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Oklahoma City new homes | Functional Design

Oklahoma City new homes | Your Home Awaits

Today we’re talking about your Oklahoma City new homes and the path to get you there and we’re also going to be talking about some of the floor plans and some of the unique features in these floor plans. So thank you so much for taking the time to read this article together. All the information so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Um, just to recap, I’m one of the first things that we do on the path to your new Edmond home is take our customers on a model home tour and it takes about 90 minutes and you drive your own vehicle. And this is great just so you can see all of the floor plan so you can make the best decision for your family. Um, it’s a lot of fun for everybody too. So if you have some friends or family that want to join in and who doesn’t love going around and looking at beautifully decorated model homes, our customers have told us that even if they don’t build with shaw homes, that this model home tour has been the single most beneficial thing that they’ve done during their home shopping experience.

Um, the model home tours just for information and focused on the function behind the design and find the floor plan that fits you and your family best. The second thing we do on the path for your Oklahoma City new homes is connect you with one of our three preferred lenders and get financing situated mainly just so we can help point you in the right direction, you know, with today’s interest rates and your down payment and credit score. And really just try and find that payment that you’re looking for every month so you can stay within a budget for your monthly investment into your home. These three preferred lenders do closing costs, matching and interest rate matching as well. So if you will are already preapproved with a credit union.

Um, they will match the interest rate in closing costs matching as well. They do all types of loans, va, Fha, conventional, native American and rd loans. Um, those three preferred lenders are spirit bank, Bank of Oklahoma, and First Oklahoma Bank. The next step that we’re recapping is the home site reservation. Um, again, we have over 500 different home sites and none of them are exactly the same. So once you find that home site that you want to build your home on a $10,000 check that goes to show homes, this allows you to take your time, get all of your questions answered, and that way you can make the best decision for you and your family. And if for any reason at the end of seven days you’re not ready to move forward. We literally just you the check back and it’s 100 percent refundable. We don’t even cash the check

after that. You were sent to the price out. This is when we skipped on that last article, but the price out is really cool because I’m in the immediate, your favorite model, it takes about 45 minutes. You get itemized pricing for every detail for your Oklahoma City new homes. That way there’s no surprises and get all of your questions answered and it’s priced the way you want to rather than some builders just throwing everything in. That included, you might not want to pay for some of those certain items. So we let you know, price it the way you want to down to the dollar, and then there’s a total price printout done on the spot for your Oklahoma City new homes. There’s tons of options to choose and knowledgeable staff to help you along the way. Um, so the price, that was really cool because you get to pick the floor plan, pick the community, you want to build it in, right down to the home site. You want to build it on and go through all of our upgrades. So if you wanted the double ovens or the hardwood floors or whatever upgrades you might want, you’ll see itemized pricing. Whatever your little detail costs, that way you’ll know the bottom dollar price so you can make the best decision. Some builders don’t do it this way, mainly because they don’t know what it’s going to cost them to build a home, so they just take their best educated guess.

But since shaw homes has been doing this since 1985, we know exactly what it costs for material and for Labor charges, so we know exactly what to charge our customers to build their Oklahoma City new homes. After that you go to the purchase agreement and during the purchase agreement, this is where you pay your earnest money deposit, either five, 10, or $15,000 depending on the price of your home. Um, you watch a 40 minute video and it’s a one hour meeting. All of your structural and

your home site selection is final. Colors are not final and finishes are not final and additional deposits or do, like I said, mortgage approval is due and if it’s contingent or if you want to delay the build, then congratulations. You’re done. And you’re going to be into the design studio in the design studio. It’s about three meetings, the first meeting, they’re all super easy for your Oklahoma City new homes. That first meeting is your interior selections. This is where you choose all your granite and paint colors and flooring and cabinets. On the second meeting is your exterior meeting. This is where you choose all your bricks and stone stucco for your Oklahoma City new homes and whatever other building materials you might want on the outside of your home. And then the third is to finalize everything in between meeting one and meeting two. You’ll go to our lighting studio and pick out all of your lights. Uh, you’ll also drive around and check out different homes that we’ve already built for the brick on the outside so you can get a good visual visualization for your Oklahoma City new homes because in the design studio they have small samples and the ones that you like a, they’ll send you around to homes that we’ve already built with that brick on the exterior. So you can see what that looks like. It looks like

after you finalize everything, we literally hit a button in our software and all of our purchase orders go out to all of our trades and suppliers and everything starts moving at that point.

There are no structural changes allowed in the design, mainly because we had to send out for this building permits. Um, so all those structural changes needed to be done in the purchase agreement or before. So in the design studio you can do interior custom options. We offer a little over 400,000 different selections, but if for some reason you want something that’s outside of those selections, you can pay a $200 custom option fee for our research and database building departments to find the product and the supplier and the installers for your request and then our cad department to draw it up and figure out how it would fit. Oklahoma City new homes then they’ll come back and say, you know, give you a final price for that custom option. Um, we have an award winning design studio with the largest design studio as well with tons of options offered. It’s such a simple process and there are no children allowed in the studio that are below the age of 12, mainly because you know they might not be a distraction to you, but we might have one or two different families in. They’re trying to make these important decisions,

so we ask that you find a babysitter for the design studio. About a week after the design studio, you’ll get to meet your builder or review the plan and review all of your selections, discuss the timeline and you know, discuss your weekly updates and discuss the pre drywall meeting as well. You get to discuss your homeowner orientation and you have to meet at your main office. You have to meet the builder, Review Your blueprints, and review your site plan and discuss the greater of the land. That was step number seven. Step number eight is actually when we break ground in your home. And from the moment we break ground on the home to the day you move in is about five months. Oklahoma City new homes, you have the homeowner orientation done onsite. You get to meet at your home, enjoy the progress. You enjoy those weekly updates. We welcome questions. Pre drywall meeting is done onsite as well.

Then step number nine is closing. This is when the keys are given and it’s time to move into your new home and you have to meet at the title company and any other downpayments for your Edmond. New home are done at this time here to pay your closing costs and sign for your mortgage and get the title transferred over into your name and then congratulations. That’s when your mortgage starts. That’s when it becomes your home. During the entire build process. No, Shaw Holmes was the one with a construction loan and we were the one paying the insurance, so once we use signed for the mortgage and they get the title transferred, it becomes your home and then you’re covered by Tulsa’s best warranty. So we have a 10 year structural warranty. This covers your Oklahoma City new homes for all the exterior walls and the roof and a slab at the two year mechanical warranty and a one year limited warranty. We also have a 24 hour emergency line, so if there’s ever an emergency you will be able to call and reach somebody that works in our office here for your Oklahoma City new homes. Um, we also have fulltime warranty coordinators on staff. If it’s not an emergency, it goes onto a punch list and then at 60 days we give you a followup call to take care of this punch list. And then again on 11 months to follow up and take care of this punch list.

Then you’re covered by excellent service throughout the entire process here. So one of the best things you can do whenever you’re wanting to build your Oklahoma City new homes is gather all the information so you can make the best decision for you and your family. So definitely head over to [inaudible] dot com so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Find the floor plan that fits you, find that community you’d want to build it in, find it within the same budget. And that way you can make the best decision for your Oklahoma City new homes. Jesse Hancock (6) 10-12-18

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