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Oklahoma City new homes | Create A Path

Oklahoma City new homes | Covering The Plans

Thank you for joining us today and reading this article so you can find the most information for you and your family regarding your Oklahoma City new homes today. We’re talking about our different floor plans and really finding the right floor plan to fit you and your family’s needs so you can make the best decision whenever you were looking to purchase your Oklahoma City new homes. The coolest thing about Shaw homes is that we’ve created a path to your new home and a path to your Edmond home as well. Um, today we’re talking about the different versions of each floor plan. We have over 75 different floor plans and most of those floor plans have several different variations and some of them have 15 different variations. So in order to find the best version of what floor plan and the best floor plan for you, um, the first thing that we always do with our customers is take them on one of our model home tours.

That way you can find the best plan for you and your family. We’ve covered most of these floor plans and other articles, so definitely keep digging. So you can find those and get all the information for your Oklahoma City new homes. Well, today we’re going to continue on with this stone. Uh, the stonebrook is really cool. One of my favorite floor plans because I’m downstairs. There’s an office, a half bathroom, a really cool powder bathroom, um, and then it opens up into the living room and the kitchen is a really cool kitchen setup with a turned island. That face is the back yard and that note. So it kind of creates two separate entertaining spaces for your Oklahoma City new homes. And this is cool if you know, you were backing up to a pond or to some trees or if you just want to watch your kids play in the backyard, whatever it is, and also creates two separate entertaining spaces.

If you have people over watching TV or a football game in the living room. And then you could have some people in the notebook that are talking, playing a board game, something like that to create two different spaces. But someone that’s in a kitchen is included in both. So still an open floor concept. I’m also one of the biggest pantries have any of our floor plans is in the stone brook, so a huge corner pantry, um, we’d like to call it the preppers pantry because you can store a month’s worth of food in there for the Zombie apocalypse. Um, and then in the master suite it has a really unique l-shaped vanity as well as the snooze button design, meaning you can exit the master suite through the closet as well. And this is great for people that get up at separate times. I’m the one person you can get up without disturbing their partner and exit of the master bedroom into the bathroom, closing the doors behind them and then changing and getting ready for the day and exiting through the master closet without going back and forth through the bedroom to disturb their partner, allowing them to snooze.

And that’s why we call it the snooze button design. Um, another cool thing is that the laundry room is right off of the master closet, but still in its own separate room. So from the garage, you do not have to walk through the laundry room to get inside that has its own separate drop zone and mudroom right there, so really cool. First floor design. And then upstairs you can either have two bedrooms with a bathroom and a game room, or three bedrooms with a bathroom and a game room. So the stonebrook age is 2,467 square feet. This one is a three bedroom, two bathroom home, that’s two story home with a three car garage. And in the Stonebrook v is 2,619 square feet, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage. And then last but not least, we have a floor plan called the Ventana. Ventana is Spanish for windows, um, so a lot of windows and this floor plan a lot of really cool natural light as well. Um, it has what we call pop and Pantry. Also downstairs there’s two bedrooms and then two or three bedrooms upstairs. Actually one or two bedrooms upstairs. So the Ventana p is 2,445 square feet, three bedroom home, three bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage or the Ventana Q,

which is 2,559 square feet, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage. So like I said, if you’re looking for an Oklahoma City new homes, the best thing you can do is go to our website, look through our floor plans, and then also join in on the model home tour so you can actually walk through all of these floor plans and find the right floor plan for you and your family and the right version for your Oklahoma City new homes. And like I was saying, we have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder in the Tulsa area. So that’s why we started taking our customers on the model home tour. Liquid was saying about the tour is that it takes about 90 minutes. So not very long at all. And if you’re going to invest so much money into your next home, you might as well spend at least 90 minutes making sure you’re making the right decision for your Oklahoma City new homes.

Um, you drive your own vehicle on the model home tours. So if there was an emergency or something comes up, you’re free to go at any time. You’re not stuck in a van with the sales manager by any means, you’re free to go. Um, but at the end of the tour you’ll have a really good idea of what floor plan fits your family’s needs. My version of that floor plan you would like to build for your Oklahoma City new homes. Um, so on the tour we start in our community called Ashbrook, which is over here in broken Arrow, Oklahoma, ashbrook as a community with half acre home sites. Some really cool home sites and a really cool community in Ashbrook. And then the floor plan that’s built there is the Prescott. So you’ll be able to walk through the Prescott. It’s the two story version. And they’ll explain the differences in the one story version.

If you’re looking for a one story home for your Oklahoma City new homes next is highland creek. It’s just about a mile and a half away, so you just drive down the street to highland creek. And Highland Creek is one of our coolest broken Arrow communities with the most amenities. It has a soccer fields and basketball courts as well as to half mile walking trails, uh, a pool and a clubhouse and some ponds, some fishing ponds, so really cool amenities. So if you’re looking for a cool community with amenities, definitely check out this community here. But in Edmond, definitely check out your Edmond communities for your Oklahoma City new homes in Highland Creek. The floor plan is called the Addison is the two story version of the Addison. And then after that you’ll cruise down the street again about two miles away is our community called seven oaks south. Sevenoaks south is great because it’s a little bit closer into broken arrow.

So if you’re looking to be within broken Arrow, Tulsa county, definitely check out sevenoaks south. Um, there’s a couple of phases in here and there’s another phase that’s going to be developed here shortly, so still a lot of opportunity to live in seven oaks south, the two floor plans that are built in sevenoaks south or the Greenville and the stonebrook. So if you want to check out the Greenville and the stonebrook to build it for your Oklahoma City new homes, this is about the third stop on the model home tour. Next on the model home tour is the monroe to p, m in our community to call the village at southern trails. The village at southern trails is one of our preferred communities. So a lot more is included in the base price of this community. For instance, sprinklers are included here and tiled shower and three centimeter granted. So definitely check out communities are our preferred communities or if you’re looking for a more affordable communities, um, we can show you where you can save some money there as well and really price out the home the way you want to. Um, after that it’s a little bit further of a drive, but it’s in our community called Somerset, which is in bigsby. I’m the, the, the floor plan that’s built there is called the Redford.

After that you’d keep driving down, go to the monroe model, build a estates at the river, then next year would go down to Yorktown,

check out the Ventana has built there, and your town is one of the biggest master plan communities in Jenks. But again, the Ventana can be built in Edmond for your Oklahoma City new homes. And then we end up in Timber Creek, which is our newest development, uh, and the model there is called the Monterey. So in a quick article, that’s what the model home tour looks like for you to find out all the information and make the best decision for you and your family regarding your Oklahoma City new homes. So definitely join in on one of these model home tours and I’m just, uh, get a good sense of all of our floor plans so you can make the best decision for your Oklahoma City new homes and for your family. Jesse Hancock 11-16-18.mp3

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