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Oklahoma City new homes | At the end of the line

Oklahoma City new homes | Do More With Moore

Here’s Jordan more with shaw homes at sevenoaks south and we are talking about Oklahoma City new homes. We are expanding our family out to Oklahoma City. We are the largest builder in eastern Oklahoma, a large builder in Tulsa, and now we’ve expanded out to Oklahoma City for all the Oklahoma City new homes buyers and what we’re talking about is a list of included features that come with your show home when you move in. The fun part about our process is you’re able to do a price out for all the things that you would like to consider, upgrades or optional features as we choose to call them, and we can. We can let you know what that price is and we can itemize it out down to the dollar so it’s priced out the way that you want it to be when you purchased the home and you’ll know exactly what it costs to add each of those items line by line so you’re not surprised and you can just make those adjustments as needed.

Oklahoma City new homes, one example is I had a price out this last week. Of course everyone usually has a budget and something that they’re wanting to keep in mind when they’re putting these things together. And they were so pleasantly surprised. They added everything that they wanted in their home. Like we went through the slide and they were pretty much like, yeah, let’s go ahead and just add it on because that’s how we do the price that we want people to go through each item and go ahead and put the stuff that you want in there and you can always just subtracted or added or whatever you want to do with it. And so we went through it all and by the end of that they were like, so what was the total price? I told him what it was and we were actually under their budget, which was pretty awesome to be able to do that for him.

And this is actually the second time that’s happened for me of, Oklahoma City new homes, since I’ve been doing this and they got pretty much everything they wanted a. and we’re able to stay around that price range of what, what they were wanting to do in that budget. And so let’s go ahead and start to cover the things that do come included with your shop home. Like I said, our purpose of doing this is that we’re not making the selections for you. What we put in there is what most everybody asks for in a home, and then we allow you to just make the selections that you want, which allows us to be very well priced against the competition. The other thing I would actually even like to bring up is, since we are Tulsa’s largest builder and we’ve been around since 1985, we have a, we’re large, we’re a large volume builder, so therefore, because of that, you know how it works.

If you buy in bulk, you get it at a better price. And so since we’re Tulsa’s largest builder, we buy more lumber. Um, we buy more sheet rock, so on and so forth more than any other. And we build more homes than any other builder in Tulsa. So therefore we can actually happen at a better rate. That also goes with Labor a, if you’re wanting a custom builder to do a job cheaply, that’s probably what it might be because they can’t cut it on the the materials because they’re going to end up having to buy it, so they’ll probably cut it on a labor and that means that they’ll take a job at a low bidding. Right. And that either means that someone is not experienced or they’re very new, which means they’re not experienced either way. Since we’ve been doing it so long, we’ve had basically the same trades people since we’ve started and we have a great rate with them because we do so much volume with them that we can get them at a better price with their experience.

So there’s no compromise on that. And so we are actually a better. If you do an apples to apples comparison, we are either equally priced or better practice than any other builder that can’t really beat us in that area with that. And we’re not going to compromise on the quality and the integrity of the build. And so with that being said, let’s go ahead and cover a few of these for Oklahoma City new homes, a buyers. Well, let’s talk about exquisite exteriors and kings size. Meridian brick is included on all four sides. That’s right. Our homes and our heritage series comes included with a brick on all four sides of the home. This is a pretty awesome thing because most people come in and I think that’s actually an upgrade or an upcharge to do that. It’s not, it actually comes included up to that first floor.

The second floor would end up being siding. And that’s actually the way that everyone dumps their home anyway. It’s not brick all the way to the top. So that brick does come included. You’ll have several different options of colors that you’ll want, a that you can use in different kinds of patterns. Oklahoma City new homes, but we do of course have optional features to be able to do stone or Stucco or stone and brick or stone and stucco if those are the things that you’re considering I’m doing, but it does come included with brick, um, outdoor living with 120, a hundred and 20 square feet of covered patio, uh, on all homes. Of course, size varies, um, per plan. Now, for example, the Monroe has the largest covered patio of any of our plans and I would say a lot of our heritage series plans have a pretty good size covered patio at the Monroe House.

The biggest Greenville has a good size. Redford has a pretty good size as well. Probably say the Addison is the smallest one, but you still get a nice covered patio coming include with all of our heritage plans. We actually have a firm foundation with engineer post-tension slabs pulled together at 32,000 pounds of tension. This is awesome and really important for people that live in Oklahoma because of the shifting of our grant and there’s a lot of clay in our ground. If we were to build our, our slabs, Oklahoma City new homes, like the use to or in some parts of the country where they’ll put rebar, this would cause a lot of major cracking in the slab and become a problem. The awesome part about post-tension slabs and since these are pulled so tight by these hydraulic tension rods, um, if there’s any shift in the ground, it doesn’t allow the slab to collapse or break down underneath it, it actually is able to hold the entire home up.

And so that’s something that does come included with all of our homes, which is why we have Tulsa’s best warranty, which is that 10 year structural warranty. We’re very confident and the stability and structure of the homes, which is why we’ve just let it come included with it. Um, the next thing is the low e argon filled vimal tilt, a dual pane energy efficient windows, and you’ll have your color of have a choice of white clay or Tan and with divided lights on front and clear view on sides and back. The purpose of this is most people don’t want to have any lines on their window when they’re trying to look out the back window and so you can have that option if you want to do it, Oklahoma City new homes, but it comes included as clear in the back because no one wants their view obstructed by something so they can look at their bank view and look at the rest of their yard or their family back there without having to look at the dividers.

Owens corning are 30 blown in sailing’s a installation and our 13 exterior wall bats with zero tolerance application. These are for all exterior door doors, windows and penetration, our energy foam sealed energy efficient and weather sealed. And so that’s the importance of those. We do give you some options if you do want to do blown and or what would call bib insulation in the walls. You can do that instead of batt insulation, which is a little more dense and a little more energy efficient, but ours already comes as energy efficient. You just have the option to do another tier higher and you can also do a, an option called radiant barrier decking, which is where it’s like tin foil and the underside of the wood decking on your roof that deflects the heat. But, Oklahoma City new homes, as I would come included would just be regular wood up there, which is still a great option.

It’s just one of those ones that we do offer there, uh, as far as energy efficient. But this goes for all exterior parts except between the garage and the house. This will be all up just exterior walls and themselves. So for an Oklahoma City new homes buyer. And the next thing that we would talk about, his anodized seamless aluminum guttering and downspouts, and the front of the home comes included on the front because that’s what most people want. That’s the most important part. You do have an optional feature to add it all the way around in lieu of the front elevation, but you can do full if you would like. However, it’s great that comes included in the front. Uh, the next one is our framing is two by fours, 16 inches on center, interior, interior and exterior walls. That way you know exactly how we’re framing them. We’re not using less wood on the interior walls, were consistent on both of them. We’re not trying to cut out any of those things. Are home will be structurally sound once again, which is why we have Tulsa’s best warranty because we built a very sturdy home. And so for an Oklahoma City new homes buyer that is half a little less than half of the exterior options or exterior, um, features that come included in our homes. Now we’ll continue on the next segment. Jordan Moore 2 11-16-18

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