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Oklahoma City new homes | Excited To Build

Oklahoma City new homes | Knocking Them Out

Podcast number five, we are knocking them out, knocking them out. Podcast number five, we just talked about communities in our fourth podcast and Oklahoma City new homes and so now we will talk about a little bit more about Tucson village. Tucson village. We’ve launched in Manchester series. We’ve launched a number of larger homes. We have now 12 floor plans altogether and some of these homes are going to be there actually absolutely lovely. No wasted space. We have two story versions as well and it is just crazy. A lot of those homes are out in Tucson village. I’m ready to you. And so we are really, really interested in how that comes along. A tucson villages, Manchester, Manchester homes are anywhere from 1500 square feet and they offer a limited Oklahoma City new homes less, um, while this car is just, he is just trying to, just trying to erase me.

I don’t know, I’ll tell you he’s right in front of him. The anger come a little bit, really doesn’t. Okay. So anyways, Edmond homebuilders back to Manchester series homes, they are limited in the amount of options, but still we have a great, great selection of options. Um, for our builders, we have our own design studio. They got the wrong colors. In fact, that whole process is one of my favorite things to do with customers design because they’re excited. They start, they start envisioning themselves living in their home. Oklahoma City new homes they started envisioning themselves cooking in their kitchen on top of their granite countertops. The colors that they choose, opening up their cupboards, looking at it from the living room at the, uh, at their kitchen. And uh, my goodness, they just get a sense of home. And so that’s always, that’s always a, that’s always a positive thing.

And home builders. So Oklahoma City new homes so, um, they start picking their carpet there. I like when they start deciding whether they want tile or whether they want hardwood floors or maybe they go with both in terms of selecting, wouldn’t look tired. In fact the biggest selection of tiles of anyone. But I mean they are just absolutely gorgeous. A big speed. I’m sorry, Oklahoma City new homes In fact, my wife likes one particular book. It’s a little gray for my taste, but we have a new selections that would be a little bit more settled. In fact, the liberty model home is, uh, what, uh, what we envisioned, what we want to see. And it’s great. I mean, it’s just an absolutely beautiful. That is mine. And my wife’s favorite report is also, I mean, it opens up, it has such a grand entrance with high ceilings, wide wide hallway.

And I liked that. I like it when someone walks into a home and there’s actually an entry, but it doesn’t, you don’t walk in directly into hello the living room where they’re watching tv or the kitchen where it’s quite, uh, quite, quite dirty Oklahoma City new homes. But the ancient walked into a nice sw of, with pictures and decorations and a nice table and like that is, that is really nice. It makes for a nice entry. And uh, the new part has the high ceilings and the windows and it is beautiful. Um, however, uh, in terms of if I were to build in Manchester, I would, I would love for that home, have some stuff up, had some breakfast stuff. Um, that’s what I prefer. I love stone and I love stuck up and it would be great to have a, have that option. Of course, it’d be probably be a little bit more, but I think it’d be worth it. I think. So Oklahoma City new homes

So let’s talk. Let’s talk about the Pines at the preserves. This is our newest community. It’s different than all the other communities. So we do have the Manchester series which are starter homes, and we also have heritage series which are our larger homes or more or more expensive homes with just endless varieties of often edna’s variety of options. And then in between smack dab in between, we have the, uh, pines at the preserves. They’re still considered heritage, but there were a unique hybrid. They are the heritage in terms of the exterior and options and a option limitations, Oklahoma City new homes, but they’re larger, uh, more.

They cost more, they’re more expensive. They also have different, a garage stations. Uh, let me give you an example now. So of course we have the front loading garage orientation, Edmond home builders, but there’s also some side and trees, either side entry that enters interiorly interior, uh, where the, where the, uh, a main entry to the home is and also exteriorly, so it’s away from the entrance of the home. So for instance, if you have a corner lot that would work out quite well because you have two sides of your home site that are open to a street. So one street will actually have the front entrance, Oklahoma City new homes, the other street will actually have the garage entrance and the driveway is quite unusual. I know, but, uh, that is, um, that’s how that, that’s how that lays out and I think that is unique a lot of people have been asking for and you can make those into three car garages, which is awesome.

A lot of people have been asking for a side entry garages and we weren’t able to accommodate not even in the heritage, but in these homes we can, which is just absolutely wonderful. And so, uh, that is, uh, that’s a good thing there. Um, so we’re looking forward very much looking forward to that and I cannot wait to end these podcasts. Oh my goodness. I’m going into, I actually, I should be doing these podcasts on the way home if I was smart that is called redeeming the time and I need to redeem my time. So a Oklahoma City new homes I need to do that more and more and more often, which, uh, unfortunately I have failed to do, so I need to do that. I need to be a lot more diligent in terms of podcasts and need to be alive in terms of making calls basically. So we really, really need to stay on top of that.

So that’s what I’ll be doing. That’s what I’ll be focusing on here in the next couple of weeks. I need to get some more folks who are, um, who are, uh, intelligent. Actually I need to buy those tickets to California. My goodness, I need to do that. In fact, I’ll do that once I get back to my model home, which is my mother home, which is a Birkdale a brookdale has been a very, very popular floor plan there. We opened. Not too big, not too small. It has a very long kitchen island. Oklahoma City new homes. I’m very open space. I just picture me and my wife there. She might, you know, Dana is such a good question. I’m so, so very proud of her. She’s wonderful, wonderful, wonderful lady. And I do appreciate my wife very much and I cannot wait to build her own liberty because that is the home that we both love. And uh, I cannot wait for her to open up her eyes and Bam, here is our liberty home. Uh, it’s, it’s, that’s really going to be something and I cannot wait. I cannot wait. It’s going to be great. A Oklahoma City new homes. I don’t know how many times I’ve said that, but I will say that one more time. Edmund homebuilders. And that concludes the fifth podcast and I’m almost near my model home. Ciao. Chaz Inez 5 09-28-18

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