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Oklahoma City new home construction | Window Treatment

Oklahoma City new home construction | Check Out The Windows

Well, thank you for joining us for the next segment. This is Jordan. More over at Shaw homes as an Oklahoma City new home construction. We were talking about just the advantages of the different floor plans that we have. For example, another one is that I’m standing in the Stone Brick v right now and that’s a neat plan because that means the only bedroom downstairs is the master and the rest of them are upstairs. That’s three total veterans upstairs with the game room, bed and bath, game room and bathroom upstairs and so that’s something that’s important to some people. Other ones like that idea, but there’s like another bedroom downstairs. We have another plane called the Ventana that’s just like that. It has to a identical bedrooms upstairs with the game room and a bathroom upstairs, but it also has one right off from the walkthrough feature of from the master and so obviously a good thing that one would be for someone that had a nursery or someone that they’re attending to or not.

Maybe not at all. Maybe it’s just that’s the only other bedroom downstairs. They both have large walk in pantries, but one has an island turned sideways towards an a large notebook where the other one, it’s not turned sideways to irregular size neck and then you could use it as a formal dining or a study and so it was just a few neat things about that one there. They’re different in that sense. The other one is that this one’s called the Ventana means window. Oklahoma City new home construction, so that way you’re getting a lot of light and through the back of the home where this one’s in a covered patio. The other one is a patio off to the side and is opened up in the middle. So there’s just some differences on those plans and things that people are looking for. And then you have other ones where you have like the Greenville where you have split living and it’s our most open plan, super tall ceilings.

And then you have the dining room which is smack dab in the middle. It really accentuates the dining room is a centerpiece of that home. Really great for people that entertained and would use the dining room more than just once or twice a year. And then we have something like the Redford words, just an enlarge to nook where you can put a big table that you would use all year round where it’s not a designated room. It’s right there, right off of the kitchen. And Oklahoma City new home construction, which is perfect, uh, for someone that’s looking to still entertain but doesn’t want a designated room for it or doesn’t hit a place. It’s a nook. And a dining room combined really it’s still has that split living. And this floor plan has a bumped plate line of one foot. So you get all around a little bit of a taller ceiling, then you get others.

So the restaurant is really popular. That Greenville is also got that really big wow factor when you come in through those doors. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction, you’re going to see a lot of different variations of different plans because not only do you see the Greenville and the on the model homes who are, but the Greenfield can be built five other ways in the way that you’re saying it. That goes from a one story, two story. When you’re looking at the stone brook, it can be built two different ways. The ventana can be built two different ways, but the monroe can be built 15 different ways. So there are just so many different ways that you can build floor plans. And so when we take you on those tours, we always want to ask you what is it that you like and what does that you dislike about the plan?

Because ultimately it’s not going to hurt my feelings. All it’s going to do is point me in the right direction of exactly what you’re looking for. If I don’t know those things, then I can just show you plan after plan. But if you can let me know, hey, you know, I like this about this plan. You know, what I don’t like though is this, and then that can kind of cater a, helped me cater to what you’re looking for and the floor plan and usually by almost the first time that I show you, I have a pretty good idea of what you’re wanting in your floor plan already. And definitely by the tour I’ll have a really good idea of what it is. Oklahoma City new home construction, but usually by hearing the needs and what people want and what they don’t want, I, I could usually know within that first plan.

And so has an Oklahoma City new home construction. That tour is just valuable to you because you get to see the function behind the design of the homes floor plan. The whole idea is there’s a reason why we laid out the room. So the way that we did, we put research into it and this is from 30 years of architectural experience and it also comes from thousands of comments from our customers that have just been through our homes, uh, over the, the last several years. That way we can get a feel for what they’re looking for in their plan as well as, um, you know, really customizing it to what people aspire to have and we want, I think sometimes we’ll get people that have come in that just really want to do a bunch of these custom things and they’re not really thinking about the resale value of their home.

And that’s something that you always need to think about is, hey, is what I’m putting into this home, something that someone else might want later. Now, if you have an endless budget and that doesn’t matter to you, then that’s fine, but most people do have a budget and when they do downsize and they’re home or they’re looking to get out, they’re gonna. They want it to be practical. So they want to think about, Oklahoma City new home construction, what, how will his home resell of, what will I get out of it when I, when I, when I do, um, so our homes actually have the best, have an awesome resale value. People look for those, look for our homes. After a people move out of them, they sell very well after they go on the market again, so those are just things to consider when you’re adding certain things to your home and so with that being said, the is just super valuable.

We get to spend time with you, we get to find out more about you, more venture needs and to better anticipate those and on top of all that we’re also going to different communities by going different to different communities. Some people know exactly where they want to be and they know exactly which community and even sometimes even the home site, but I find that most people don’t. They are wanting to stay within the realms of a certain area, but they’re not a post to certain things. That’s more of like, oh well we can do that if it’s for a good price type thing. And so that’s the good thing about that is we can let them know that the base price of the homes in those areas, but I’m going through the to where we can give them an idea of like where we can build.

Now we don’t go through all 30 communities, we only go through about, you know, six to 10 of them or so, and you can get an eye and you can get an idea between those of where we can build because if you’re wanting to stay in the broken Arrow area, I can narrow it down which communities that we build up there or if it’s a big fee or if it’s jinx, whenever you’re kind of looking for, we will be able to answer your questions on that one. That two were really, uh, helps give you an idea and didn’t. Honestly, it just helps establish us as the expert to it lets you know that we know what we’re talking about. We know what we’re doing, we’re certified, we’re trained to do it. And usually when people come in, they’re only going to do this once every 10 years or so, uh, sometimes even longer.

And we do this all the time. So we know the answers to the questions. You only get a mortgage every five years to five to 10 years. We help people with mortgages every day and we know what people are into, what works and what doesn’t work, and so these are those things to take into consideration when you’re looking into Oklahoma City new home construction with us as an Oklahoma City new home construction. These are the things that we present to you and I will continue for another two minutes here, one moment and as we continue to talk about a few other things till we finished out, this segment is a are easy process to owning a home. We’ve really simplified this is much as we can for you as the consumer, as you come in. I know that what you’re looking for is a beautiful new home and there are a lot of things that people don’t consider when they look into building a Oklahoma City new home construction and we’ve already thought about all of them.

We know where to start. We know where it ends and we know, we know the answers to all of your questions in between. And, uh, you know, like I had mentioned them some previous ones. You don’t become the largest builder and Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma by, uh, not knowing what you’re doing. We, we know what we’re doing. We’ve done this a few thousand times and will continue to do it several more thousand times. And so when you come in, uh, something to consider is that you might approach a Oklahoma City new home construction on average. It’s usually about once every five to 10 years or just a home in general is when someone’s about ready to move out. Uh, we deal with customers every single day so we know the answers. Even if you did it build a home five or 10 years ago, it might not have been with us, number one and number two, a lot of things have changed since then.

A lot of things in the mortgage industry has changed a lot of things and the building industry has changed. That’s why people go to the parade of homes every single year, is to see some of the new things that are coming out. And that might be with a new floor design that might be with, uh, some of the new features that you’ll see in any of the plumbing or electric. So we’re always striving to make things better and to always adding new things. So therefore, you know, we’re in this industry 24 slash seven. And so we know the answers to your questions. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction, you can feel secure. And knowing that we know the answers to your questions. Jordan Moore 2 12-28-18

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