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Oklahoma City new homes | Narrowing Down The Process

Oklahoma City new homes | Finding Your Way

Thank you for joining us for another shaw homes podcast where we bring you the latest news in the home building industry and the eastern Oklahoma area. I am Jordan more joining you at the village at southern trails and our exciting news that we are mentioning and focusing on his Oklahoma City new homes. That’s right. We are moving a, I should say rather we’re expanding to the Oklahoma City area, so shaw homes is expanding to Oklahoma City and uh, we’ll be building Oklahoma City new homes. And uh, on our last previous podcast we were talking about

model homes,

tours, and this time I want to talk about how we kind of narrow it down with something that we call c, C, b, b, a, this really benefits more or less the sales person so that way we can make sure that we’re covering the spectrum with our customers, uh, to give them the best experience, the best home shopping and home buying experience that they can. So they come to the door. Our primary thing that we want to do is always connect with our customer. It’s always important to make that connection, make that initial investment. And talking to them, finding more about them, their interest and what they’re doing and if you can give them a snack or refreshment, a find that what their names are and use them in the conversation that, uh, that would be the goal number one goal is not just to just start giving benefits and trying to book them on something, but rather getting to know them and find out finding out through the conversation more organically what those needs are and setting yourself up to be able to ask those questions rather than jumping straight to them. So that number one would be to connect with them. I’m Oklahoma City new homes, uh, would be focusing on this connect aspect as well. Uh, just as we do in Tulsa.

I’m so connected when will be the number one. The second one is the car. Oklahoma City new homes, we have a,


customer survey cards that we fill out for them and ask them the questions. Basically, this walks us right into the path of just about everything that we need to know to kind of help narrow down what we can to help them find that perfect home. And hopefully that one of a kind home site as well on this car, uh, our main thing that we want to do is ask them how they heard about. We were always curious as to what is the most effective way, what is, what is working most and our options there are, did you hear about us through a friend?

Did you hear about us through Google.com or just searching on the Internet? Did you find our website [inaudible] dot com? Did you find out about us through the parade of homes that a realtor tell you about us, which is important, uh, to know ahead of time. And also, um, science, you know, it did. Was it a community sign at the entrance, right intersection that told you about who Shah Holmes’s and you wanted to stop by. So those are those things that we always want to ask as people come in. That’s also a good way to connect with people and just to see how they found out about us. The next question is, when do you want to be in your new home?


everyone’s actually asking when, when are we doing Oklahoma City new homes and we will be able to announce that soon.


so when we ask when they want to be in their home, the following questions would be immediately a three to six months, six to 12 months or over 12 months.

This kind of gives us an idea for the next question, which is, do you rent or do you own by doing this? This allows us to find out whether or not they own a home and if it needs to sell and do they need to put it on the market. Then at that rate, um, Rican, tell them about a contingency where they have, where we can move forward on the selection of their home and their home site and do a contingent contracts based on the sale of their home. And they’ll have 120 days or four months to sell their home. And that will lock in a, this month’s and incentive. And this month’s prices, of course we are having a price increase is just about every month now because of the terrorists that are going on with all the, uh, important or shouldn’t say importing from the other countries.

And so those, that gets locked in as well. And, uh, the other one that we can do is to delay of built for up to 120 days as well. So say that someone signed a lease and was wanting to build an Oklahoma City new homes, uh, and that didn’t quite line up for the timeframes, that construction, we can delay the build, go ahead and move forward and our selections, uh, and through that process up until actually breaking ground. And then when that timeline ads lines up, then we are able to move forward in the build of the hub. So we always want to find that out. And if they’re renting, of course what we want to do is bring out the fact that they’re paying someone else’s equity and bills instead of building their own equity and owning the land and the property, the house themselves. Uh, the next question is a number of bedrooms and there’s three, four and five that gives us a pretty good idea as to which, uh, what would work best for them and which floor plan and for Oklahoma City new homes, we also asked for a number of baths and that’s two, two and a half or three.

Um, the next question is, well, speaking of which, um, as far as two and a half ago, we do have a few plans that offer the half bath and we can actually add those in and a few others as well. Some people really like to have that half bath or a powder room that people can use or guests can use while they’re visiting. Um, while the other bathrooms are a little bit more private,


for the people that lived there or might be visiting more longterm. Uh, the next question is, the number of garages is we always want to find out is do you want to do a two or a two and a half, three or four car garage? And um, once again, this kind of helps us narrow it down, which will work best for them. Uh, this includes the home site because they’re, of course are communities where you’re not, your home sites are not be large enough to fit a four car garage, so we’ll have to narrow it down that you might have to end up living on maybe a half acre home site or oversized homicides that would be able to fit a four car so that way we can even narrow down to community that we’re even looking at. Um, so as Oklahoma City new homes, we also ask about if they want to study, um, and that’s a yes or no question of course.

And if they want a dining room, which is another easy. Yes and no. We have a plethora of plans that either offer both of those or just one of those or neither of those. Um, so a lot of people are getting away from the formal dining room and are more leaning towards a more functional than just, you know, a few times a year. They just want an oversized kitchen nook where they can put their table like the Redford has or maybe the stonebrook where people can just set up a table there and utilize that space as either a study or a bedroom. Um, we often ask people for a, when regarding Oklahoma City new homes is, do you want an upstairs? Some people just want a one story or they just want a game room, a game room and bath and bed and bath or bonus room and so on and so forth.

Again, this just gives us a general idea of which plan will work best for them because certain plans can do just a game room and other ones have to have a game or a bed bath. And so there’s a handful of options. Of course we build, um, over 70 different plans as is. And then we ask them what is their desired square foot? If so, what is your desire and square footage and an Oklahoma City new homes? Is it 1600 to 2000? Two Thousand and 2,500, 2,500 to 3000, 30,000, $3,500 or 3,500 and up. And of course the larger the home, uh, the more of an investment that will be, which leads to the next question and that is what is your desired price range? And that kind of gives us an idea. Are you looking for 1:50 to 200, 200 to 2:50, 2:50 to $300, 303 50 or over $350,000. And so Oklahoma City new homes, uh, would be asking the same questions as they wouldn’t Tulsa. So thank you for joining us for another week and we look forward to talking with you again about our exciting news about Edmond new halls. Jordan Moore 2 10-5-18

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