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Oklahoma City new homes | Exterior Options

Oklahoma City new homes | Options For Your Family

Continuing on, on another podcast on Monday, September 17th. Thank you for joining us again. And what we’re, you’re talking about is the exciting news that we are now building in Oklahoma City. So Oklahoma City new homes is coming to you. Uh, we’re excited to announce that shaw homes is expanding into another city and not just the Greater Tulsa area. And so in the previous podcast we talked about the importance of the home site, uh, the, a model home tour that you’ll be able to have over there as well as financing homesite reservation price out and purchase agreement continuing on, uh, the next important step that we have after that purchase agreement is then going onto the plant at the design studio. And so, uh, I know that we’ll have something very similar in Oklahoma City new homes and that will be a design studio that will have to make your selections on your new home.

So for example, if you are building your monroe in Oklahoma City new homes, and you’ve selected your home site and your community and you would move on from that purchase agreement, we would then set the three appointments for the design studio. That would be an interior and exterior one. And then your final one, when you go into those, those are going to be a couple hours long a piece except for the last one where you’re just basically signing off on everything. You’re going to have plenty of time to go head to head and talked with our professional design studio, our award winning design studios, what I should say, they win this award every single year at the parade of homes. And so the exciting thing is in, in our Oklahoma City new homes community, this won’t be any different. Again. Uh, we’ll, we’ll have that same selection and that same process where you get to go through and pick out your tile colors and your carpet and what paint colors that you want, your hardware, your plumbing fixtures, a hardwood floors, whatever those might be.

You have your opportunity to make all your selections at that point in the design studio will actually send you on a make you do your own homework, especially for the exterior one, because we can make you look at little photos of the exterior brick and colors, but those really don’t do it justice unless you see those things in person. There’s a lot of variables. But what are the, what do they look like when they’re wet? What does it look like? A natural light, cloudy light, sunny light, whatever that is. We want you to go around and we’ll actually tell you the address of the homes of those bricks are so you can go look at them and make a selection that you know, you want. Because from the photo, that can be one. It can be an entirely different thing. Uh, photos have a tendency to be balanced to what they think the light should be.

And then then it’s subjective with the person editing it. So we need to send you around so you can make sure that you it from your own eye. And uh, and Oklahoma City new homes is going to be very similar, exact same process as it is and Oklahoma City new homes. So after the design studio, um, you will actually go into the plan, review the plan, review is exactly what it is. You’re just reviewing everything that’s just about to happen, uh, and then you head into what is happening in the planner view. You’ll extra few years selections. Again, we always want to make sure that we’re thorough in the process and you know exactly what you’re getting and what you’ve selected and clearly communicate that to you. Um, here’s where we’ll discuss the timeline of the build. We’ll discuss weekly updates and also discussed the homeowners orientation. These are all things that were just talking about because we’re going to talk about what we’re going to do and then we’re going to do it.

And then we’re gonna talk about what we did. And so at that point, Oklahoma City new homes, we’ll, we’ll meet at the main office there and you’ll meet your builder, which is your construction manager, which will mostly be your point of contact at this point. So at the beginning you were really talking to the salesperson and there was a bit of a transition where you’re then in contact with a design studio and at this point we’re handing you off to the construction manager at any time. Of course you can reach out and talk to us, but the construction manager is now the one in charge of building your home and we’ll be very intimately aware of how your home is being built. Oklahoma City new homes won’t be any different than Tulsa and that sense of we’ll actually have our construction manager going around there and actually sending you weekly updates, um, which we’ll get into here in a second.

We even talk about the review of your site plan. You get to review your blueprints and discuss the greater the land. The next step, which is step number eight is building. And this is, of course, one of the most exciting parts is because now everything is getting started. Uh, we’ll meet at your home. Uh, and then we will just get to enjoy the process. It is an open factory. You can stop by anytime to look at it. Uh, we’re not like any other, uh, some other builders where they lock up and won’t let you in. I mean, it’s wide open for you guys to look, this is your home and we want you to see everything that’s going on. Um, we had, like I was mentioning at this point, the construction manager will send you weekly updates so you know exactly what’s going on in your home.

So if you’re not able to make it out and look at it every single week or you don’t want to check it all the time, he’ll send you out every week. Kind of what’s happening, you know, when the plumbing goes in, when the electrical goes in, when they had laid this slab or the framing, whatever that is, they’re going to being in communication with you on those and letting you know, which is pretty exciting. Um, right after that we’ll have the homeowner, homeowners, homeowners orientation on site. Here is where we’ll, uh, where the construction manager go over just a few things about getting your, getting you oriented to your new home, your, your Oklahoma City new homes. Uh, and that is things like lighting a pilot light and making sure that you know, how certain things run and where everything is at gets you kind of oriented to your home and that’s, you know, where everything is located.

Then we move on to step number nine, which is closing and obviously it just keeps getting more exciting. And this is when we give you the keys to your Oklahoma City new homes. Uh, this is time to move in. You’ll actually meet at the title company and this is where downpayment is fulfilled, um, as kind of discussed before and the purchase agreement, um, a certain amount is required down when we’re building the home because, you know, we actually are taking the bulk of the risk and we, Oklahoma City new homes, asset use a, put a little bit of skin in the game and give us some earnest money. But this money is actually all the money that you get from the homicide reservation and the purchase agreement all go towards your home. And so at that point you would just pay the difference in your down payment and pay any closing costs.

This is when he signed for the mortgage and you actually get the title transferred to your name, uh, in Oklahoma City new homes, the next step and that would be a, your warranty. And in Tulsa we actually have the best warranty and I believe once we move over there, we’ll have the same there as well. That’s a 10 year structural, um, two year mechanical and a one year limited warranty. We have a 24 hour emergency line that you can get ahold of us anytime that you do have an emergency. And we actually have a fulltime warranty coordinator on staff. Um, we give you a follow up phone call at about 60 days after you move in and then 11 months later you of course can reach out to us at anytime if you have any questions or concerns or an emergency. But those are just the times that will reach out to you to make sure that everything.

So okay. If it’s not considered an emergency, which will be the judge of that, it will go on a punch list and we’ll send someone out there, uh, to get those things fixed. And the line for you, as long as those things are under the warranty there, and our goal in all of that, of course, is to provide excellent service for you. And that’s the awesome part about the, uh, Oklahoma City new homes path to your shaw home. Uh, it’s going to be the same. It’s exciting. It’s an expansion of this wonderful company that we have here in Tulsa and it will be the same over there as well. And so we encourage you to hop on our website, check out more information about a shaw homes and any available homes that we have that might be moving ready, uh, for you to have direct access to or if you have any questions or concerns of anything about the building process, we encourage you even in your Oklahoma City new homes to reach out and to call or email us and we will get back to you quickly. Uh, thank you again for your time and joining us. And we are excited along with everyone else there in Oklahoma City to be able to provide an excellent, excellent, a whole building experience. That was one time only in Tulsa, but now is in the Oklahoma City area, so we appreciate you joining us and we will talk to you again later. Jordan Moore 2 9-21-18

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