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Oklahoma City new homes | A Perfect Fit

Oklahoma City new homes | A Great Option

Thank you for joining us for a, another segment. This is Jordan more at sevenoaks house for Shaw homes and we’re talking about some exciting news as we’re approaching the new year and that is we have expanded our business over to Oklahoma City, so we’re providing a beautiful homes those over 70 different floor plans that we do offer. We build in over 30 different communities, uh, in the Tulsa area and we have a handful that we’re building in over there. We’re excited to definitely be dominating the market down there as an Oklahoma City new homes builder. And so we’re excited to also provide, um, our beautiful floor plans that are a perfect fit for you and your family will also have a handful of moving ready because there are always people that are putting their home up for sale. Looking for something real quick and we can do that for sure.

We have a here in Tulsa. We actually have over 40 different homes that are in different states and the progress and I would probably say 75 percent of them are in ready and ready to go right now, but we also do have other ones that are under construction that are different phases, whether they want something that’s a little a little further out or something that is moving ready now. We definitely offer those things. Uh, not everyone has the time and the luxury to be able to, uh, build because, you know, it does take about seven months to do. And so at this rate, this allows people to find the select or find the home that they do want, that is moving, ready and still get that new construction, which is always exciting. So as an Oklahoma City new homes buyer, we will be offering homes in that area as well for you to be able to move into.

And so that’s the exciting news that we have and I’ll probably be mentioning this throughout the different segments that we do have. And so we do appreciate you joining us. And you know, the biggest thing that I can always emphasize to people is there is nothing life going on, a model home to her. I think we always get someone that has done a little bit of shopping online. They’re like, you know what? I’m really convinced that this plan is the one that’s gonna work for us and I cannot tell you how many different times I’ve had someone come in, tell me that, go on the tour and completely forget about the plan that they thought they liked and fall in love with another one. There’s, Oklahoma City new homes we hear it all the time. People think they can fall in love with a two dimensional piece of paper and it’s an entirely different thing when you’re walking through it, especially when they’re fully furnished and decorated.

The purpose behind that is not just to put on a make it look nice. I think that’s some of the competition things that we’re just trying to make our homes look pretty and appeal to the senses. But really what it comes down to is number one, that’s what a spot people aspire to have anyway. So why not put it out there so people can see what they can achieve with the that we have. Hey you can make your humble like just like this if you want to. And then the other thing is a, it’s function. It makes a lot more sense when you put furniture inside of a model home and you have a completely fully furnished and decorated so you get a feel for what it’s like to have your furniture in there. If you have a queen size bed and you come on a tour and you see that there’s a king size and they’re, you know, your bed’s going to fit and you know, how much room that you are going to have after that.

So it gives you a good idea. What’s it look like with a sectional couch and the Great Room? What’s it look like with the chairs on the island? What’s, what is it, what does it look like with stuff in the pantry even, you know? So we like to decorate them and to furnish them so that way people can get an idea of what it’s like to actually live in them. People are visual and so if we’re not providing those visual things that you’re left to your imagination and often that’s not a good thing because then people think it’s either too small or too big when it actually is just practical. And so we do have plans that are, are large and we do have plans that are, Oklahoma City new homes, that are more quaint and so we do feel like those, those meet the different ends of the spectrum.

And so as an Oklahoma City new homes builder, we offer these things and on that tour you just get a feel for it. There are times that I know that people are going to want to assert the plan just by what they’ve told me and giving me their feedback and that’s completely fine, but I still take them to those homes anyway because you don’t know what you don’t show. And then they’re going to look at different decorating ideas when they get to the design studio and when they’re making their selections. I’m telling you, every home has a different fireplace. Every home has different flooring, different paint colors, different, uh, um, optional features, different countertops. So even if we just spend a moment in there so you can see what the plan is life, you’re going to see some of the selections of selections in there that she will like.

