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Oklahoma City new homes | Laying Down Sod

Oklahoma City new homes | A quarter acre

Hey, welcome back to shaw homes. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this article today. We’re talking about the included features that come with shaw homes for your Oklahoma City new homes. We’re continuing on in this article here. So what we have next to that comes included is a quarter acre home sites will be fully sorted front and rear yard as well. Um, so there are some homicides that are over a quarter acre that we also do full side on as well. Some half acre home sites come fully sorted as well.

Um, but we’ll just have to make sure once you know your community that you want to build your Oklahoma City new homes in. Um, we’ll let you know if that comes fully sorted or not, but most of your show homes and the homes that we build on, we add sod for the entire home site. The landscaping allowance is $500 for shrubs, trees and flowers. Mulch and green iron, edging included or as per covenants in our communities. Oklahoma City new homes, and this is mainly going to be flowers and trees that these landscapers have on hand, so a lot of our customers ask if they can choose all these flowers and landscaping items, but the APP. But the idea is that you’d get a lot more bang for your buck if you just allow us to choose those items for you. We have to frost free hose bibs that come included as well in your shot home.

And the cool thing about these frost free hose bibs is that they actually run about 16 to 18 inches inside of your interior wall and that’s where the valve is that. So this is great for those really cold days where water might be freezing on the exterior walls. Since your hose bib is 16 inches inside the wall, it never freezes or rarely freezes at that matter. We also have three waterproof Gfi receptacle is included with your Oklahoma City new homes. I’m also included as an electrical half horsepower garage. Door opener included for the two car bay, even on a third car garage. The only one included is for that to car bay. And this is because most of our customers weren’t using that third car garage door opener, so it’s no longer included, but it’s still an option if you’d want to have all three garage door openers. If you don’t just choose that third car garage door opener. It’s still prewired with an outlet up there. So if anytime in the future you decided you’d do, you want to add one, you definitely can. After closing,

Oklahoma City new homes, for the plans that include the third car garage with prewired for coach lamps is on. All three bays are included and the fixtures come out of your lighting allowance. So if you choose a three car garage, you’ll have those coach lamps outside. And those are all included out of your lighting allowance. The way you’re allotting allowance works here with Shell homes is for a single story home, you’ll have $1,500 to go to our lighting studio. And then in a two story home you’ll have $2,000 to go to our lighting studio and pick out all of your lighting and from your Chandelier’s to your coach lamps, to pendant lights and ceiling fans. So all of that will be decided in our lighting studio. You also have the option to add a ceiling fan in any room. It comes included in a few rooms like the living room, for instance, your master bedroom, um, the game room upstairs. But if you want. Audio_09_17_2018_13_01_55.mp3

On the model home tour are starting, location is out here in broken Arrow at our community called ashbrook. Ashbrook is located at two four, zero, six, eight east, Ninety Fifth Street, south in broken Arrow, Oklahoma seven, four, zero one four. And the model home that’s built out here is called the Prescott. Some of the cool things about the Prescott is it can be built as a one or a two story, um, with one of our biggest, one story for plans as well. One thing that our customers said that they wanted what was more storage space and our floor plans. So the Prescott has the most storage space of any of our floor plans. And this would be great for your Oklahoma City new homes. The Prescott also has the most windows in the living area. So for your new home, if you’re looking for windows and a lot of natural light, the Prescott is a perfect floor plan for you. There’s also a huge pantry in the Prescott and I’m the designer. For the laundry room is the laundry room is the farthest away. It can be from the master and the bedrooms. And this is great for late night laundry,

uh, in our community over here in Ashbrook, we have half Acre home sites. So if you’re looking for a community with larger home sites, ashbrook would definitely be one to consider. But if you’re wanting to build the Prescott and Edmond, you definitely can. And it would be your Oklahoma City new homes. The next

floor plan that we look at on the model home tours called the Addison Addison is built in our community at highland creek. Hasn’t creek is located at two, two, five, zero, seven east hundred and fourth street south in broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I’m the cool things about the addison is that it can be your Oklahoma City new homes. What also is our most efficient four or five bedroom floor plan. It can be built as a one or a two story as a split plan with separating bedrooms, so bedrooms and a bathroom on one side and then across the, you know, the living room and kitchen. On the other side is the master suite. Ms Dot is actually really great for a nursery set up because the bedroom that’s right off of the master closet is a little smaller and this is perfect for either a nursery or an office and this game room upstairs fits nine people comfortably, so a really large game room for the style of home. Next on the model home tour is the Greenville and the stonebrook. Keep in mind any of these floor plans can be built for your Oklahoma City new homes. Next on the floor plan are the model. Home tour is the Greenville. Greenville is located at one for one for East New Orleans place in broken Arrow of. The cool things about the Greenville is that it is our most open design concept with high ceilings in one and the two story versions, so even if you want to build the Greenville as your Oklahoma City new homes as a one story in the Greenville, there are 13 foot ceilings in the entryway and then 20 foot ceilings in the over the dining room.

Most of the largest area dedicated to the master suite in the Greenville. And then a unique optional master suite expansion where it actually adds two large rooms off of the master suite that there will be private for the master suite. So if you wanted an exercise room or a study of this will be the perfect floor plan for that.

Also, right next door to that one on the model home tour is the stonebrook. Again, these are all built in our community called seven oaks south. So sevenoaks south is a community in broken Arrow, Oklahoma, also in Tulsa County. So if you needed to stay within Tulsa county, you’d want to stay within, stay at sevenoaks south. But the stonebrook is really neat because it has an office, a powder bathroom downstairs. Really cool open concept from the living room to the kitchen with an island that faces the backyard instead of the living room. Really creating two separate entertaining spaces with that turned island and also has a huge pantry, what we like to call it, the preppers pantry. So if you’re looking for, you’re Oklahoma City new homes to have a large pantry and a unique kitchen layout, definitely check out the stonebrook for your Oklahoma City new homes. Also in the snow stonebrook, we have what we call the snooze button design. So if you or your significant other get up at separate times, one person can get up and get changed and exit through the closet. Audio_10_15_2018_12_40_19.mp3

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