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Oklahoma City new homes | Get Information

Oklahoma City new homes | qualify for your home

Hey, welcome back to [inaudible] dot com. If you are reading this article, you are digging deep to find all the information to make the best decision for you and your family. So good job on being diligent and finding all the information. Um, today we’re going to be talking about Oklahoma City new homes and you know, how to find all of your options so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Um, we talked about this in a previous article but we went to Shaw homes.com and we’re just kind of working our way through this website. Obviously if you’re reading this article you are, you have already been on our website, but I’m trying to point out some things that maybe you missed during this process here. So when you come to our website, you’ll notice three different categories. There’s 160,000 to 230,000, which is the Manchester series.

There is 230 to $450,000, which is the heritage series. Oklahoma City new homes then 4:50 and above, which is waterstone. Today we’re going to talk about our heritage series. And what that looks like. So when you click on that $230,000 to $450,000 price range, you’re going to see a bunch of tabs here. We got moving ready homes. Get your quick quote today. Um, last time we talked about, is it cheaper to rent or own when you’re talking about getting your quick quote today, when you click on apply now, it’ll take you to another website here just to get some more information. I’m not, this is great because if you’re not sure if building a home is right for you, um, no pressure information, only model home tour that we take three times every week to join on. One just registered below. Um, and this is a great way just to book a tour and get all of your information, all your questions answered.


on a model home tour. Like it. Like I just said, we got three days every single week at Saturdays at 9:00 AM, Sundays at 5:00 PM on Mondays at six PM. Tabs on our website, or zero percent money down, or 100 percent financing available. And if I wanted to see if you qualify for your Oklahoma City new homes, so if you click see if you qualify again, it’ll redirect you to another page where, um, there are two different ways to qualify for zero down mortgage. Um, you know, if you have a veteran’s benefits, so a va loan or an rd loan, so if you are a veteran, you most likely will qualify for that va loan. And then for a USD a loan or an rd loan, you would just have to find a location that qualifies for an rd loan. And certain patients, um, requirements as well, income requirements, but both of these loans are relatively easy to qualify for. Um, if you

to find out if you qualified, just fill out the information below and uh, we’ll get an answer to you quickly. So that’s how you find out about those down loans. They’re a. Then there’s another tab here, which is really interesting. This is, is it cheaper to remodel your home or to build a Oklahoma City new homes? So everything about remodeling or Oklahoma City new homes, I’m definitely check out [inaudible] dot com just to compare pricing. Because one of the things that we do is we just give you all the information so you can make the best decision for you and your family. I’m sorry if you look into maybe you take out a home equity loan to remodel your current home, um, that, that definitely read this article here. Well, if you do buy a new home, it’s a 10 year structural warranty or two year mechanical warranty and a one year everything warranty.

If you remodel your home, there’s no structural warranty, there’s no mechanical warranty and there’s no limited warranty. So that’s one of the biggest differences there. Um, when you buy a new house, everything in the home is new and won’t break down in a remodel, you know, anything could break down at any time and cost you a lot more money. So I know once you start a remodel project on your Oklahoma City new homes, you’re going to uncover a lot of things that you didn’t even expect. For instance, whenever I was remodeling a house for a friend, we pulled off some sheet rock and noticed that the, you know, there’s a lot of mold and the two by fours were molded because it had, had some water damage from a couple months back and they thought they had dried it all out, but turns out, you know, there’s a lot more work to be done than they thought. So they ended up having to, you know, pretty much a gut the entire house and rebuild the interior walls, which was great, but you know, they could have just sold the house and bought a new home. I’m in Oklahoma City new homes. Appliances all have warranties and our brand new and remodel. A lot of times the appliances are, you know, the last things to be replaced. Um, so these are used appliances. They could die any day.

Next, new, uh, spend time with people you love when you get off work and the remodel. Spend time on projects that ultimately won’t pay you back in a new home. There is no more honeydew projects in a remodel. There’s a never ending list of honeydew projects in a new home. There’s lower homeowner’s insurance and a remodel. There is a high price to homeowners insurance, doubled out of a new one in a new home. This brand new carpet in a remodel there his toenails in the carpet or worse

in a new home, a brand new furnace and a brand new air conditioner in. An old home is an old furnace that’s an efficient and an old air conditioner that’s not efficient. The Oklahoma City new homes we all have, our homes homeschool, but they post tension slab in a remodel, a potential major structural issues with the slab. So that’s definitely some of the issues that our customers would run into. You know, all of our homes come with a post tension slab that is pulled to 32,000 pounds of pressure. Really holding that slab tight together. And then one of the reasons we do this is because you know when the ground shifts or maybe if something settles, that post tension slab will pull that all together and hold your walls up. Even if maybe the corner is sagging, it will never let your foundation sag. So this is one of the benefits of a post tension slab.

And then, um, if you keep scrolling down on our website, Oklahoma City new homes, you’ll see, you know, what our customers are saying about us. If you want it to watch a video, you can watch some videos there. And there’s also a little segment here that says, why choose Shaw homes? Well, if you’re going to build your Oklahoma City new homes, there are a lot of reasons to choose shaw homes as your builder. One of the reasons is, you know, we’re a trusted name in the industry. We’ve been around since 1985 and you know, we’ve been licensed since 1985 and since Oklahoma’s estate where homebuilders don’t have to be licensed, this is a big deal for customers that might be worried that a home builder is just going to take their money and run. Like some people I’ve heard on the news. But, um, you know, since we’ve been around since 1985, our reputation goes before us. Another reason is that we keep you involved in every step of the process. We’ve developed the best systems really to give our customers the best expectations moving forward. They’ll always know what the next step is.


We have Tulsa’s best home warranty as well, so no other home builder offers a 10 year structural warranty like we do here at shot homes. We also offer a two year mechanical warranty and a one year everything warranty. So if you’re looking to build your Oklahoma City new homes, definitely check out [inaudible] dot com and join in on a model home tour today.

We are also, uh, members of the Tulsa and National Association of homebuilders. Oklahoma City new homes, we have really great quality homes. We can also build on your own land as well as the quality of our homes is unmatched mainly because shaw homes builds more homes than any other builder per year. So whenever you buy anything in Bulk, you get it for a lower price. So shaw homes buys more granite and tile and hardwood and building materials in bulk more than anybody else. So we get our material at a much lower cost to us. So we pass that savings onto our customers. We also employ more trades and suppliers than any other builders. So they send us the best trades and suppliers that will, you know, you have the best trades building your home and since we build so many every month, our profit margin is a lot lower because we don’t make a lot of money off of every home, but the way we make money is by building a lot of homes.

So that’s why I’m now if you’re looking for your Oklahoma City new homes, those are some reasons why you want to choose shot homes because you know that you’re getting the best quality material at the best price. And um, some other builders to compete with pricing, they have to cut corners in areas where the customers might not realize, for instance, in maybe installation or in house wrap or in other building materials or in labor, they might, you know, need to frame out a house as quickly as possible. So they hire the cheapest framers to come in and knock out the job just to keep their costs low. So if you’re looking to build your Oklahoma City new homes, I’m definitely check out [inaudible] dot com. We also offer upfront pricing as well. Um, so this is what we call a price out. This is where we go through. We let you pick your floor plan for Oklahoma City new homes, pick the location, what community you want to build your Oklahoma City new homes in. And um, we go through all of our upgrades so that way you’ll have the bottom dollar price moving forward. Jesse Hancock (2) 10-12-18

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