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Oklahoma City new homes | Preserving The Pond

Oklahoma City new homes | Go Fishing

Right, we are on podcast number three and we’re going to be talking about, um, Oklahoma City new homes. So, um, I am in a community called silver leaf and silver leaf is a Manchester community show homes Manchester community. And what we’re looking at in show homes Manchester community is homes that’d be good from the 100 and seventies all the way up to about 200 actually, I don’t know, I should know these things, but in any event there from 1377 square feet and they go all the way up to about 2100 square feet. No silverleaf is situated in a broken arrow. And uh, we’re talking about a Oklahoma City new homes and um, uh, basically it’s off of 51st street and North Broken Arrow between county line road and 209th street at 209th street. The community is actually closer to 209th street than it is probably just maybe a block block and a half west of 209th street.

And it’s a great community because, uh, it’s in wagoner county, so the taxes are a lot less. Uh, for instance, uh, broken Arrow, you actually times the market value of a home by point zero, one four in Wagner. It’s only point zero one. It’s actually point zero nine six. But, uh, I uh, rounded up just to be safe. Same with a broken arrow. I believe it’s point zero, one three, but they rounded it up to a point zero one. So that’s the reason Oklahoma City new homes. And so, um, we have several streets, actually silver leaf is now completely sold out, at least phase one is. So now we’re looking at phase two, um, we got to do face to complete phase two and so that’s going to be some time in the future, probably nine months or so. It’s going to be crazy. So, um, because there’s no more, there’s no more lots.

I mean, what are we going to do? We’re only going to be selling in south broken Arrow, which is to song village. We’ll have to sell across the street which should be open here in the next week and a half or two weeks, uh, at preserves in the ponds. But anyway, silverleaf. So relief is a nice community because Oklahoma City new homes because it’ll actually, uh, have a nice community park and Nice Community Pool, very nice amenities. It’ll have a cabana, a streets. There are a quite nice, there’s 33rd street and uh, so that’s superly Gosh, there’s really not much to say. There’s a nice street streetlights there in silver leaf, not only street lights, but we also have sidewalks so that people could walk around, have walked their dogs, which I see quite frequently. Um, and the community is great. We have great neighbors. For instance, we have an older couple who I absolutely love the Jerry.

Jerry is the cause of dementia, but he is sharp as a tack and very witty. We have a Venezuelan Oklahoma City new homes that have actually fled Venezuela and um, our, uh, my goodness, they’re, they’re now living in Tulsa, living in a brand new house. They have siestas. We have funny Patrick Webb that his wife, he is hilarious. Um, web is a yos cracks me up. He has that look. When you look at him, he looks like he’s just, he’s always either about to crack a joke or has already cracked a joke and we just rib each other good people. And then we have farmers who are very political, very serious. Uh, we love talking apologetics with Falmer. I had a great conversation. Oklahoma City new homes regarding the Ravi Zacharias. I’m also, uh, regarding um, then, uh, I can’t believe I forgot his name, but put political commentators. They’re there, they’re up on their game.

So it’s always been just absolutely, absolutely wonderful. Uh, the customers that Silverleaf and have just been a joy to work with, we’ve helped them with their financing. We’ve been able to get them homes with. They’re ready right now or right at that time or whether they need a few moments need, need to, let’s say a year. We can stretch out that too. Uh, so that you could move in by the 11th month. And I think that that is absolutely wonderful. It’s called our delay of build program and it’s a wonderful program for our folks, Oklahoma City new homes. So what we’re saying is if you’re looking for a home in the North Broken Arrow area, uh, in wagoner county, which has the lowest property taxes, then this is, this is the place, this is the place to go. Um, it is a, it’s just a wonderful community and I’m blessed to be working with the folks that I’m working with.

Our lenders are a Lexi gains with Spirit Bank. We also have a, um, Juan Rodriguez from a first Oklahoma mortgage and we have a thin wagner with a bank of Oklahoma and they have been just wonderful with our customers and I’m proud to be working with them. They have great incentives. Lexi hasn’t $1,500 towards broken up towards your closing cost, which is additional. Um, I think that’s great. We also have, um, we also have a, uh, Oklahoma City new homes. We also have a Ethan Wagner with a thousand dollar incentive towards closing costs. So that is excellent because we ourselves have $4,000 that you could either apply towards closing costs or you could apply towards the price of the home, which in essence is a $40,000 in upgrades. Because it all goes to the same purpose, right? So that is definitely, definitely a plus and we can certainly certainly accommodate that, which means $40,000 plus and Lexi’s case $1,500.

That’s $5,500 towards closing costs. That pretty much will take care of your closing costs, which is just absolutely fantastic. I’m Oklahoma City new homes. There are a lot of great amenities when it comes to a silverleaf. We’re far enough away from everything where it kind of feels like you’re living out in the country, but we’re also close enough to everything where you’re not. So you definitely have, um, uh, the best of both worlds. I’d like to say the other thing is we are expanding phase two of Silverleaf will be occurring here soon and very, very proud of that. They, um, they um, will start that actually. It’s not soon. It’s actually a. we’re looking at about. I’m Edmond. We’re probably looking at a another nine months, which is, which is a shame. I wish it was sooner, but it is what it is right now. They’re trying to break down the rock.

It’s a very, it’s very rocky. Rocky ground, so they’re just pounding the rock, making it palatable to build homes, which, uh, I think is a good thing. Uh, because a rock is a rock is very hard, very tough and uh, it’s not really palatable for Oklahoma City new homes. Um, the Bible says something different. Obviously the Bible says, don’t build your home on sand, which in essence that. So if we do a build it on rock. So, um, you know, obviously that’s more metaphoric than anything else, but it is what it is. And uh, of course we have to include Edmond home builders in all of this. And so we are near the conclusion of this chat or this podcast. Number three, see you next time. Chaz Inez 3 09-28-18

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