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Oklahoma City new homes | Look at your roof

Oklahoma City new homes | another podcasting episode

All right, we are on another podcast Oklahoma City new homes, so I’ve been driving around silver leaf actually. I’ve been driving around the whole broken Arrow area looking for shaw homes, Manchester Home, sober leaf, and it’s quite a, it’s quite an ordeal. They have the road that should lead right into actually 209th and I believe 209th. We’ll after silver leaf has done our community. It should lead you right onto 61st off of $200 a month. I believe they’re building that street right now. So I’m really looking forward to it. As of now, I’m headed back to Silverleaf community, which is Manchester home. It’s pretty much all I’m all, I’m a built out except for a few lots that are designated as a dewberry homes only, which is a great floor plan. It’s actually quite beautiful and uh, I think it’s going to be a very, very popular floor plan Oklahoma City new homes.

So I just passed a Casey’s this is great. Twenty third. So now I’m going to get much familiar with the area around Silverleaf and I needed to off of 23rd and county line road is a Casey’s and also on the South West corner is a broken arrow highschool that looks like. So that’s really good for the kids around my neighborhood. I’m headed north on county line road right now off of a 61st. And the first thing that you come across is an apartment complex which is scissor tail crossing. Very beautiful apartment complex that looks like quite secluded. And uh, so a lot of these folks that will be purchasing homes will actually be in that neighborhood. To my west is a community. In fact, I’m going to go come inside because they look like they’re all homes that are cited as well. Um, I don’t know who the builder is, a Oklahoma City new homes, but this community, I’m not sure.

Okay. There are some that are bricked. Many of them are cited homes, brick on the side. I’m quite a difference there, monochromatic, whereas most of the homes, the wall color is the exact same color as the garage and that really looks horrible. My goodness, it looks like someone had a discount on paint and they certainly were going to take advantage of it. I still have yet to see a community name, but it is off of 23rd and Elmira, I think our property looks quite lovely next to this property, whoever it is, Oklahoma City new homes, and uh, it’s right across the street from a scissor tail crossing apartment complex. Uh, so now I’m heading north again on, um, on what is this street on 23rd, which is also county line road on passing this monochromatic cited neighborhood and I will find out what that is. And so that is my competition, not much of a competition, which is awesome. Um, Abergee, uh, the, this is an energy company to the right. There’s a golf course to the left in this golf course is actually called course that is behind the Greens apartment, which is off of 51st in family law. And I’m on the south.

So we are continuing on. I think I left off at four minutes. I’m Oklahoma City new homes. So, uh, I have six minutes on this recording. So now I’m headed. I’m sorry about that. That was a call that came through from San Antonio. We Have Eagle Creek, which is where my customer from yesterday is to the right is the Johanna Woods mobile home park. So Eagle Creek, that is the community, just a waste of my community. It Goes Eagle Creek, then it goes new Bedford and then it goes soberlink. So now that I’m familiar, now I’m new Bedford is where one of my colleagues lives. And so she lives right next to soberly, uh, to the right is the new pines, a Oklahoma City new homes and we are building the pines. Chaz Inez 2a 10-19-18


we are building the Pines,


a community there, the new new Manchester homes, which is awesome. And so now I have just arrived in silver leaf. So, uh, that is exciting when you get all my things and we’ll go inside and we will continue this, this podcast. In fact, I’m going to continue it while I walk into my home, which is in silver leaf Silverleaf, a Oklahoma City new homes. I’m getting my stuff. So really is a great community. I’m telling you, that is his show that my soul’s got my muffins, got everything ready to go into the model home in silver lake. I had my breakfast Burrito and a day in the life folks. I am recording day in the life Oklahoma City new homes. So, um, our model home is open from noon to six during these hours. Pretty soon they’ll start the at 11 to five, I believe, as you see, all of them do indeed have alarms.

So all you see. So we’re thinking about breaking into one of our model homes. You can’t, we have cameras. We’ll see you. We have alarms. The cops will be summoned and you will be shut down. My friend shut down. And so all the lights turning on all the lights as per what I’m supposed to do. I’m here in the master bedroom of the Brookdale model, Oklahoma City new homes. And it is a absolutely beautiful model. Look at this. Look at all the room that we have. You can put a king size. It is quite deep. You can put big, big bedroom furniture. All the lights in the living room are on except for that one. And I need to repair. I’m now in the kitchen. The birkdale is unique in that although it’s under 1500 square feet, 14, 24 to be exact. Oklahoma City new homes The island is quite large.

It is indeed large. It’s actually as long as the liberty, I believe. I’ll confirm that I am now in the office turning on the lights and we are good to go. And how many minutes have I talked? I have talked for four minutes. I have two minutes left. And uh, I really, really am turning on the open home side day in the life coach. This is a very, very interesting day in the life. So I have my um, exterior’s, which I think we should put a shell, which would be great. Uh, all of my in my office are all of my samples. We are set. So now I have about a minute and a half. So now what I’m going to have to do is tell Tim, my manager, my construction manager, that we need to take care of a few things in this house. For instance, we really, really, really need to take care of that light and I don’t know what’s going on with that light, but something is going on in the living room.

So we need to take care of that. We want to make sure that our model homes are presented to our customers. That’s always a good thing. And so it was our responsibility to make sure that they indeed are. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna. Make sure that the, the, um, the manager, the construction manager, know this. Very important to add, in fact, actually more to say, except thank you for joining the podcast. We’ve got 30, 30 seconds in. The silver leaf is a great community Oklahoma City new homes is where it’s at. So those folks who are in Oklahoma City, Norman Mustang, a Yukon, that whole area, a noble midwest city come up to Oklahoma City new homes You have to know that shaw homes is in town for you and we will certainly provide you an awesome, incredible home buying experience. Chaz Inez 2b 10-19-18

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