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Oklahoma City new homes | Focusing Our Efforts

Oklahoma City new homes | Using The Market

Hey, welcome back to shaw homes. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy, busy day to educate yourself on brand new homes and what the benefits are of designing and building your next home rather than just looking in the old decrepit used market, the outdated ugly Oklahoma City new homes are second and third choices. But the first choice should always be designing and building your brand new home. Uh, one of the coolest things about Shaw homes is that we’ve developed the best system from getting you from where you’re at now into a brand new home with your Oklahoma City new homes. And so today that’s what we’re going to talk about is the 10 step process to get you into it. Edmund new home. Uh, the first thing that we do with shaw homes is called the model home tour. The model home tours.

So great because we have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder in the Oklahoma area. Um, so we started taking our customers on a model home tour because who doesn’t love going around and looking at beautifully decorated model homes. Our customers have told us that even if they don’t build a shaw homes, this has been the single most helpful thing that they’ve done during their Oklahoma City new homes shopping experience. And that’s because over the years, um, we have collected comments and feedback from our customers and we’ve designed these homes for a very specific reason. That’s because on the tour we really focused on the function behind the design of a floor plan. Um, when we design a plan is a great deal of thought put into why we lay out the rooms the way we did.

These plans are designed from 30 years of architectural experience and thousands of comments from our customers walking through these homes over the past couple of years. In many instances, you’re looking at the version two point zero or sometimes even three point zero of that floor plan because we’ve redesigned and rebuilt it due to popular trends. So the way the tool works is that we take several families at the same time and you’ll just follow a construction manager, I’m sorry, a sales manager around it in your own vehicle. That way if something comes up, you’re free to go, uh, you know, you’re not stuck in a van with that sales manager because we found that most of our customers looking for an admin to new home, I’m don’t want to be stuck in a van or a bus. So this way you know, you still have the freedom to leave if you need to for an emergency.

Um, the model home tour takes about 90 minutes. Um, we start in broken Arrow and we work away all the way into jenks. I’m the coolest thing about the model home tour is that you also get to look through all of our communities as well as Oklahoma City new homes built and over 25 different communities. So you get to find the community that fits you. Maybe you’re looking for a community with a lot of amenities like soccer fields and basketball courts, a pool or a splash pad with some walking trails and some fishing ponds as well. So these are some things that you can look for in our communities or if you’re interested in a different style, you can look for a larger home site within a community. And this is great if you wanted to, you know, have a big get together in your backyard or have a lot of kids and you want your backyard to be the hang out spot.

We have some communities with larger home sites like one half acre or one acre home sites, some even larger than an acre. So on the model home tour, you get to look through all of our communities as well and find that community for your Oklahoma City new homes. Um, again, on the tour we looked through six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes. Most of our models are built as a two story, but they can be a one story as well. So this is the benefit of going on a tour with a sales manager is you get to know the difference in what changes with a one or a two story. Um, you know, sometimes an, a two story home. Um, there might only be two bedrooms downstairs, but then whenever it’s built as a one story, it might convert the study into another bedroom.

So some things do move around whenever you’re interchanging floor plans, but some of our floor plans have 15 different versions, so that’s why it’s so beneficial to be on the tour with a sales manager so they can explain the differences in these versions, why we’ve redesigned them the way we have and why that might benefit you in the future. Because one thing that we always say is having all the information is the way to make the best decision. Wouldn’t you agree? So for Oklahoma City new homes, the best thing you can do is join in on this model home tour, uh, again, on the tour, it’s mainly just information that we’re focused on and the function behind the design and why we’ve laid out the rooms where we have, um, we don’t really go into pricing during the tour, so that way there’s no pressure.

You just got to find that floor plan that fits you and your family best. Um, and some of the functionality that we’re talking about is that some of the floor plans have what we call a snooze button design. So this is great for people who get up at separate times. One person can get up and exit and shower and change and get ready and leave through master closet instead of going back and forth through the master bedroom. So that’s one function and design that we have focused on. Another design is a laundry room really far away from the bedrooms. And this is great for people who like to do late night laundry. Um, so you don’t have to hear your laundry room going all night long. So again, that’s another instance of the function of the design. Um, one of the thing is that in some of our floor plans, we’ve actually redesigned the back patio to push off the end of the note to allow for a lot of natural light to come in through the windows that way over the years, our customers have told us that in their Oklahoma City new homes, they want a lot of natural light.

So that’s one reason why we’ve redesigned our floor plans the way we have, um, there’s something for everybody on the model home tour as well. So if you have some family members that want to come, um, maybe just to look at paint colors or design ideas or just to really see the quality of homes that show homes builds and the attention to detail with the quality materials installed, um, you know, with, as far as granite or quartz is involved and um, hardwood floors or tile, different kinds of decorating ideas. So even if you know, you have some friends that want to join in that aren’t in the market for a brand new Oklahoma City new homes, I’m still thinking they’re more than welcome to join in because there’s something for everyone. There’s a lot of versatile plans. We have over 75 different floor plans and chances are you’ll find a floor plan that you love and that works what really, really well for you and your family. And then, like I said, we have one or two story options. Some of our floor plans can only be a two story. So if you’re looking for an Oklahoma City new homes as a single story, you know, we can show you what ones can be a single story and which ones are only a two story option, but most of our floor plans can be a one story or a two story option.

So that’s kind of what the model home tour looks like in a nutshell. Again, it takes about 90 minutes and for Oklahoma City new homes, Ninety minutes is the amount of time that we recommended in at least investing into making one of the biggest decisions of your life. Um, we don’t want you to walk into one floor plan and say this one will do for my admin, the new home. And then later on down the road you might realize that there are so many other floor plans that were better than the one you chose for you. So what we want to do is make sure you see all the floor plans, get all of the information. That way you can make the best decision moving forward. Sometimes the model home tour does go over 90 minutes. So be prepared for, um, you know, at least two hours, two and a half hours sometimes, uh, mainly because depending on how many people we have on the tour and depending on what direction we go, sometimes we stopped to look at move in ready homes instead of just our models. So we do detour sometimes, so depending on, you know, how flexible our customers are at that time. We, the model home tours sometime lasts anywhere from two to three hours as well.


But you’re going to love the decoration and designing ideas. Um, the really cool thing about the model home tour is that the designers that, you know, pick out all of the materials and decorate and design these models are the same designers that are going to help you in that design studio, which is one thing we’re going to talk about here on one of these steps. But again, this is the 10 step process for your Oklahoma City new homes. And we just covered step one, which was the model home tour. So joined the model home tour for your Oklahoma City new homes. Jesse Hancock (1) 10-5-18

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