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Oklahoma City new home construction | What Customers Say

Oklahoma City new home construction | What Customers Say

Hi, it’s Jordan more at sevenoaks south for Shaw homes, uh, joining you and the Stone Brook v. This plan is 2,619 square feet, which is pretty awesome. It’s a very efficiently sized floor plan and a few things I wanted to talk to you about today is number one, the model home to her. That’s the biggest thing that we always want to emphasize on. If you come into our model home, our goal is to take you on a tour. And the reason why is because it’s just the single most helpful thing that you’re going to do during your home shopping experience. And the reason why is because we focus on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan. We don’t just go through and just let you walk through and look at the pretty colors. It’s more talking about why we laid out the rooms the way that we did.

Oklahoma City new home construction the purpose behind that is, you know, we put a great deal of thought into why relaid out the rooms the way that we did. And that comes from 30 years of architectural experience and thousands of comments from people that have come in and out of our floor plans over the hour over the last several years. And so with that being said, we go on that tour, we actually have over 70 different floor plans and because we have that many floor plans that can be very overwhelming to someone that doesn’t know what they’re looking at that doesn’t know what they’re looking for. And so we want to make sure that we show people then if we take you just through a handful of homes, we can take that weight off their shoulders and really just disconcerting and let them know, hey, I know we have a ton of options, but we just, we only do that because we believe that there’s something for everyone and your cousin, I believe that go on that tour.

We always find out what that is and we want to meet that need. Oklahoma City new home construction, which is why we take to her. And so that being said, the model on being helpful thing that you will do. And I’m not saying that just because I’m saying I’m telling you because that’s what customers have told us. They say it’s the single most helpful thing that they’ve done, home shopping experience and that’s because we focused on the function and we go through about six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes. By doing that, we get into a good idea of what the plans that work well for you and we will walk you through them and let you know all the different variations of the ways that you can build the plan. As an Edmund new home builder, we focus on that because they can be built so many, so many different ways.

The mirror itself can be built 15 different ways. And so like I said, that can be overwhelming to someone that doesn’t know what they want, but we can help people find out what it is that they’re looking for to anticipate that need. And also as an Oklahoma City new home construction that to or a usually starts in one location. So that way we can work you across, uh, the Greater Tulsa area or in your sense, the Greater Oklahoma City area and answer your questions, spend time with you, point you in the right direction of the things that you’re looking for and narrowed down a lot of those selections for you. That way you’re not overwhelmed by all of those things on that model home to where you follow us in your own vehicle. That way if any kind of emergency comes up, you free to go at anytime. There’s no pressure there.

And we’re just talking about a function, not price, not pressuring you. Just going through the function of why we laid those things out the way that we did. We believe that there’s a plan for everyone, a lot of versatile plans that come as a one or a two story, which is really neat because not everyone wants a two story plan. Not everyone wants just a one story plan. We find out the needs that works for you as our customer and we customize it to work towards and for you. Oklahoma City new home construction, as we continue to do those things and we spend more time with you and make you more secure and the buying process, that way, you know, and you’re comfortable with the selections that you make now. Uh, the next thing after that is what we would consider talking about the financing. It’s important talk about the financing because it’s one of those, uh, things that everyone’s comfortable talking about, but we have, we need to make sure that we bring it up and we’d discuss it with people and knowing that they are pretty qualified to purchase the home.

Oklahoma City new home construction, in order to do that, we ask that they go, I’m talk to one of our preferred lenders, which, which are the three largest banks in Tulsa, Tulsa, which is spirit bank, a bank of Oklahoma, which is b. okay. And First Oklahoma Bank. The reason why we have those as Mr Shaw has seen a lot of deals in his time blow up because of lenders giving dishonest and numbers and not providing good customer service. He, his goal is to provide the best customer service from beginning to end in the home building process. We don’t want to lose that when we have you go talk to another lender, which is why we have you talked to one of the preferred lenders. We don’t get a kickback from it because actually that’s illegal. We don’t get anything from it. It’s just one of those things that he’s worked out with them to let them know like, hey, we’re going to send you the customers and this is why.

And so they, uh, they do their best to help send us a people in the right direction. It’s like realtors are and support some of our events, but they don’t, we don’t get paid for that. So we’re just there to provide the best service that we can for our customers. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction, it’s just important to emphasize all of this information to you so you have a better understanding of how the home buying process is. As financing goes, we can give you monthly, Oklahoma City new home construction, payment quotes to find out what works best for you and that works within your budget with a down payment and where the down payment would look like with all the different loans that people often have when they go into the home buying process. Our preferred lenders will also match and even beat a lot of the other lenders that people think that they come in with a better price they can, they will match it or beat it on interest rate and closing costs. And so, which is pretty awesome. Uh, once again, one. Yeah,

the main reasons, the biggest one I think if people don’t understand all of that is that you will get your full incentive by using our preferred lender. If you don’t use a preferred lender, you will usually only get a part of that incentive. You’ll still get it. But that’s part of wanting to use, Oklahoma City new home construction,

a lender is to make sure that you’re getting the best service. That’s why it’s a win win. Other than that, it only takes five minutes to apply a, which doesn’t take long at all. And it’s free, some people think it’s a charge or some kind of cost in order to do an online application and it’s not, it’s free. And if you will usually hear back within about a day, but once you have been approved for and, uh, as an edmund new home builder, the next thing that we always talk about as a homesite reservation, that’s for that one of a kind of home site, I’ll tell you, we can build a plan over and over and over again if you love the Greenville one e, we can build that night and day over and over again. But one thing we can do is produce more land. God’s not making any more land that we’re aware of, unless it’s off the coast of Hawaii.

And that’s a little volatile from the volcano via mechanic a magnum, or even off the off the coast of China where they’re building their own. We’re not building in one of those. Those are not one of the shock communities that we. And um, so with that being said, uh, because we don’t, there’s no more land than what we already have. Oklahoma City new home construction Once that piece of land is gone, it’s gone forever, and so once you find the land that you want to build on, we would take a thousand dollars deposit and just write out a check to us and we would at that point just reserved the home site for you. We work on a live system so that way if you find that one of a kind home site, no one else can take that from you and it will be held for one week and during that week you have the option of, you know, doing the purchase agreement. I’d moving forward with the purchase of the home or at the end of the week, if you choose not to and it expires, then, um, that would be forfeited and you would get your thousand dollars back. If it’s within a week without sign a week, then you will not get the money back and it’s nonrefundable. And we will catch you on the next segment as we continue to talk about the path to owning your Edmond new home. Jordan Moore 5 12-7-18

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