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Oklahoma City new homes | Come through the door

Oklahoma City new homes | Knock Knock

Well, here we are doing another continuation for shaw homes. This is Jordan, more at sevenoaks south in broken Arrow, Oklahoma. And what we were talking about before was really just anticipating the need of our customers that come through the door and is just so important to what we do. And that’s just being inquisitive. Asking questions, find those things out, asking the right questions and making sure that, you know, as you, as a customer, you do have objections. There are things that you are looking for in your builder and we know that we can meet the needs of all of those things, but we also need to learn to overcome those objections and there and by doing that, we just built trust with you and we can find out the answers to your questions and anticipate the need of what you’re looking for. And that’s the thing.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is making sure that we’re knowledgeable staff. And so for Oklahoma City new homes uh, they are being trained the same way that we are anticipating those needs. And so we always want to make sure that we ask the right questions when someone comes through the door. And what are those questions? Usually the first one we always like to ask is, have you been in a show home before? Now this one seems rather simple and obvious, but this thing can narrow a few things down for us. They either have been shopping for uv, either been shopping for a long time and you’ve been in shaw home before, you just haven’t narrowed it down quite yet. No one’s no one, Oklahoma City new homes, has, has quite nailed it down to, to move forward on it. And you know, maybe there’s some, some commitment there and we want to make sure that we get all your questions answered so you can make sure it’s, you can move forward on that.

Oklahoma City new homes, another one is, hey, you might just be coming in to check out colors and options in the model home and you already are working with someone. Maybe you just went on the model home to her and you just want to come check out that home again while you’re, before you do the price out. So you can make sure you know what you want in the home. So when we asked you, Hey, if you’ve been a show home before, you can say, yeah, eventually went on tour with Jessie last week. That way I know that I can just go ahead and just basically just leave you alone and you can go check it out and move forward without having to, you know, deal with us asking you all the same questions all over again. Our goal in being that inquisitive is not just, I think where some people get the idea that it’s like sales and they’re just trying to sell you.

Well, our goal is to sell a product, but more than anything is to help you find the best home that meets your needs. And if we can find exactly what fits for you and you and you’ve enjoyed the process, then then, then that’s our reward is we get to be able to do that for you. And so when you come in with Oklahoma City new homes, it’s our pleasure to be able to ask you, hey, have you been in a show home before? And then find out what, what brought you in here today, you know what, what made you come in on a Saturday afternoon, which, what during college, football season, what made you get off the couch on your day off and come and look at model homes. What is that driving force, why are you here, why are you looking? And so that’s the goal is to kind of find out what’s the motivating factor, what brought you in?

And so we want to find out what that is and then we want to say, hey, let’s let you check out the home and then we want you to walk around there and kind of introduce you to the plan. And what we like to say is like, Hey, I’m going to give you a few minutes to walk around, take you know, take your time looking. But let me tell you something real quick that I think you guys will find helpful. We actually build and over 28 different communities in the Tulsa area and we have over 70 different floor plans to pick from. And you are currently standing and the stonebrook and this is just one of the plans that we do offer and can be built. Another, Oklahoma City new homes, another way. In fact, we actually have other plans like the monroe that can be built 15 different ways.

And so, Oklahoma City new homes, I’m gonna let you guys look around a little bit, but I needed to kind of find a few things that like, you know, are you guys interested in a one or a two story and you know, that’s when we kind of start narrowing things down to figure out what plans work for you. For example, the stonebrook itself can only be built as a, as a two story plan. So if someone comes in and they are adamantly opposed to stairs and the second story, this plan is not going to work for them. Uh, you know, an older couple that’s downsizing, doesn’t need a second second floor like that. Um, that maybe someone younger with kids would now the only bedroom that is downstairs and the stone stonebrook is the master. So it might work for them and then they can use, you know, the upstairs, like as a game room bed and bath as a, you know, maybe against area for their grandchildren or, or, Oklahoma City new homes, their, their sons and daughters to visit.

