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Oklahoma City new homes | Giving You a Great Opportunity

Oklahoma City new homes | Making Things happen

Hey, welcome back to shaw homes and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to inform yourself on new construction and what it looks like to build your Oklahoma City new homes. Today. We’re talking about the path to your new shaw home and we’re continuing from where we left off on a previous article. So we’re starting on step number four today, which is called the price out. But first let’s recap the first three steps to your Oklahoma City new homes. The first thing that we always like to do with our customers is take them on that model home tour because it would be a big disservice for us to sell you on a house, maybe the first one you walked into and not tell you about the other floor plans that might fit you and your family’s needs better. Um, we’ve actually had this happen a couple times where someone walked into one of our model homes and they said this one’s perfect.

We’ll take it. And then as they’re designing it in the design studio, you are sent around to other model homes to look at the materials you’ve selected installed. In a house and they walked into a different model home that they never had the chance to look at or were never given the opportunity to look at and ended up liking that floor plan a lot better and it was, you know, they were just upset with us because they were never given the opportunity to see these other floor plans. So we want to make sure you see all the floor plans now, all of the information. That way you can make the best decision for your Oklahoma City new homes. And that’s what the model home tours here for is just to give you all the information. I’m focused on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan.

Um, there’s something for everyone. Versatile plans. One or two story, like I was saying in most of our model homes are a two story, but they can be built as a one story as well. Um, it takes about 90 minutes. You’ll see anywhere from six to 12 homes that are all fully furnished and decorated and you drive your own vehicles. You’re not stuck in a van with a sales manager or anything like that. Um, and again, it’s one of the most valuable things our customers have done during their home shopping experience. The second thing that we do, step number two is financing. This is where we connect you with one of our three preferred lenders because the best thing you could do is know exactly where you’re at financially today. That way you know what the timeline looks like to be ready to buy your Oklahoma City new homes.

Sometimes our customers come in and they get preapproved for $500,000, but they don’t want that monthly payment. So what they do is called a monthly payment quote where they’ll tell you, you know, with today’s interest rates and with your credit score and your down payment down payment are what monthly payment, um, you feel comfortable with and what kind of house that can purchase. Um, it’s a really easy application. It’s five minutes and the 24 hour approval process, um, but the do closing costs, matching and interest rate matching and all the types of loans with conventional Fha, va, and native American and rd loans as well. Step number three is the homesite reservation, uh, like I said in some of the other articles in depth, but we have over 25 different communities and over 500 different home sites. So one thing we started doing is allowing our customers to reserve these home sites, uh, with a thousand dollar deposit that’s refundable for seven days. We don’t even cash the check, but this allows for no rush decisions. Switching homesites is allowed and you get to take your time and you get all your questions answered. And then now we’re going to continue on with step number four and my personal favorite, the price out. So the price out is really cool because essentially you get to build your house on paper, you get to build your Oklahoma City new homes on paper, you’ll see the bottom dollar price. What this home will cost you before you make any commitments.

You get to pick the floor plan that fits you and your family’s needs best. You get to pick the community that you want to build this home in, right down to the home site. You know which direction you want your home to face. Um, and then we’ll go through all of our upgrades and you’ll see, yeah, let’s put it in the double ovens and the hardwood floors or whatever else you might want in the house. And you’ll see itemized prices for what everything costs. And at the end of it, we’ll print off the sheet for you so you see itemized pricing and then the total cost of your Oklahoma City new homes. That way you can make the best decision. Um, Glen Shaw homes has been doing this since 1985, so we’ve been around for a long time, so we know exactly what our trades and suppliers will charge us down to what the material will cost us. So that way we know what to charge our customers upfront. Um, most builders can’t do this and it’s not really their fault, but they just don’t know what it will cost them. So they give you their best educated guess, but their price is always increased and always fluctuate. So the coolest thing about shaw homes is that we,

I know exactly what it’ll cost, so we know what price to charge you. Again, you get the price to come out the way you want to. Some builders, you know, might put a doggy door or some things that you don’t want in the home included and then not give you anything if you take it off so you don’t really get to build the home the way you want to. Uh, but this way it was shot homes. We started at a much lower base price and allow you to put the things in the house that you want, not just what we think you should have. So you get to really build and design your home, uh, right down to the dollar. The total price printout is done on the spot, a tons of options to choose as well with knowledgeable staff to help you along the way for your Oklahoma City new homes. Um, you get to meet at your favorite model. And this price out appointment takes about 45 minutes. Um, you’ll see itemized pricing that way that there’s no surprises and you’ll get all of your questions answered.

Um, during the price out. Again, you made it your favorite model and you will just look at a TV screen with some different slides and they’ll show you different types of brick and stone and Stucco and sinks and tile and everything that you might want in the home. And you get to select, you’ll say yes, let’s put in that item. No, we don’t need that item. And right down to the custom cabinet tree. So if you wanted to roll it out, trashcan and your Oklahoma City new homes or tilt out trays or rollout drawers, you can do this. And, uh, any of your, any of these floor plans here. So that’s the benefit of the price out, uh, after the price out.

The only thing after the price out step number five would be the purchase agreement. This is whenever you are 100 percent certain on the floor plan and 100 percent certain on the home site, you want to build it on. Other than that, you’re allowed to change your mind throughout the entire process in the design studio. But at purchase agreement you’ll watch an informative video that’s about a one hour meeting. Again, the structural options are final and the home site selection are, is final. This is because a shaw homes sends out for construction loans and building permits. So we can’t change that after this step number five, but the colors are not final and the finishes are not final. So if you selected hardwood and the price out and you want to go to a hardware looking tile and the design studio, you can do that with a no fee or charge.

Um, obviously the cost of materials would be different. You’d be saving money. But the cool thing is, um, you know, it goes up or down a predetermined amount. So you know, if you sign a contract for $285,000 and you go into the design studio and you realized we didn’t really want hardwood floors, let’s just stick with tile and you know, you take off some of your upgrades. If the price goes down, then you save money and the price will go down on your contract. So we won’t lock you into a higher price or anything like that.


Um, additional deposits are also do that. Step number five. So these deposit amounts are, if it’s between zero and $250,000, it’s a $5,000 earnest money deposit between 2:50 and 300,000. It’s a $10,000 earnest money deposit and between 300 and 250, it’s a $15,000 earnest money deposit. Again, this is mainly so you have some skin in the game for your Oklahoma City new homes. This allows shaw homes to pull construction loan and carry the insurance on the home the entire time. And then once the home is finished, that earnest money deposit is applied to your home. So it’s still your money, but it’s just making sure you’re committed to building this home because shaw homes is taking a large risk letting you design and pick out all the colors for this home. Um, so we want to make sure that you’re committed as well. A mortgage approvals are also do during the purchase agreement.

Step number five. Um, so if you’re working with one of our three preferred lenders, they would have already sent over a preapproval preapproval letter, um, and also if you want it to be contingent or noncontingent, meaning if you have your home to sell ’em, we know we can write a contingent contract allowing you 120 days to sell your current home in order to design and build your Edmond new home. And then also a delay of build. Sometimes our customers like, uh, maybe it might be in a lease for 10 months and it only takes seven months. So for the Oklahoma City new homes, they could delay the build for three months. That way they move out of their apartment and right into their Oklahoma City new homes. Jesse Hancock (3) 10-5-18

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