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Oklahoma City new homes | Comments and Feedback

Oklahoma City new homes | We Listen To You

Hey, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this article to gather all of the information for your Oklahoma City new homes. That way you can make the best decision. One of the things that we’re talking about today is the path to your new shaw home. So shaw homes has created this path with 10 easy steps and one of the most visual aids that helps you, uh, is this past. So it’s a visual aid where you actually get to see what these pathways look like and what these steps are on the path and even some sub categories of what happens in each step. Really just to help you understand what it looks like to build a new home. Because sometimes is designing and building your Edmond new home. It can be overwhelming. So that’s why I show homes has created this visual aid to get you from where you are to where you want to be, which is inside of a brand new Oklahoma City new homes.

So we went through steps one through five and today we’re gonna. Continue on step number six. Um, but first we’re going to recap what it looks like to go through step from step one. So step one with shaw homes is the model home tour and the reason we started going on the model home tours because you know, it’s the single most helpful thing that people can do during their home shopping experience. And that’s because during the model home tour we talk about the function behind the design and know why we’ve laid out the rooms the way we have and really these floor plans in these rooms have been designed from architects with over 30 years of experience and from thousands of comments and feedback from our customers walking through our models over the years. And in many instances you’re looking at the version two point, oh, or even three point zero because we’ve redesigned and rebuilt that model model dude based off of popular trends.

The way the tool works is that we take several families at the same time through our communities and we stop and look at all of our model homes and it takes about 90 minutes and you drive your own vehicle. So if anything comes up, you’re free to go at any time, but we’ll see anywhere from six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes. There’s no pricing on the tour, so there’s no pressure just focused on the function behind the design and what floor plan fits you best and what version of that floor plan fits you best. Step number two is financing. This is where we connect you with one of our three preferred lenders and you really get to see exactly where you are financially. Um, that way you know exactly where you need to be or what needs to happen to get you into an Oklahoma City new homes. Um, so with stem over to would they talk about monthly payment quotes. So whatever monthly payment you feel comfortable investing into your new home every month, they’ll tell you what that monthly payment will will purchase with today’s interest rates and no, maybe even your down payment and some other factors, you’ll get to see exactly what

price home do you want to be in. Step number three is the home site reservation. This is where we have over 25 different communities with over 500 different home sites, so you get to find that perfect one of a kind of community where you get to,

you know, find that home site that’s perfect for you and your family. Maybe it’s backing up to some trees or to a pond. Once you find that one of a kind of home site, the best thing you can do is reserve that home site and take it off of the market because we can build floor plans over and over all day, but we cannot keep producing more land. So once you find that home site, it’s a thousand dollar deposit. That’s refundable for seven days. We don’t even cash the check, so feel free to reserve a home site at any given time and if you’re not ready to move forward, we literally just hand you the check back and it’s 100 percent refundable. But we have 10 to 13 different sales managers that are all working with 15 to 20 different customers at any given time. So I don’t know who is looking at that specific home site and who plans on reserving it.

So the best thing you can do is just to put a hold on it. Let me take it off the market for a week just to slow things down and get all of your questions answered. Uh, that way you can make the best decision instead. Number four is the price out a, this is my favorite. This is where you get to really build your home on paper and you get to find that your favorite floor plan and your favorite version of that floor plan for your Oklahoma City new homes. I’m your favorite community and the favorite homesite enact community and really go through of our upgrades and are all of our options and build the home and design it the way you want to say. This is where if you want a double ovens in the kitchen or hardwood floors throughout the entire house, you would see itemized pricing and what every detail costs and that way you’ll know all the information so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Number five was the purchase agreement,

this is where you’d watch a one hour video and all of your floor plan and your home site is finalized, but finishes are not final and you get to change anything you want in the design studio, um, additional deposits or do five, 10 or $15,000. Again, we covered that in a previous article. So I’m just recapping today for your Oklahoma City new homes. Then step number six, this is where I wanted to get to, which is the design studio. This is our customer’s favorite spot during the home building process because they get to really design the home, the exactly the way they want to. So the way the design studio works is that there are three easy meetings. The first is your interior meeting. This is where you get to sit down with a designer who’s a professional who will help you make all of your decisions for your Oklahoma City new homes. Um, sometimes this can be a little overwhelming because we have over 400,000 options, but it’s really helpful to have a designer there to help you through this process to picking out all of your colors from your quartz or granite or flooring throughout paint colors, different types of cabinetry, all these, you know, tile, um, all of this stuff, the designer will help you every step of the way. The second meeting is your exterior. This is where in a pig out the brick or stone or the stucco, the exterior paint colors

and some of the things. That’s step number two. And then step number three is to finalize everything. Oklahoma City new homes, so there are no structural changes allowed in the design studio if you were wanting to do a structural change that would have to be doing done during the purchase agreement. And the way the structural change works is that there’s actually a fee associated with it.

Um, so in the end of the design studio, I’m, no structural options are available. If you wanted the structure of the home, maybe move out an exterior wall or adjust the roof line in any way that would be considered a structural option, Oklahoma City new homes, custom option to request and you will have to do that during the purchase agreement or before and as a $500 fee for every custom option on the inside of the home, what would you call an interior custom option request is a $200 fee and that goes to our purchasing department and our accounting department to redesign the home and then our cad department to make the new floor plans to send to architects and get approval. So there’s a lot of people that are involved with adjusting the floor plan. So that’s what that fee is for is for, you know, the internal workings of the floorplan to be figured out and then they’ll come back to you with a price.

Um, but also in the design studio we have award winning designers that help you every step of the way with the largest design studio as well. Tons of options are offered and it’s a super simple process with no children in the studio. So if you do have children under the age of 12, we would ask that you would get a babysitter that way, you know, they might not be a distraction to you, but there are other people maybe you know, two or three other people in the design studio at any given time and it would be a distraction to them. So that’s why we would ask that you would get a babysitter during the design studio, but you’re in the design studio for about 30 days, sometimes three weeks, depending on how decisive, Oklahoma City new homes, our customers are after that is step number seven, which is the plan review.

During the plan review, this is where you get to meet your builder. You get to review your selections, discuss the timeline and discuss those weekly updates. So the weekly updates is, are that, um, every week we send out photos with texts saying this, we did this week, this is what we’re doing next week just to keep you informed. Um, it’s an open job site, so you’re free to go. Look at the home at any given time anyways, um, but we send out those weekly updates just in case you aren’t able to make it during the planning review. Also, the construction manager will discuss the homeowner orientation and you had to meet at the main office. I need to meet your builder as well. Good to review your blueprints, a review your site plan and discuss the grade of the land. So that’s kind of what step one through seven looks like to build your Oklahoma City new homes. Jesse Hancock (4) 11-2-18.mp3

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