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Oklahoma City new homes | 10 Easy Steps

Oklahoma City new homes | Taking Time To Discover Needs

Hey, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article and, uh, really just gather all of the information so you can make the best decision for you and your family. I’m here at Shaw homes. Whenever you’re thinking about building your Oklahoma City new homes, there are so many options that you can choose to put into your Oklahoma City new homes. So today we’re going to talk about some of these options. Um, the first thing is you can join in on one of these model home tours, um, because we have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder.

I don’t want you to find the floor plan that fits you and your family best. Uh, the next thing you need to do is just decide on what community you want to build in an depending on what community you want to build it in. And then we can talk about selections or options for you. So today we’re going to talk about these different options that you have. Um, whenever you’re building your new home, um, there are 10 easy steps to get you from where you are to where you need to be moving into your Oklahoma City new homes. So step number four is the price out and that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. So what comes included is a 30 inch four burner whirlpool series, um, you can upgrade to a, you can actually have to


So if you wanted to add an additional wall oven and you’re Oklahoma City new homes, it would cost you a little bit, a little over $1,300, but that’s the benefit of pricing out your Edmond that new home is that we don’t force you to pay for the things that you don’t want. Another thing that you can do is you can upgrade to a frigidaire gallery series.

Um, so the gallery series, um, you can do a 30 inch five burner cooktop. And so that obviously upgrades the cooktop. It also upgrades the dishwasher where it is aluminum sided on the inside as well. And it runs really, really quietly. So an upgrade that and if you upgrade your appliances and also upgrades your stove and your microwave frigidaire gallery series, other than that, you can do a frigidaire gallery series with a 36 inch cooktop, which still has five burners and you still upgrade the dishwasher, the stove and the microwave in your Oklahoma City new homes. Um, you can also do an additional, a wall oven under the cooktop. So if you wanted a double oven but you didn’t want her to stacked next to each other, you can put one under the cooktop, the features to do that. Um, you can also do a frigidaire professional series. So this is really high class. Um, appliances, if you are a chef or if you really like cooking and you cook a lot, you might be interested in the frigidaire professional, um, series built in package with either a 30 or 36 inch, five burner cooktop. And then think that you can do is you can upgrade the built in vent hood. So the built in vent hood comes standard with a 250 cfm motor vent. Um, if you wanted to, you can upgrade that to a 300 cfm vent. That is a stronger power fan that vents to the exterior if you so choose. If not, we can is normally it’s just vented to the top of the kitchen, but if you wanted it to be vented to the exterior of the home, uh, we can do that as well.

Another thing that you can do is you can choose if you wanted a gas dryer or an electric dryer, both our standard here, but um, if you wanted both electric and gas dryer connection, it would be an additional charge for that one.

Um, if you wanted to delete the standard built and appliance package, there’s a credit back to you as well as a customer. So that’s one of the benefits too, is if you don’t use certain items, um, they actually get a credit for what you don’t use and you just pay the difference to what you would use in your home. Um, another thing to keep in mind is if you wanted painted or stained cabinets, so if you wanted stained cabinets, no, both are included. Oklahoma City new homes, but that’s one thing that you get to choose if you want painted or stained cabinets.

I’m just continuing down this list for your Oklahoma City new homes and all of your options or your kitchen cabinets. So the cabinets that come included are 36 inch tall cabinets. If you wanted to, you could upgrade to a 42 inch tall cabinet in lieu of the 36 inch tall or in some floor plans. You can go up as high as 52 inch cabinets in the 36 inch cabinets. Um, another cool thing you can do is put in glass at the top of the cabinet and we’ll cover that here in a little bit. But I’m. One of the cool things about the glass is it can be open. I’m just the solid pane of glass. It can have a plus sign or an x through it as well. Um, you can also put puck lighting in the cabinets as well, so that way if you do have some nice decorative plates or dishes, you can, you know, show those off with that light.

Um, another thing is kitchen contemporary corbels or traditional core corbels. So the support under your granite countertops that overhang where your barstools would go. I’m really, there’s a theme throughout the house. If you do traditional casing and molding and whatnot, you’ll probably do traditional Korbel as well. But if you’re going for a contemporary look, I’m with some cove crown and whatnot. You’ll probably just, you’ll, you’ll know the theme of your house by the time you get here and you’ll know which one to choose, but in both are included. Um, you can also do the kitchen island, the contemporary legs and core pool. So if you wanted legs to come down on either side of your island, we can make that happen as well. I’m like I was saying the clear glass for your Edmond, that new home, a half door x, this is a 36 inch or a 42 inch only.

You do a kitchen clear glass half door. Oh, or a kitchen cleaner? Glass half door plus sign. I’m oriented. A clear glass full door, x, clear glass. Have fooled or oh, and a clear glass full door plus sign. And your Oklahoma City new homes, so again, if you want to just the top of the cabinets to be glass and you can do that and then the bottom part would be solid or you can do, um, to art can do the full door as solid glass. Um, you can also, once you go into the 52 inch cabinets, you can do again the clear glass on the top row or with an x with an o or with a plus sign or what you can do instead of a clear glass. And you can do this seated glass. The half door x, the seated glass half door. Oh. And the seeded glass half door plus sign. Or again you can do the full door with a CD glass. So there’s a lot of options for your kitchen cabinets I, like I said, you have three different sizes to choose from. 30 six inches, 42 inches or 52 inches. And you can do a half door with clear glass or a full door with clear glass or a half door with seeded glass or a full door with the glass,

there are different shapes. You can put inside the glass if you wanted this opening, a solid open glass or an x or a plus sign. Again, there are a lot of options for your kitchen cabinets. So if you’re looking to build an Oklahoma City new homes, definitely choose shaw homes to build this home because there are a little over 400,000 different options. The number is probably higher than that now. Um, but that is definitely the next thing that you should do is check out [inaudible] dot com so you can really find the right floor plan for you and we can price it out down the dollar for you.


Um, the hood vent itself or the, the hood, Oklahoma City new homes, there are different options there. So you can have a two door panel, uh, or three door panel included, or you can do an angled hood vent or you could do a hood Egl and Stucco touched her. Where are you? Do? Uh, like I said, the three panels, smooth comes included, but you can do the six panel if you want it to. Or you can do the hood clear glass door with an x, the hood seeded glass with an x, the heard clear glass with an o, the seated glass door with an o or the clear glass door with a plus sign or the hood seated glass door with a plus sign,


or you can also add some core bolts to the hood. So there are a lot of different options for the kitchen cabinets. And then in the next article we’ll go over some other features, but that’s pretty much wrap. Thank you. Oklahoma City new homes. Jesse Hancock (2) 12-21-18.mp3

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