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Oklahoma City new homes | Finding the Upside

Oklahoma City new homes | What Home You Love

Hey, thank you so much for taking the time to read this article today. We’re talking about Oklahoma City new homes and really just gathering all the information so you can make the best decision for you and your family moving forward today. What I’m gonna do is Kinda redirect you through our website so that way you can find all the information to make the best decision for you and your family. I’m the first thing you should always do is go to [inaudible] dot com and there you’ll pull up our home screen, um, to find everything you know, we’re Tulsa’s highest rated building company. Um, you can read all of our reviews on our website as well that we can see, you know, previous customers that have built with us and know what their experience was like. And it’s always nice getting feedback from actual customers. Um, you know, that way you can understand what to expect whenever you’re building your Oklahoma City new homes.

Once you get to our website, you’ll see at the top there’s a select your price. And now this is important because whenever you’re looking for, you’re Oklahoma City new homes, you’re going to have a specific budget. So if you wanted to be between $160,000 and $230,000, just click that first tab there. That’s going to be between $230,000 and $450,000. Click that second tab. And then if you’re looking for a home that’s over $460,000, hit that, that third tab there. Um, today we’re going to talk about homes between 230,400 $50,000 for your Oklahoma City new homes. So when you click on that tab there, it’s going to redirect you. I mean, obviously if you’re reading this article, you’ve already been to our website, but I’m just going to point out some information maybe that you didn’t see. That way we can help you get all the information for your Oklahoma City new homes.

Um, so the price range here, 230,000 to $450,000 is our heritage series home. Um, if you want it to schedule that model home tour, just putting your first name, last name, email address or phone number and some comments too and hit submit and that will just go to one of our sales managers here and they’d be giving you a call shortly to book a model home tour. And the model home tour is the first thing that we always do with our clients mainly just to show them all of the information, all of their options so they can make the best decision for them and their family. Since we have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder in Tulsa. We started taking our customers on a model home tours because all of our clients love looking at beautifully decorated model homes. Our customers have told us that even if they don’t end up buying or building a shaw home, that the model home tour is really the single most helpful thing that they’ve done during our home shopping experience. And that’s because on the tour we point out the features and benefits and features and benefits of each floor plan and why this would be the perfect Oklahoma City new homes for you.

The tour takes about 90 minutes and you’ll see six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes, um, you, you drive your own vehicle as well. So if something comes up, you’re free to go. You’re not stuck in a van with me or anything like that. Um, there’s no pricing on the model home tour, so there’s really no pressure. It’s just mainly there so you can find that right floor plan that fits you and your family’s needs. Um, they’re getting just information focused on the function behind the design. And then there’s something for everyone to, on this model home tour. So if you have friends or family that are wanting to join in and they are more than welcome to, I’m versatile plans. Like I said, we have over 75 different floor plans and that’s why it’s so beneficial to take these, this model home tour with a sales manager.

You might have already been walking around and you might have walked through a few floor plans and you might think I already know which one I like, but on the model home tour we go into the different versions, the different customizations that we can do as well and why we’ve redesigned these floor plans. I’m also the different versions of these floor plans. What the one story or two story looks like. Some of our floor plans, we have 15 different versions so they explain these different versions and that way you can find the best version that fits you and your family’s needs. So even if you’ve seen these floor plans before, I’m definitely grow in that model home tour. It’s the single most helpful thing you can do during your home shopping experience. Then also, yeah, one or two stories. Most of our model homes are two story version, but if you’re wanting a one story home, um, they can also be built as a one story.

So the sales manager will tell you the difference there and what changes as the one or two story version. Alright. So back to our website here. When you scroll down, you’ll see a list, you can click on a move in ready homes to view all of our homes that are already built or almost finished. That way if you don’t have the luxury of time to design and build your next home, which takes about six to seven months and you’re needing something that’s move in ready or will be in the next month or so. Click on this tab here. And the coolest thing about our move in ready homes, not only are they built with the best quality material and by the best trades in the business, but they also come with our structural, our 10 year structural warranty or two year mechanical warranty and our one year everything warranty.

