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Oklahoma City new homes | Adding Some Extra Incentives

Oklahoma City new homes | What Our Customers Want

Hello and welcome to shaw homes websites. Thank you for doing your research into building your next home with Edmond new homes. We have a brand new community going in and Edmond and here at Shaw homes we have more included features in any other builder. So I’d say I’m going to tell you about some of those included features that you can have inside of your adamant new home. The first thing is that shaw homes actually has three different series of homes. So depending on what series of home or what price range you’re looking for, that’s going to determine the included jurors. Um, but every single month we have an extra incentive, Oklahoma City new homes, so this month for your admin new home, I’m going to talk about our heritage and signature series home and the included features that come there.

The first thing is the exquisite exteriors. So on all of your shaw homes, we’re going to have king size, meridian brick on all four sides. Now again, depending on the price point that you might have some siding, but in the heritage in series, signature series homes, um, brick comes included on all four sides. And then above the brick, um, there is hardy backer or some siding, but you definitely get to choose the color of the siding that’s on the upper gables, also included with your admin. New Home is an outdoor living space with 120 square feet of covered patio space. Um, and again, this comes on all of our homes, but some of the floor plans, the size varies, Oklahoma City new homes, but some of them are a little bit smaller and some are quite a bit larger. So depending on the floor plan that you choose, an outdoor living space for the back patio comes included. You also have a firm foundation with engineered post-tension slabs. And these have the post tension rods pulled to 32,000 pounds of tension. And this is great for, um, the, the foundation of your home to really be solid, insecure. That way if there is ever any settling, the post-tension hold your slap together so that there’s no cracking or sagging of your walls.

Also included with your Edmond, new home is the low e argon filled vinyl tilt windows that are a dual pane energy efficient window as well. And you get your choice of color so you can choose white clay or a Tan, and then the front of the home they use divided light. So that means that there’s just some panels created in there. Oklahoma City new homes then in the back there are clear views on all the sides. And back.

Now during this process we do what’s called a price out stage where you get to choose a bunch of different upgrades and that’s where the incentive comes in. So this month in this series of home, it’s a $15,000 incentive where you get to pick out free upgrades. Now obviously all of the upgrades that you choose will override any of these included features, but if you just chose to take it as, is there still a lot of options to choose from. And then you get to use that $15,000 to just take off the price of the home. Continuing on with our included features, what comes standard and every single shaw home and in your Admin, new home with is owens corning are 30 blown in ceiling installation. Oklahoma City new homes then also our 13 exterior wall bats. Um, we do have some upgrades here that most of our customers really like and that’s that spray in bib installation to really pack in the insulation in your walls too,

created, it’ll be more energy efficient that way as well. Um, and we found that being a green builder and just educating yourself on all the proper techniques that still using a two by four exterior wall with an upgraded installation, with a bib installation, and then also doing what we call a radiant barrier roof decking. And this is where it has a metallic side to all the decking on your ceiling or on your roof sheets. Oklahoma City new homes, and this helps for all that radiant heat that your shingles acquire. I’m just helps reflect and disperse that. So keeping her attic cooler as well. So we found with the upgraded installation and that radiant barrier roof decking, that this is a better method than the extra cost for a thicker two by six wall.

Also included in your new home is seamless aluminum, guttering and downspouts on the front of the house and if you want it to, or you can do guttering on all four sides of the house. Um, our framing is two by fours that are 16 inches on center as well on the interior and exterior walls. We also wrap our house with a tie back House wrap for moisture vapor protection and we’re one of the only builders in Oklahoma actually using tyvec. Some of the other builders try and save some money by using a knock off brand. But tieback is the only patented moisture barrier house wrap that’s proven. Uh, so that’s why we don’t skimp on this house wrap because it’s really important to protect your house from moisture. Oklahoma City new homes the cool thing about this tyvek house wrap is that since we have brick on all four sides, so there is actually a small gap between the brick and the wood of your home. So this Tyvek house wrap as attached to the width of your home. That way, the moisture that builds up kinda like the condensation on a soda can or a or a bottle of soda, all that moisture and condensation runs down and goes out what we call weep holes in the brick. This way it keeps the would really dry and prevents from moisture penetrating the wood and rot and mold as well. So it’s a really important, important process to wrap the home with Tyvek house wrap and not scamp for something that won’t work as well.


Also included is the texture and primed horizontal hardboard siding. And again, that’s what we called, Oklahoma City new homes, the hardiebacker siting up on your top gables as well. So like I said, Brit comes included on all four sides up to the guttering and then above the guttering, if you have any kind of gables or in a second storey home, you would have siting up there. I’m in your choice of random shakes.


Also in a two story home, we use a limited lifetime warranty, moisture resistant sub floor on top of engineered non suite. For Joyce. This is really great and really important for a two story home were keeping that second story nice and firm without a lot of balance or give also without the squeaking of two by eights or different types of beams that they used to use running across the ceiling there. So these floor joists are they non squeak, IBM’s that prevent any kind of a lot less movement anyway in the floor is of your second story home.

We also use a limited lifetime on a 30 year warranty, architectural style shingles as well, and the color of the shingles are determined by the community you want to build it in and the covenants of that community. So the designer of mailboxes are also included with all shaw homes and in your admin new home and in Edmond I’m the mailboxes are going to match the community covenant and design as well. Paint on all exterior soffit and Fascia trim is one main color. Oklahoma City new homes Then you get an accent color for your front door and shutters as well.

You go included with your shaw home is also fiberglass entry door with continuous weatherstripping protection, and on the back patio there’s a fiberglass door with a full view glass. Now we have about 15 different doors you can choose from, so there’s a lot of selections there. The main thing is is if you want it to be painted or stained front door and then also if you want any windows in your front door and those would be considered an upgrade, but that’s the, the good part of the price out is finding all the options and upgrades that you’d want in your home and seeing itemized pricing for what everything costs. That way you can truly design and price out the home the way you want to for your admin. New Home. We also have iron doors, so cast iron with tempered glass. Um, if you wanted to choose one of those doors as well, those iron doors are really heavy, a really beautiful, nice door. Oklahoma City new homes they also come eight foot tall were you also have your choice of the westlock front door entry hardware. So you had the deadbolt and then the hardware with your choice of satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze

and different colors. We also have a prime embossed 16 foot garage door. Again, you, since you’re building and designing this home, you get to pick out the color of your garage door as well. Typically that’s one of the accent colors that match either the siting up above or your shutters or maybe even the front door as well. So if you have the time to design and build your admin new home, Shaw homes has definitely created the best process to getting there. Oklahoma City new homes we also have the most included features of any other builder. So if you’re looking for more information, check out [inaudible] dot com and book a model home tour today. Jesse Hancock (1) 9-21-18.mp3

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