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Oklahoma City new home construction | What Is included?

Oklahoma City new home construction | Another Segment

Well, we appreciate you joining us for another segment. This is Jordan, more at Sha homes at sevenoaks south and the Stone Brook v and what we’ve been doing is been covering the things that come included in our Sha homes and, and uh, all along the way, letting you know that as an Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, if there was a list of things that do come included with our homes. And then we just give you the option to choose what you want to upgrade or to add on rather than us making the selection for you and you spending on spending your hard earned money on something that isn’t important to you. You get to select what is important to you. Instead, I’m like, I always like to tell people, if you don’t have a dog and we include on the doors, that’s not going to be that important to you. It’s so relevant to you. And so we want to make sure that we give you the option to add what you want. We put what most people want and their homes and then give you the option to add or upgrade anything else that you would want to the home.

So with that being said, I covered exterior, uh, options and are top notch mechanicals on the last couple segments. Oklahoma City new home construction now we’re going to talk about custom gourmet kitchens. And uh, this one is exciting because it does come with a lot of things here. We actually extend the height to vault to nine feet in the ceilings with the kitchen. Uh, we also put, built in stainless steel appliances with oven microwave cabinets that feature cookie sheet dividers and pot and Pandora. This one’s really neat because it’s right above the microwave. There are these would dividers that you can just put your sheets in vertically and stack in there. I’m going below the, the actual oven itself is just a pull out drawer for your, all your pots and pans. So that’s a pretty neat feature that we do, uh, have come included with our plans, our, at least our heritage plans.

Um, as far as appliances go, we, we provide a whirlpool, a 30 inch built in five point zero cubic foot oven with oversized a window light and clock and timer, which is pretty awesome. And then we also put a whirlpool dishwasher with this silver silverware spray on there as well as a whirlpool ventless microwave, which is 1200 watt, which is one point six cubic and with a, with a turntable. And then finally, as far as the appliances go, we put a whirlpool 30 inch gas cooktop with 5,000 Btu. You simmer burner and this is what the gas line connection, um, as a, uh, Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we also provide a, we also provide a custom hood vent above the stove. And, um, you would actually have a choice of two different styles that would come included. That would be either two door or a three panels smooth.

The two doors, the more practical one for more storage, which is what some people want. Or if you just really liked the cosmetic look of the panels and you can do that one. But that one, like I said, it’s not, Oklahoma City new home construction, the practical ones, just a cosmetic one, a, you get a high capacity food disposal that comes with it and you also get task area lighting with eight recessed lights in the kitchen and know which means you get six in the kitchen and two in the notebook. And so that’s pretty awesome. That’s where most people want their recess lighting is in the kitchen and the dining area. And most of the times like when you’re dealing with the great room or certain other places, what light comes in there is usually fine because they ended up using lamps, which is pretty popular. But some of the other areas that people might ask recess lighting would be possibly to a study to the living room or great room, uh, and maybe the bedroom and on occasion, but mostly people use their nightstands with our lamps on there for that one as well.

So for an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we also provide a two centimeter granite countertops. It’s your choice of flat, pencil edge or half bull nose. So you got a couple of different options on how you want it to finish,

but most people, they just want granite countertops in the kitchen. So we do provide them at two centimeters. If you choose, we can, uh, do a three centimeter, we can also do it up to six centimeter and we can also do courts as well. Oklahoma City new home construction, as an option a, the

next thing that we do give people an option for and the custom gourmet kitchens is a full tile back splash, which is pretty awesome. It goes, uh, what’s exactly what it is. It’s just

backsplash along the backside of the camera where the counter spaces is that between the cabinets and the counter. And the other one is we also provide a waterline to the ice maker. This one seems pretty obvious, but some people don’t always include it, so we want to make sure that it lets you know that that does come included when you build a show home. And we also provide the stainless steel undermount double bowl sink. Or actually you can even do as a single bowl if you’d like, but you have multiple choices of Delta faucets with a your choice of Venetian bronze, arctics stainless or even chrome finishes, and we do provide more beyond that one, but at the end of the vast majority of people and usually stick within the realm of what comes included

there. And so for a Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, these are things that are important for you to consider when you’re looking into building Oklahoma City new home construction. And we’re gonna go ahead and cover some of the magnificent master suites that comes included. And that is an extended height trace ceiling detail in the master bedroom, which includes a ceiling fan, pre wire bracing and mounting with two separate switches. The fixture comes out of the lighting allowance like I mentioned the last one. You will have a lighting allowance. It’s, you’re allowed to use anything beyond that one which has come out of pocket. Or you can roll it into the mortgage. Custom made solid stain grade, um, alder or paint grade cabinets, a, your choice of Shaker farm house or raised panel door styles. And your choice of paint or stain. So which is pretty awesome. There’s three different ones to kind of pick from there.

Oklahoma City new home construction the great part about this is they actually bring them in, put them in, and they actually paint them on site. It’s almost like you’re there pretty much accustomed for each plan there. Um, we also provide culture, marble countertops with a four inch back splash splash and you can actually even choose whether or not you want to do like an oval look, uh, or the wave look, which is like a square and it’s kind of cut in like a semi circle. And uh, that one’s probably the most popular one now since it seems like the oval ones are less trendy. You actually get more volume and the wave as well. Um, you also get a cultured marble, six foot garden tub with cultured marble decking and surround. And that’s of course depending on the plan, a fiberglass shower with framed glass door and your choice of oil rubbed bronze brushed nickel or chrome finish, if you would like.

If you build a premiere community, then it would come included with a fully tiled shower, but you do have that option to be able to do that. And the master, um, as a Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we also provide one recess light over the shower with a separate switch. Um, I know it’s important for a lot of people to have their own, Oklahoma City new home construction, recessed light over the top of the shower so you can see while you’re taking a shower and a, we also provide a ceramic tile flooring throughout the master and a towel bar towel ring, a toilet paper holder and your choice of a nation bronze and brushed nickel or chrome finish. And uh, last but not least, we provide the commode or the toilet and white and faucets, which you have multiple choices of, again, Delta plumbing fixtures and your choice of Venetian bronze brushed nickel or a chrome finish.

So that’s a handful of things that do come included in the master suite already. You do have multiple things that you can choose to upgrade if you’d like. Just let you know. You can do curbless entry showers. You can. And some plans, you can even delete the linen closet out and make the shower even bigger. You can add a rain can over the top. You can also add a head knocker above the toilet in the master bathroom. Uh, add trim around the, uh, the glass. You can take the glass up to the ceiling. You can even put obscure glass, a bullet, the not the bulletproof, but the, just a thick heavy glass instead. So a drop into, there’s just a handful of different things that you can do that you can add to, um, as optional features. And you know, like I said, not everyone wants those things, but as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we do offer them to you as well. Jordan Moore 4 11-16-18

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