So it might, it might work, but if they’re adamantly against it then the stonebrook wouldn’t be one for someone like that. But Oklahoma City new homes then there are other plans that we have that can only be built as a one story. And so, you know, it’s just setting the proper expectation of finding what those things are. So when they come in and just let him know like, Hey, this one’s gonna be built two ways, but they’re both two stories. Do you guys want a one or a two story? And I’m finding out why that’s important to them. Some people don’t have a preference like, hey, if the plan works and it fits, then I’ve don’t. It doesn’t really matter to me. Oklahoma City new homes, and so, you know, as long as we can find those things out, what works for them, then that’s the ultimate goal that we have from someone comes through those doors.

So want to make sure that people get to go in and look around. I’ll point out a few things is there. If you’re really engaged and you want to learn more, I’ll be glad to point some out and really kind of give you an idea of how the model home to which feel or kind of give you a taste of that because I’m telling you some, some people seem apprehensive to go on the tour because they just think that we’re selling them something that they don’t need, but what we want to do is sell you the benefits of it because it will ultimately only help. And for Oklahoma City new homes, this will be the most helpful thing that you will do during your home’s shopping experience. And the primary reason is because of the function. We point out the function. We let you see the function behind the design of the plan, why we laid out the rooms the way that we did, why we put them there, why each plan has what they do.

For example, someone, some people don’t want the laundry room off of the master, you know that snooze button feature that we offer is something that is really, really neat, but not everyone wants that. Not everyone wants a two way access to the master. Some people only want a one way access and they want that laundry room all the way on the other side of the home, off of the kitchen, so that way they don’t want to have to deal deal with Karen it. They can multitask between the two of them. Oklahoma City new homes what’s also nice about that one, like for example, the press got, you’re not even walking into the laundry room, you’re walking into a mud room in a hallway so you know, it’s not like you’re walking straight through it in. It’s just off in the corner of the home and so it really depends on those needs.

If that’s something that you’re like, look, I’m fine as long as I want the laundry room on the other side of the home and the Prescott does offer that and so that might be it. Maybe you want to hidden staircase. The Prescott is perfect for that. It’s not one of those ones. You walk into the home and you can see the staircase. You actually had to go down the hall and it’s tucked around the corner there and that one can also be built as a one story so the staircase doesn’t even have to be there and it becomes a massive closet. So going on to where there are. Those are the things that we can point out like, hey, Oklahoma City new homes I really liked this plan and the thing is is if you haven’t been into a shaw home before, you don’t know our process. And so that’s where we have the opportunity to set those proper expectations for you and let you know, hey, this whole.

It doesn’t have to be a two story. You can just build this as a one story. Just knock close staircase that staircase out, put up a door there and you’d have a big closet and you can really accentuate the amount of storage that’s already in the Prescott, which has the most storage of any of our plans. And so those were the neat features that we’d like to point out. There’s a few, and I’m going to continue to talk about them in the next one, but our idea is when you come in is what is the driving force? What brings you in most people, it was a life change that happens. So for Oklahoma City new homes, our idea in doing that is to anticipate that may find out, is it, is it because a baby was born? Is it because of a divorce as an empty nester?

Is it, is it because you’re taking on your mother and you need a mother in law suite? So, you know, there’s a, there’s a handful of different variables and we need to find out what those are and, uh, anticipate those needs. So we’ll ask those questions to find out what works best for you. And so being inquisitive is just really kind of peeling back those layers because I know people, you know, initially when you come in, you don’t really want to open up about a few of those things. So you just want to kind of look at the model home and get out. Our goal is say, hey, let’s go look at a bunch of these homes together, but while we’re doing that, let’s find out which one works best for you. What are you, what are your, what’s your current circumstance and why are you wanting to change that? And so along that path we just want to do that. And for Oklahoma City new homes, it’s anticipating the need of that customers that come in. Jordan Moore 2 11-2-18

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