So these moving ready homes were definitely the second best thing you can do besides the designing and building it. But whenever it comes to your Oklahoma City new homes, um, a lot of our customers, you know, would rather design and build your home. So if that’s, you click on these available floor plans and this is where you’ll be able to look through all of our floor plans. And all of the different versions of these floor plans and that way you can really visualize and see what it would look like if you lived there. There’s also photos that you can look through and some videos that you can look through for this, for, for plans. Also on this website, you can get your quick quote today so you can hit apply and filled in some information there. There’s also an article that says is it cheaper to rent or own?

Um, and this is great. Mainly just for more information for you whenever you’re looking for, you’re Oklahoma City new homes, if you currently own and you’re worried that it’s going to cost more to. I’m sorry. If you currently rent and you’re worried it’s going to cost more to own. Definitely Click on this. Actually I’ll do it right now just so we can see what it says. But there’s just a lot of valuable information on our website. So if you’re looking for, you know, all the information, I’m definitely check out our website [inaudible] dot com. Alright. So if you are wanting to compare owning to renting your Oklahoma City new homes, you know, if you own, you build equity and if you rent, you give equity to your landlord. So that’s the one of the biggest differences there. If you own your home, um, you get a huge tax benefit, the interest on your mortgage payments is tax deductible.

And in many cases that’s an extra two to $400 take home, pay every month. So if you’re renting for $1,500 a month without noticing any difference, and you buy a home, your payment could be around 17 or sometimes $1,900 a month and you won’t even notice a difference because you’re bringing home two to $400 more every month just because of your tax benefits. When you rent, you give that tax benefit to the landlord. So they, they’re the ones writing off the tax benefits on their income. When you own your home, you can change whatever you want, you know, you can always update or add or paint anything. I’m the coolest thing about building it is that you get to do this now in the design studio, so it’s always a lot cheaper to design it the first time around, but you know, down the road, five or 10 years from now, if you want it to repaint the walls, you know, you can change whatever you want.

Whenever you’re renting your, you know, you’re subject to your landlord’s approval. So you have to get approval from everybody. If you wanted to paint walls are put up tvs or mount your tv or anything like that. Um, if you own, you know, you can hang your pictures and putting nails in the walls when you rent, you can’t hang your pictures or put nails in the walls. When you own your Oklahoma City new homes, you can have animals without paying extra. If you rent, you know you have to pay extra. Or sometimes you know, pets aren’t even allowed. So that’s why it’s always beneficial to own a property. You know, it’s your backyard, it’s your house. You get to do with it what you will. And then if you rent your subject to so many rules and regulations, mainly to benefit the landlord when you own, um, you have a yard when you rent, you most cases don’t have a yard, especially if you’re on an apartment building, you know, you don’t have the place where you just open the back door and go in your backyard.

And when you own, you have a garage. I was shaw homes. That’ll definitely be a two car if not a three car garage when you rent, again, if it’s an apartment, you don’t have a garage. So there’s some of the benefits of owning versus renting. Um, when you own a house, this is huge for me anyway, is that you can play your music as loud as you want and when you rent you can’t play loud music or else you’ll get complaints from the neighbors. And when you own your house, you don’t have to deal with noise from your neighbors. And when you rent you, um, you have to worry about noise from your neighbors. So this is on the flip side there. If they’re playing loud music, no, you’re going to hear it going all night long. So that’s one of the benefits. Those are some of the benefits of owning your Oklahoma City new homes rather than renting. Um, so one of the best things you can do is purchase a home. You know, it’s a forced investment account. Watch it appreciate over the years. Um, you know, it’s inflation proof. So if you’re looking for an Oklahoma City new homes, definitely check out [inaudible] dot com. That way you can gather all the information for you and your family to make the best decision. Jesse Hancock (1) 10-12-18.mp3

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