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Oklahoma City new homes | An eclectic style

Oklahoma City new homes | Enjoy the style

Podcast number four, let’s do this. I’m Oklahoma City new homes. So now where are we at a, I believe we were talking about several leaf, which is a great community. It’s the second of third of three Manchester communities. Uh, the first being, um, being a crystal creek, which is located off of 129 south of 40, first on the side of the road. And that is actually a hybrid community. And by hybrid, I mean we used to build heritage series homes there and now I’m just solely um, Manchester series. So, uh,

so, um, anyways, his car would not go. It’s just waiting and staring. So anyways, I’m back. I’m Ma, uh, Oklahoma City new homes. So basically what Crystal Creek has done now is only Manchester homes. So as you drive through the home, not only will you see Manchester series homes, not only will you see heritage series homes, but you also see several different builders. So it’s kind of an Eclectic, very eclectic group of homes where you’ll see maybe a 3000 square foot homes and then, uh, you’ll see our 13, 77 a square foot home. So it is, but we have quite a few lots. They’re still to sell to sell that out. And um, yeah, crystal creek has been kind of a tough sell because of the location, but it does fit a what many people are looking for in terms of location. And so it is a, there’s definitely some positives there.

A Oklahoma City new homes, a silver leaf is the second of three Manchester communities that we discussed. It is off of 51st street in North Broken Arrow between county line road and 209th but close to 209. It is on the north side of the road and a phase one has been complete and completely sold out. And now we’re looking at phase to which should be open here in about a nine months to go is just in terms of a homebuilding that is an eternity because we, I mean that place will definitely be sold out once it opens. But obviously there’s a whole bunch of rocks there. Edmond, hope builders. A few things about silverleaf that crystal creek doesn’t have. Um, one of the things is it has, it’s going to have a community pool Cabana, a kind of a park area with sidewalks and walkways and it’d be nice, it’d be nice picnic area Edmond, hope builders.

And so, uh, that’s one of the things that Crystal Creek doesn’t, um, I believe Crystal Creek doesn’t have sight box, which is really odd coming from California, all the neighborhoods, cyborgs when people can walk rather than walking on the street. So that is kind of an unusual thing, but it is what it is. Crystal Creek doesn’t have that. Silver Leaf does. Um, and let’s see what else. Silverleaf also has lower taxes compared to a crystal creek, which is in Tulsa County. Uh, Oklahoma City new homes, whereas this is actually Wagner County, so lower taxes fortunately in terms of development that we fell short a couple of few miles north of the rural development. So. But that’s alright. That is all right because the taxes at Wagner are.

So that is silver leaf now onto some good. That comparison between two South village is a little bit more than Silverleaf, Crystal Creek Silverleaf to, into some village. Our Boat Manchester series, we’re not going to see a shaw hopes are the sole owners and home builders of both communities, respected Admin, so all you’re seeing a poke communities will have a community pool community, a Cabana are, which is awesome. I’ll walk ways. Both communities will have a sidewalks, so uh, now to some village does have its advantages. One of the advantages religious that they have an enormous greenbelt, so the walkway and park area are going to be enormous. In fact, a, a sizable percentage of the community to some village is a greenbelt show. Not only does that farewell for a park and recreational areas, home builders, but it also fits well for residents and that there were a lot more, lots that back up to the greenbelt.

Then there are still pretty silverleaf did a greenbelt pump sites and those greenbelt homesites backed up essentially to the man’s property owner of the property. He owns a huge property, but that was it. It was restricted to that. Whereas Tucson village, I mean, since a major portion of major percentage of community is green areas, then that offers. That affords a lot of those homes to have to be backed up to two degrees. So there is just tremendous swaths, literally swamped of land that back up to green belt, which is just, which is just awesome. So, um, that is, uh, to Sun village also. They quite Oklahoma City new homes quite a number of home sites that are just ginormous. They’re huge and they offer are a homeowners and ability to literally own their own little park in essence because of the land is, is just so perfect for small families with kids.

So they do have options of either the cardinal rule of either I’m going to the park or uh, you know, playing in their backyard. They have that option because the land is, is, is quite a sizable, quite a sizable difference from Tucson village and um, to some village. And similarly now Tucson village, the location, Oklahoma City new homes is in south broken arrow. So, uh, you, you take Cremini line and a 121st, which actually ends up being song place, I believe to Song Avenue a in the county line area, county line, road area. And so, uh, it is on the, it is on the South West corner of that southwest corner of that intersection of county line road and a Tucson place or its formal name. One hundred 21st. It is just a beautiful view. I’m telling you that the model homes there to some village are absolutely beautiful. We are talking about, uh, the liberty and the newport.

The Newport just opens up gorgeously, gorgeously, uh, to. It’s has a grand entrance. I’m a very, very beautiful, beautiful entrance where it really takes your breath away at college. And I’m really impressed the way that those, the way that those, those model homes look and I think customers will be equally impressed. The liberty happens to be mine and my wife’s favorite, absolute favorite. We love, absolutely love that plant. Oklahoma City new homes and I’m looking forward to, um, to building someone’s home. They’re quite soon. We will. We’ll see how that goes. And I’m very much looking forward to some. And that concludes podcast number four. Until next time, this is the Chads homebuilder podcast. Chaz Inez 4 09-28-18

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