this is where we like to, you know, that structural options are final and this is also where your home site selection becomes final. So when you did that homesite reservation, you’re able to move home sites around. But on the day of the purchase agreement, this does become final and so does the plane that you select as well as any exterior options.

So like if you wanted a bump out and the walls, you would have to make sure that it’s done and priced out before you go to purchase agreement. And with, uh, that being said, it’s important that, that, that’s why we have that video in places to make sure that that’s communicated to you. The, Oklahoma City new home construction, thing to remind you of though is that colors and finishes are not final. So if you were just having a hard time between hardwood floors or tile or you couldn’t decide if you want a crown molding or the bench instead, this is where you, uh, we let you know that that’s not final. You don’t have to make that decision right now. In fact, you’ll be able to make that adjustment and the design studio and even towards the end of that meeting before it becomes final, um, this is also when your additional deposit would be due.

Um, so you’ve already given us a thousand dollars. This goes towards your earnest money on that, a down payment of your home. Now we’ll need any additional amount. If you’re a home is less than $250,000. We require $5,000. If it is between 250 $300,000, we require $10,000 earnest money. And if it’s between 300 and $350,000, it we require $15,000. And if it is less or over a $350,000, it is five percent of the total cost of the home. This is just to make sure that you have skin in the game and that um, you know, we’re forking out the majority of that massive loan on a construction loan. So this makes sure that you’re tied to it as well. And like I said, it only goes towards the earnest money or the down payment of your home. It’s not a fee that goes towards us, it’s for you.

And as an Oklahoma City new home construction, uh, the other thing I’ve mentioned is your approval letter would be doing here your mortgage approval letter. This is also a way we find out if it’s contingent or if there’s a delay of build involved, if it’s contingent where you can make it contingent on several things, but the majority of the time it’s contingent on the sell of someone else’s home. Someone that’s usually looking to build a home also already has a home to sell and if they do we can make it contingent up to 120 days or four months to sell their home before that expires. If at a 120 days your home doesn’t sell, we are able. Everything is fully refundable, earnest money that you gave us and then you give it back to you or you can sign another contingent contract, but this time it’ll have to be based at the current prices, not at a what you have four months ago and delay of build.

It works similar and as an Oklahoma City new home construction, we offer this for people that might have leases or out of state or out of country. We can line it up to up to 120 days. We can delay the build, which is pretty neat, uh, considering that’s roughly about 11 months, a wiggle room that you have a on the time of the completion of your home as an Oklahoma City new home construction. The next thing that we do is we send our people to the design studio. We actually have award winning designers. We have the largest design studio in Tulsa and you have tons of options offered, is a very simple process and there are three easy meetings, one interior, one exterior and one for final selections. And just to reemphasize, there will be no structural changes in the design studio. This is all done for your finishes and your colors.

You may adjust a interior walls, but you cannot just adjust exterior walls. The next step would be number seven, which is the plan review. This is basically just our checks and balances up into the, up until number five, the salesperson would have handled all the questions and helped you out and priced everything out for you. Then we would hand it off to the design studio where they go through all your selections and make sure all the colors and everything that you want, and then we hand it off to the builder and the planner reviews just to verify that everything is accurate as to a olive, your selections. We discussed a timeline, we discussed weekly updates and the homeowners orientation we actually made at the main office and you’ll actually meet the builder here, which is that construction manager and you’ll review your blueprints, review your site plan and discuss the greater the land.

So basically it’s just to make sure we have everything in order to build and it’s also a there to, um, make sure that you understand what we’re about to do before we do it. And then we do it. And as an Oklahoma City new home construction this is probably the next most exciting part. And that’s the building of the home. This is where you get to meet at your house and enjoy the process we have. We have an open site. We allow you to check out your home at anytime, but we also do suddenly send you weekly updates so you know the progress and the process that’s going on in your home. The two meetings that we have is number one, the pre dry wall meeting and then number two, the home owners orientation meeting which is done on site and as an Oklahoma City new home construction. We thank you for joining us again this week and we will catch you again next week. Jordan Moore 6 12-7-18

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