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Oklahoma City new homes | Heritage Communities

Oklahoma City new homes | West to East

All right, this is the sixth, I need to finish this out. So we’re looking at is a silver leaf. Edmond homebuilders. We’re looking at silverleaf several. He is a great community. Tucson village is a great community. So is um, so is crystal creek. We also have some heritage communities and those communities are or are larger homes. Our heritage homes and those communities are like village southern trails. In fact, if I pull up a map, which I will do right now, I’m going into Google and we’re going to pull up all of the communities and talk about them. Yes, we are. We’re going to pull up the maps here. We’re going to pull up a whole bunch of things. We’re going to pull up my places, Oklahoma City new homes, which means in the maps there’s a show homes community list and we are throughout the whole place. So he go from west to east.

Over in the furthest West is Timber Creek. They are located at Edmond homebuilders three, two, one nine west, 118th street south there in Jenks, Oklahoma. Seventy four, zero, three seven. Then we’re going to move over to your town, which is in [inaudible] as well, and that community is one, two, eight. Oh, one south gate street in Jenks, Oklahoma. And then we have quite an interesting cluster of estates at the river which is very close to Somerset and very close to seven lakes. So it states that the river is located at five, four, one, one east, 121st street place south there in Bixby, Oklahoma, Edmond homebuilders right down the street from them. Somerset, somerset is located at one, two, zero, seven, two south, 68 east avenue there also in Bixby, Oklahoma. And just south of them is seven lakes. I don’t believe that we have any more homes there, but we will see and they are located at 125th and share it in, in Bixby, Oklahoma. Then we have kind of a square cluster of homes, um, Oklahoma City new homes, that form a square pattern, uh, starting with Spring Creek, that’s pretty much done, but they were located at 65. Oh, one south chestnut avenue in broken arrow. A north of them is village at southern trails. That’s where I used to hang out. Three six. Oh, nine south for boulevard in broken Arrow a. If you had directly east on that same street, you will hit seven oak south at one for one for East New Orleans place in broken Arrow, Oklahoma. That is

700 south. Uh, Oklahoma City new homes then heading south of there is Brighton village at six. One 11 south 15th place in Broken Arrow. That’s heritage. And then off a off a little bit is a highland creek. And um, so going off, I believe we are then at highland creek, which is located at two two five. Oh, seven east, 104th street south in broken arrow. And then just a ne of them is Ashbrook at two four zero, zero east, Ninety Fifth Street, South Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74 zero one four.

And that is all the communities. And then of course we have the silver of heritage. I’m sorry, the Manchester series at Edmond Edmond homebuilders. We have Tucson village at 2001 east Tucson place in broken Arrow, Oklahoma headed north on county line. It will take you to Silverleaf at three, eight, zero, nine north, 33rd street in broken Arrow, and then headed northwest. Oklahoma City new homes You get to Crystal Creek, one, three, zero, zero, one east, 43rd street south in Tulsa, Oklahoma across the street from a silver leaf will be a new community and that community will be what’s called a pines at the preserves or preserves that the pipeline’s Edmond, Oklahoma,

Edmund homebuilders. And those will be homes that are slightly larger than the Manchester series and Faq. We can go over the prices of the various Manchester series homes because I am running out of things to say. So we have the bay. Would, is our smallest home that’s at 1336 square feet. Oklahoma City new homes, some of these, uh, sizes are wrong, but I’m going to use them anyways. So in Silverleaf, the 1336 square feet, uh, that’s the base price of 171,000 in Tucson village at same home as one 77, 500. And at Crystal Creek, it’s actually a bigger footprint because of the, uh, because of the brick at 1377, we’re looking at 176,600 Edmond homebuilders the next time was the Birkdale a non brick location silverleaf the square footage is 1424 square feet. Um, and uh, in Silverleaf it’s 175,900 to some village. It’s 182,500 crystal creek. The sizes more at 1487 as is the price at 181,500.

Next step is Ashton. The non brick size is 1,499 square feet. And the prices for silver leaf in Tucson village respectively is 179,100 and 185,600. So, uh, and then of course the brick version is 1,554 square feet at 184,700. The next in terms of size is the, is the Dawson. Now the Dawson is the non brick Edmond home builders is 1,525 square feet and the price and silver leaf is 180,600. Now in Tucson village it’s not available, but in Crystal Creek it has the wrong size of 1,525. It’s probably more than that and the price of it in Crystal Creek, the brick price is 1,800, 1000, 180, 6,200 a next step. Oklahoma City new homes I’m sure that that size is wrong is the Cambridge, the Cambridge, the non bricked sizes 1,662 a. But it does say in Tucson it’s 1,642. I think that’s incorrect. Uh, that is uh, Edmond homebuilders.

The price for the non brick in silver leaf is 186,300 in Tucson villages, 192,900 in Crystal Creek. The sizes bigger, it’s 1,721 square feet. And the price, the price is 191,900. So right there on the cusp of $192,000, I think we have time for one more and that will be a actually the conclusion of the original five. And that is the amber floorplan. See there were five smaller homes. This is basically the floor plans until we had the next 11. One, two, three, four, five, six. And the next 11 there’s 11 floor plans. So the that the amber, the non brick size is 1,662 square feet. Edmond home builders in Silverleaf it’s 186,300. Oklahoma City new homes in Tucson village is 192,900. Now a Tucson village unfortunately does say 1,642 square feet and I think that’s wrong. But in Crystal Creek the brick price and size, size and price respectively as 1,721. I’m sorry, 1,740 square feet. And the brick price is one thousand one hundred ninety four thousand eight hundred. So those are the, the, the original five. And then, like I said, later on, I’m actually beginning this year, the middle part of this year we launched, we launched the larger Manchester’s, which, uh, encompasses six for plants that we’ll be discussing next. And that concludes this podcast. Until next time, I’ll talk to you later. Bye Bye. Chaz Inez 6 09-28-18

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