So that way it can help you make a better decision when you get into the design studio and you’re picking out all your colors and finish it. And so as an Oklahoma City new homes builder, our goal in doing all that is just to provide as much information as we can. The thing, the thing that we always tell people, the best way to make a good decision is to have all of the information and our goal as a representative of Shaw homes is to give you all the information that you need to make a good decision. That, like I said, that’s the whole purpose of that. We never want you to feel rushed. We never want any pressure there. What we want for you to do is to have all the information to make a good decision. And there’s a reason why we are the largest builder and Tulsa and in eastern Oklahoma and there’s a reason why a, we’ve been around since 1985 and, uh, are doing things at the scale and the production that we do is because we’re doing something right here and uh, going on, going on that tour is going to be so beneficial for you because you will get to see firsthand what the plan is like walk through them and see the features.

Oklahoma City new homes we always point out a lot of the features that you’ll see on those plans because sometimes people get a little stuck on paint colors or something like that and they’re not looking at the function like why did we lay out the rooms the way that we did and there, because there’s a purpose behind that. For example, we start at the Prescott and Ashbrook and there are some really neat features about that one that you don’t see in other plans. One thing is that the, uh, laundry room is on the opposite side of the home and all the living is on the other side. So therefore that’s something to point out for people because not everyone wants the laundry room next to the master. Uh, they would rather have them on the opposite side so they don’t have to hear it. Maybe you run multiple loads a day.

So that’s one of the neat things about the Prescott is it’s on the other side of the home closest to the kitchen. And so what we tell people is that you have a lot of people of course, that are working and raising children and so you can get home, get off from work, pick up the kids, go home and start on dinner and while they’re working on their homework, you’re able to do that all in the same area simultaneously. That means you’re able to run the closed and you’re able to be cooking or cleaning up after dinner while the kids sit at the island or whether they, whether they’re there waiting for dinner to be cooked. So you can see straight into the backyard and everything is on one side of the home and living is on the other side. The really neat thing about the press got to is that has the bedrooms are tucked away and so is the staircase, so it’s a lot more private than some of the other plans where when you come in and staircases pretty close off of the entry, this one’s kind of tucked away and, and, Oklahoma City new homes, more concealed and therefore, like the game room I would say is the most private because then you’re not opened up into like an awning into the entry like a lot of our other plans.

This one is the most tucked away and hidden one that we do have. And that’s what people are looking for. However, if you go all the way across to the other end of the spectrum and you look at maybe like a monroe to, uh, to eat once you’re going to end up having there is, you’re going to have the walkthrough feature or the snooze button design where the laundry room is right off from the master. And as an Oklahoma City new homes builder, this is something that a lot of people really do, like. This allows you to come in from work, uh, go right into the laundry room, take your clothes off, go into the master closet, get your comfy clothes on, heading into the master bedroom if you wanted or go back into the rest of the home. That means you have two access points to the master that’s a pro or a con to some people that’s like, hey, that’s great.

That means I can get up and not disturb my wife while she sleeps in and I can go to the rest of the home without going back and forth when I’m getting ready. Or some people don’t like having to access points to the master, they just want one. And so that might be the case. However, because that walkthrough feature is, it makes things like laundry a lot easier because you’re walking literally from the closet to the laundry room. Those loads become a lot easier. You taken right over, you can hang them straight up. It’s just instead of walking all the way across the home. So it really depends on what, what it is that you’re looking for. Some people already have a home like that where it’s on the opposite side and they don’t want to do that anymore. They’re tired of doing all their laundry and walking all the way across the home. So that might be a good selling point or a benefit to them. Oklahoma City new homes, but the other thing is, is like the Monroe, uh, to uh, e on this one, you would have a, a tucked away game room, but you would have an opening on the entry. So therefore it is still private and not straight off from the stairs, but it is opened up to the rest of the home that Prescott’s almost like a true suite upstairs. So, uh, as an Oklahoma City new homes builder, we will join you in the next one. Jordan Moore 1 12-28-18

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