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Oklahoma City new home construction | The Purchase Agreement

Oklahoma City new home construction | New Options

And so the next big step in your path to owning a new home when we go over this with our customers is that homesite reservation. So I talked about it in detail and the last one didn’t get to quite wrap up talking to you about it, but as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, that homesite reservation allows you to take your time, takes your home site off of the market so you can have an educated decision as to where you want to build your home. Like I said, when we do our price out, this isn’t something that you find out in my contracts, you will find out every single number that you want on your home before you purchase it. It’s not a, it’s not an estimate. We know exactly what it’ll cost. And if you decide to do a custom option outside of the $400,000, a 400,000 different selections that we do have, then we do have a process for that that will cost a fee within.

They can let you know exactly what that will cost. And then you will have to, Oklahoma City new home construction, add that into that cost as well. So listen time, we’ll be able to do that as well. But, uh, that homesite reservation allows you to lock in those things. I’m more than anything when you get to the purchase agreement, that’s where you can lock in a little bit more longterm depending on whether or not you do delay of build or even a contingency. But those that are incentive changes every single month. So it’s important for us to let you know that because we don’t know what it’s going to be in January. It can be, it could be the same, it could be less, it could be, you know, maybe we’ll include closing costs and that’s it. But this one allows you to do all three. Oklahoma City new home construction And that’s what, that’s why this incentive is the best one that we’ve offered yet.

And so, uh, the next thing that we talk about and the home, Oklahoma City new home construction, your path to owning your shaw home is the price out. Now this is that step part I was telling you about, uh, during the model home to where we don’t really talk about pricing in the price out. That’s all we talk about. We actually get to build your home on paper and we go through a room by room presentation where you actually see photos of what comes included and then what other options that you do have and we’ll start from the exterior and we’ll work our way into the interior and go into the flooring options to the kitchen, to the master, to the bathrooms and decide what you want. That comes included and above and beyond, whether it’s what kind of insulation that you want. And so we build a your home on paper so you know exactly what it will cost.

It will be priced down to the dollar, down to the dollar, the way that you want to and it’s a total price out on the spot and you’ll have tons of options to choose from. And you’ll have. We were just weren’t knowledgeable staff. And if there’s something that I don’t know the answer to, I have a sales manager that does. And we’ll be able to get back to you quickly on, so that way you know exactly what that number is. It’s not guesswork for us. Like I said, we have over $400,000. I keep saying dollar for 100,000 line item selections that are in our software programs to select from that have prices on them. And so, uh, this meeting takes about 45 minutes. Sometimes it can be a little longer. Really just depends on the customer more than anything. And is an Oklahoma City new home construction builder.

We always want you to know that this is where this is that advantage that we have here. It’s no surprises. There’s no other builders really going to have this. They’re going to have a few items that’ll be priced out that they can give you, but they don’t really know that until you get to contract. We can tell you all these before you even get to contract so you can make the decision of what you want to add or subtract a to your home. And you can do that multiple times before we even get to the purchase agreement. Oklahoma City new home construction we can even price out multiple plans if you’re curious about the price between maybe a Redford and I’m in a row. And so we’re able to do that for, um, uh, you know, before you get to that purchase agreement, it’s not going to be a surprise for you.

And you get all your questions answered. The next step in that process as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we always want to be sure that you know, is the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement is really what you would consider the contract. Um, you’ll actually watch an informative video that’s done by the director of sales. We want to make sure that before you sign a contract that you’re hearing it from a, the leadership and the top of our company, uh, that way you’re getting all your questions answered. And then by the time you’re done watching that video, you’ll have most of your questions answered it anyway. It’s about a 40 minute video and it just kind of covers the expectation of what the bill will look like and anything that’s involved in that. And then things that you can do and you won’t be able to do pass the purchase agreement.

I’ll get into that here in a second. But that is the structural options are final. I know I mentioned this previously and so your structural options or final at this point, that means if you decided on a Redford, a two h, that is what you must keep it as, Oklahoma City new home construction, after this day, you can’t change your floor plan after this and you can’t change where you build. So if you decided to build and a home site to unblocked three, that can’t be changed again after this point and any structural often. So like you decided to maybe bump out the garage to feed that needs to be already done and figured out before you go to purchase agreement. So failure, any of those objections, we can’t move forward with that today and we’ll see what we can do to get that done. But those things cannot change after the purchase agreement.

The awesome part is that colors are final and finishes are not final either. So that means if you’re just having a hard time, whether or not you want the mud bench or whether or not you want hardwood floors to go into the great room, or if you just want carpet, if you can’t quite figure those things out, and that’s not final at this point. Like I said, it’s just the plan structural options in the end, the home site, but none of your selections as you go through that price out, we’ll be fine on and you’ll be able to change that up into the design studio and that last appointment. And so as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, the next thing for me to tell you is that, uh, you will have an additional deposit that is due at this point. So you’ve already given me a thousand dollars for the home site reservation to hold that piece of land for you.

And so that actually goes towards the earnest money of the home. And your earnest money is just going towards the down payment of that home. It’s not a fee that goes towards my vacation fund. It’s not a feed that goes towards us. It’s literally your money be held for you, for the, for the down payment of the home. And so the way that, Oklahoma City new home construction, additional, uh, positive, uh, do is if your home is less than $250,000, all that’s required from you is $5,000. Now at this point you would have given me a thousand. So at this point you would normally need to give me $4,000 or we can just tear up that $1,000 check and you can just write me a fresh 5,000, whatever works easier for you. But at home reservation we never deposit the check, we just hold onto it and uh, and we have adult deposit it until the end of that week if you choose to move forward on that one.

And that is a obviously a nonrefundable deposit after that point. So if it’s less than 250, it’s a $5,000 earnest money that is due on this day. If it is between 250 and $300,000, it is a $10,000. The earnest money that is due on this day. So it’s $10,000 between 2:50 and $300,000 and if it’s between 303 50, then it’s $15,000. So it’s just going up and $5,000 increments for every $50,000 towards that home. And then if it’s past $350,000, then you would be paying five percent of the total price of the home would be due on this day. And you’ll simply just write us a check for that. Like I said, it’s just going, it’s earnest money is going towards the down payment of your home. It’s not going towards us, it’s your money going in. Oklahoma City new home construction, this is also where your mortgage approval letters do. So back in step number two, when you got prequalified.

Now at this point, you’ll have a, a, uh, an approved letter for your mortgage. That’s when it is due on this day. So he’ll need a copy of it then. Oklahoma City new home construction then right after that, as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we want to be able to talk to you about contingencies and delay of built. Now, these are two huge things that we offer that really help people out is the contract is contingent. We can make it contingent, for example, on the sell of your home. Most people that come to us already live in a house and need to sell that house before they move forward. We can do a contingent contract where we can lock in today’s prices, this month’s incentive, your home sites and all your selections for up to 120 days. That’s four months to sell your home. Oklahoma City new home construction that’s up to. So if you have a less of a time, then the, obviously as soon as you sell it and you go to closing and you received the money for that, a pay down and you, uh, ended up writing a check for that earnest money to us, we would release the contingency.

And at that point you’d be able to move forward and the process and go to the design studio. This is an awesome feature that people can have a, we’ve got some make it contingent on other things as well. But, uh, you know, even if that means just contingent on whether or not you’d see from funds from a 401k or whether or not a promotion happens, whatever that might be. And so we want to be able to lock that in for you because we do have price increases just about every month and our incentive changes every month. And so as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, these are the things that I want to be able to mention to you and we’ll cover delay of building a few other things on the next segment. Jordan Moore 4 12-14-18

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