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Oklahoma City new homes | No Pressure Salesmen

Oklahoma City new homes | Forever Home

Hey, welcome back to this article. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read and inform yourself that way you can make the best decision for you and your family. Um, if you’ve come to this page, you are definitely digging deep to find what’s best for your Oklahoma City new homes today. We are looking at the path to your new Shah home. Um, we’ve already covered step number one, which was the model home tour. So today we’re gonna continue on this, on step two and continue through these 10 steps. But to recap real quick, uh, the model home tour is step number one. And like I said, it’s about 90 minutes, sometimes longer depending on how many people we have joining in on the tour, six to 12 homes that we look at. They’re all fully furnished and decorated and you get to drive your own vehicle.

So if something comes up, you’re free to go. Um, there’s no pricing. So there’s no pressure. Just focus on the function behind the design and truly finding what floor plan fits you and your family’s needs best. We have over 75 different floor plans, so the model home tour is definitely the most important thing when you’re looking for an Oklahoma City new homes. Step number two is financing. We work with a ptosis, three largest banks. So we have first Oklahoma Bank, Bank of Oklahoma and spirit bank. The coolest thing about these banks since they are the largest banks in Oklahoma, they do what’s called interest rate matching, where if you might, you might have a preapproval from a different lender or a credit union or something like that. They’ll match any interest rates that they might provide. They’ll also match any closing costs, um, and they do what’s called a monthly payment quote.

So one of the best things you can do today is know exactly where you’re at. Um, some of our customers might be approved for $500,000, but they don’t want a payment for that amount. So they’ll be able to tell you what a monthly payment looks like with today’s interest rates, with your down payment, with your credit score, and you know, give you factual information on what monthly payment you feel comfortable with investing into your brand new home every month. Oklahoma City new homes, and some of our customers are a year away and they try and wait a year to talk to a lender, but in most cases that is a bad idea because I’m talking to a lender today so you can know exactly where you’re at and especially if you need to work on your credit score or paying off debt, these lenders will be able to look at all of the numbers and tell you exactly what to pay off in, what order to rebound your credit as fast as possible.

So that way whenever one year comes around, you are ready to move forward. So like I said, knowing exactly where you’re at today is the best thing you can do to move forward into your Oklahoma City new homes. It’s a really easy application. It’s a five minute application process. I’m on line and you submit it when you’ll hear back within 24 hours for the approval process. So, and like I said, if you are approved, they’ll kind of give you that monthly payment quote so you know what it looks like and if you’re not approved, they’ll tell you what’s holding you back and what you can do to fix it, to be ready to move into your Oklahoma City new homes, um, when, as soon as possible, since they are the three largest banks in Oklahoma, they do all types of loans as well. So there’s conventional loans, fha loans are the va loans and native American loans as well as rd loans.

So if you’re looking to buy an Oklahoma City new homes, um, again, the first thing you should do is, is take join in on the model home tour with Shaw homes. And the second thing you will want to do is talk to a lender. That way you can know exactly where you’re at or exactly where you need to be to move forward to purchasing your Oklahoma City new homes. Step number three on your path to your new home is called the home site reservation, so we have over 25 different communities and we can duplicate floor plans over and over for your Oklahoma City new homes. But what we can’t do is duplicate another home site. We can’t duplicate land. So once our customers have found that one of a kind home site, maybe backing up to a pond or to some trees or a pasture or whatever that might be, we allow our customers to reserve these home sites, a thousand dollars check written to Shaw homes and that allows the sales manager to take that home site off the market for one week or seven days.

And this allows that customer to take your time, get all of the questions answered, not feel pressured or rushed to make any quick decisions. Like I said, take your time, get all of your questions answered and see if this is the best fit for you and for your floor plan. Um, sometimes our customers, you know, want a really big backyard and they found a home site not realizing that the home is going to be, you know, 30 feet back into that home site and then the length of the house is 45 feet or 50 feet anyways. So then their backyard isn’t quite as big as they thought. So they might want to switch homesites to um, maybe a cul de sac lot or a different home site that has a bigger backyard. So switching homesites is allowed as well. And, but sometimes our customers want a smaller backyard for less maintenance and less lawnmowing. Um, so you know, you can switch home sites as well. Um, but with that thousand dollar deposit written to Shaw homes, you get to take that home site off the market for seven days. And this is one of the best that our customers do because it also locks in the incentives and the price for that month

prices right now are going up about every month due to tariffs with Canada and building materials going up. So if you come to the end of the month and you’re still not quite sure, the best thing you can do is reserve a home site. That way you can no lock in pricing and incentives to have at least an extra week to decide. And if at the end of those seven days you’re still not ready to move forward, that’s no big deal. We actually just hand you the check back. We don’t even cash it. I’m that way. It’s a 100 percent refundable.

So we’re looking to build your Oklahoma City new homes. The best thing you can do is contact somebody here at shaw homes or go on [inaudible] dot com, look at our floor plans, and then join in on that model home tour. Um, like I said, 90 minutes and you’ll see all of our fully furnished and decorated model homes. And you’re going to love the process. It’s so much fun and enjoyable. I’m looking into your Oklahoma City new homes is going to be the best experience. The second thing that we do is financing. So we connect you with one of our three preferred lenders. Again, like I said, it is a spirit bank, Bank of Oklahoma and first Oklahoma Bank, um, they do payment

quotes, monthly payment quotes, um, interest rate matching and closing costs matching. So again, there’s no harm in looking into our lenders, um, but with one of our three preferred lenders, you actually get an extra $5,000 incentive. So without them, um, you know, you get an incentive value of around $10,000 and if you use one of our preferred lenders, you get an incentive around $15,000. So there’s a $5,000 difference there as well. So if staying with your lender or your credit union is worth $5,000, then you know, we can use a different lender, um, again, you just lose the $5,000 incentive and we would also need a mortgage commitment rather than a preapproval for your Oklahoma City new homes. Back in the day, glenshaw would take preapprovals from any bank and we would move forward. But then a lot of times, either the customer didn’t read the fine print or the lender didn’t underwrite it yet and there wasn’t, they weren’t really approved.

So after Glenshaw, you know, pulled the construction loan and let the customers designed the home, maybe they painted it purple and made some weird customizations. Um, at the end of six months after we built this home, something wouldn’t work out and they wouldn’t end up closing on their Oklahoma City new homes. So then glenshaw had this home that he’s taken a risk out for and we’d have to redesign and market the home and sell the home or try and sell the home. So this was a big risk in glenshaw was, was making. So we decided to implement some quality control with these three preferred lenders and that’s why these are in place, just to make sure our customers know what they’re getting into and know what it looks like in six or seven months. Once the home is 100 percent finished and they’re ready to move in, that they’ll still be able to qualify.

They’ll still be able to move forward and live in their home. So that’s why we use those three preferred lenders. And then step number three is that homesite reservation. Again, a thousand dollars deposit. That’s refundable for seven days. Again, no rush decisions you get to a switching. Homicides is allowed. Taking your time, getting all of your questions answered. Like I said, we don’t even cash the check, but you block competing customers from that home site for your Oklahoma City new homes. And that way you get all of your questions answered. And then next we will continue on with the path to your Oklahoma City new homes. Jesse Hancock (2) 10-5-18

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