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Oklahoma City new homes | Count on it

Oklahoma City new homes | Helping People

Hey, welcome to another podcast with Shaw homes and Tulsa, Oklahoma. So a few things that we want to talk about today is number one, Oklahoma City new homes. That is our focus for the month. We’re excited to present that we are expanding our family outside of Tulsa over to Oklahoma City. I’m so happy to be able to help so many families in need that are wanting to build their home and one, a simple process to do it because we’re there to do it. Um, I was talking in our last podcast about our realtor relation program and that was about halfway through the process and I wanted to finish and pick up from there and move on. So in the realtor relation program, the idea behind that is that we want relationships with realtors. We want to let them know that if they have a client that is wanting to build a Oklahoma City new homes or build on their own land within 15 minutes of our own community, uh, or are looking for something that’s new and move in and ready, that they will get paid a if they bring them to us by filling out or I’m a realtor protection form.

This protects the realtor from them possibly dropping them and also to make sure that they are the perk hearing cause of the sale. Oklahoma City new homes will be no different than broken Arrow, new homes. Uh, we will be using the same system in Edmond as we do, uh, here in broken Arrow shot homes. Um, so with that being said, we are taking our realtor friend through the past so they can understand what it’s like for our customer when they come through the path. Uh, I left off on the purchase agreement where I was letting him know that the additional amount for the earnest money would be due. I’m just as a point of clarification. If it is less than $250,000, a only will be required to pay $5,000 a year. If it is between 250 and $300,000, that is $10,000. And if it was between 300 and 350, then it’s $15,000.

And if it’s above 3:50 then we’re looking at about a five percent amount down. Now this actually just goes towards a down payment of the home because there was, depending on which loan they use, there’s going to be a certain percentage that’s going to be required from them to use that loan. For example, if they use an Fha, it’s three and a half percent of whatever that is, if they decide to use a conventional and used 10 percent is 10 percent and that will have to pay that difference in closing. Um, so, uh, we just want to make sure because we are a, as shaw homeless actually get the construction loan and at that point the home comes. I’m about a $300,000 liability if there isn’t any skin in the game. So that’s just to make sure that we have that moving forward and that the customer will want to buy that home.

The next step is the design studio, which I think is most people’s favorite part and that’s where they get to make a lot of their color selections and starts to become even more fun. Uh, first they get to go to those tours and get excited about all the different colors and how the layout of the home is and here’s where they actually start getting start to get to customizing it. They’re on their own and so Oklahoma City new homes, how does that same opportunity. We’ll have a design studio there that there’ll be able to use and make those selections from and that design studios basically based off of three appointments and that is one interior, one exterior. And then one final, and this is just as a friendly reminder, a structural choices or changes will not be allowed here. It’s only those options like paint colors and whether or not they want the beams in the kitchen or whatever that might be.

As long as it’s not structural, they’re allowed to make those changes here until they get to that final agreement and then sign off on them from the design studio. They will then work on the plan review and that plan review basically just gives people an understanding of what is about to happen. And that is the building of the hall. It’s just setting the proper expectation of what that timeline looks like and all of the things that they will end up doing, like the homeowners orientation, um, they get to meet the builder, which is the construction manager of that community that will be in charge of building your home and you will actually go over your blueprints of your home and everything. So it’s a really neat process, but it just sets you up for that next one, which is step number eight. And that’s building.

So when you’re building a Oklahoma City new homes, uh, you will end up meeting on your home site and it’s actually a open factory. You’re allowed to come in at anytime and look at the process if your home being built. But the construction managers, regardless, we’ll be sending you weekly updates of the process of your home and where it’s at and give you a little bit of detailed photos and a highlight all of the big points that have happened in your home over the course of that week. So that’s when everything starts coming together. And this is usually about a six month process at this point, uh, from breaking ground, slapped the framing all the way down to the touch up paint in your home. And so that is kind of what that would look like for the building part of the process. And Oklahoma City new homes will have this exact feature as well.

Um, you also even have a pre dry wall meeting done on site where the construction manager will go over all the guts of the home and then the next step will be, uh, the homeowners orientation and that will be done on site. And that is when the construction manager will actually walk a person through the home and give them an idea of how to light a pilot live and kind of get them oriented with their home and their attic and so on, so forth. Um, after that, that’s when we head into closing and that’s when the keys are given. It’s time to move in. We’ll actually meet at an Oklahoma City new homes title company and this is where the down payment would be fulfilled. So once again, you are, they a customer would have given us the earnest money at this point and addition to the home set reservation and they’ll just pay any closing costs and fulfill the rest of that down payment.

The mortgage will be signed for and the title will be transferred. And then that’s actually when we go into the warranty in Tulsa, we have the best warranty, which is a 10 year structural warranty to your mechanical warranty. And a one year limited warranty. We actually have a 24 hour emergency line with a fulltime warranty coordinator on staff and we provide a 60 day follow up phone call after closing on the hall and an 11th month followup phone call at any anytime a customer can get a hold of us if they have any concerns or any emergencies and we’ll send out a punch guy that’ll kind of get all those things done at the same time, if anything does need to be done. So, uh, dealing with an Oklahoma City new homes will be any different than a Tulsa. I’m sure we’ll probably have edmonds best warranties.

Well, Oklahoma City’s best warranty as well. And so, uh, that is the path that we ended up taking the realtor through so they can understand what our customers end up going through on the back of that one. We actually go through and model home to or flyer in their folder and we tell them that we offer homes in the following areas and that’s broken. Arrow Jinx bixby, Tulsa and I nola and that’s I n o l a. and so it’s important that they understand that we build in all these areas because they might have certain clients that just, they find most of their clients that jinx or bigsby area, we want them to know that they can actually build over there or we have moving ready homes available for them to check out in that area as well. Or if they want to move out to the broken Arrow or I know that area that they’d have an opportunity to do that.

Uh, we will have a path for our Oklahoma City new homes, a walkthrough so people understand where model homes will be there as well. We’ll keep you in touch with that. Uh, just to let everyone know, uh, our pricing starts at about $240,000 up to $450,000 for shaw homes. Product line. Other than that, you’d have to go to waterstone, which is our upper end. We offer 70 floor plans starting at 1,802 square feet, up to 3070 163,762 square feet. And our saw home products, in fact, the realtor that I met with today was shocked that we actually had shaw homes that size. They thought that we built smaller homes, but I would venture to say that a 3000, 762 square foot home is not very small. In fact, that is the Greenville l, which is an amazing floor plan. Uh, after that we moved forward and we actually asked the real care more about themselves at that point so we can establish a relationship with them. It’s important for us to have a relationship with realtors because they would be able to bring us leads that we wouldn’t normally get to and we want to reward them for that. So thank you for joining us again for another podcast where we get to feature Oklahoma City new homes were Shah homes, expands its family over to Oklahoma City. Jordan Moore 2 9-28-18

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