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Oklahoma City new homes | Pursuing Your Home

Oklahoma City new homes | Pursuing Your Home

Hey, welcome back to shaw. Hi Miss. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to read this article. A. I know you’re in the search for all the information so you’ve come to the right place today. We’re gonna, continue down the path to your brand new shaw home and you’re Oklahoma City new homes, so if you’re looking to build a new home, I’m gathering all the information and all your options is the way to make the best decision and luckily for you, Shar homes has done this a couple thousand times so we know what we’re doing. We have talked and to all the experts and to all of our trades and suppliers and we know exactly what materials costs and what our trades will charge us so we know exactly what to charge and our customers so that way you can have all the information upfront instead of getting through the process and being charged additional charges throughout the entire process. Today we’re going to continue on our path to our new shaw home. We are on step number five. Step number five is the purchase agreement, but let me quickly recap our first four steps.

The first step is a model home tour. This is where you really get to find that floor plan that fits you and your family’s needs best, and that’s the coolest thing about going into the model home tours. They talk about the function behind the design and why we went out the room as the way we have and finding that perfect floor plan that fits you and your needs best. The second step is financing. Talking to one of our three preferred lenders that we know exactly what you feel comfortable with purchasing, talking about your monthly payment. A lot of times if we say $300,000, that doesn’t quite compute in our heads, but if we said $1,800 a month, that would make sense to most people. So Oklahoma City new homes that’s why they do those monthly payment quotes. It’s a five minute application and a 24 hour approval process. So it’s really quick and easy. So the best thing you can do is just submit the application. Don’t think about it, just submit the application. Step number three is the home site reservation. This is where we allow you to take a home site off the market. That’s one of a kind. Once you fall in love with the home site, the best thing you can do is take it off the market so nobody else can choose it and block competing customers. That’s a thousand dollar check to shaw homes. We don’t even cash that check and if for any reason at the end of seven days you don’t want to move forward, we literally hand you the check back

and it’s 100 percent refundable. Step number four was that price out. That’s where you get to choose all of your upgrades in the home. You really get to build a home, but you want to price it out the way you want to write down to the dollar a total price print out on the spot. That way you have all the information for your Oklahoma City new homes.

Step number five is the purchase agreement. You’ve already priced it out. You know where you’re building your home, you know what floor plan and you’re ready to move forward. Again, if you don’t change your mind on anything that you’ve selected, the pricing will stay the same, but we found over the years that our customers like to change their mind and that’s okay. The only thing is you can’t change your mind on or the floor plan you chose and where you chose to build it because we send out for building permits from the city and those have to be very specific. Also submit a construction loan as well, so we pulled a construction loan and carry the insurance on the home, the entire build process. But that being said, all the interior items and cosmetic items are not final, so you can change your mind on those at any time through the design studio process. Additional deposits are do as well. So if your home is between zero and $250,000, it’s a $5,000 earnest money deposit. If it’s between 250 and 300,000, it’s a $10,000 earnest money deposit. And if you’re homeless between zero r 300 and $350,000, it’s $15,000. Deposit. Anything over $350,000 is five percent of the purchase price. We’d also need your mortgage approval due at this time as well, and if it’s contingent on selling your home

or the delay of build as well.

And then congratulations, you’ve just started the process to your brand new Oklahoma City new homes after you signed the contract and your earnest money is in and they will call you about a week later to schedule your design studio appointment. They’ll schedule all three on the same phone call. So likely there’ll be a one week apart in the design studio. They are three easy meetings. The first one is your interior meeting, the second is your exterior meeting, and the third is your final signatures. So on the first meeting you pick out all of your interior items, so your countertops, your cabinets, your flooring or paint colors, uh, all of the interior items. The second ago exterior you had to pick out the brick and stone stucco, the colors for the exterior. And third you get to finalize everything.

So there are no structural changes a lot in the design studio. So you’re not allowed to move any exterior walls, those all have to be done before the purchase agreement. So at this price point, if you want it to customize, you definitely can, um, to a degree and all the structural options have to be done before the design studio in the design studio. If you can’t find something that is within our little over 400,000 selections a, we can do what’s called a custom option request to pay our purchasing department and Research and development team to find this product that you want, um, our purchasing department to purchase this, to find the installers and to have it installed. And it’s a $200 fee for the nonstructural custom option requests. But here’s shell homes. We have an award winning design studio with the largest design studio as well, uh, with tons of options offered with a simple process and no children in the design studio over the years, our customers have told us that the design studio is their favorite part about building their shaw home and it’s going to be your favorite part about building your Oklahoma City new homes as well.

Working hand in hand with a designer that’s been doing this for years really helps make the process go smoothly.


sometimes this process can get overwhelming with so many options and selections, but like I said, with a designer helping you every step of the way, um, these decisions seem to just flow through this process and it’s a lot of fun.

Step number seven is the plan review. This is where you would get to meet you, builder the person that will be building your home in charge of your home and in your home every single day. So at this point, this will be your main point of contact, um, after you meet the builder at the main office, you get to review your blueprints with him, review your site plan, and discuss the greater the land as well. You get to review your selections and discuss a timeline, discussed the weekly updates and discuss a pre drywall meeting. So the meeting is where we meet in the home before the drywall goes on. This way you can see where all the wires and h vac and plumbing are running. Um, and then you also discussed the homeowner orientation, a homeowner orientation is where you would meet with your builder and he will show you how to light the pilot lights, how to operate the sprinklers, and really everything that you need to know in your brand new shaw home.

And then step number eight, we break ground for your Oklahoma City new homes. Once we break ground, um, you get to enjoy the progress and enjoy those weekly updates. We send out weekly updates via email and you’ll see pictures and texts telling you this is what we’re doing this week and kind of keep you informed every step of the way. The job site is an open job site, so you’re free to go on the job site at any time, but if you aren’t, we send out these weekly updates just to keep you informed. We also welcome any questions. And then we also do that pre dry meeting. So once we break ground on your Oklahoma City new homes, until the day you move in is about five months for steps through six are really heavily dependent on the customer and how decisive they are. You know, picking out their floor plan, picking out the community, picking that home site within the community, picking out all of their upgrades and selections and then specifying what colors and specific types in the design studio, so that typically takes a month to two months getting through there.

So what we like to say is around six to seven months from start to finish, you’ll be moving in to your brand new shah home. Step number nine is closing and this is where we give you the keys and it’s time to move in you to meet at the title company. Any other downpayment fulfilled is done at this time. So if you were in that earnest money bracket for $10,000 and you wanted to put $50,000 down at closing, you would just bring an additional $40,000 to the bank and put on that for your down payment. You’ll also pay any closing costs sign for your mortgage as well. And to get the title transferred into your name and that’s when your mortgage starts. And then you covered by Tulsa’s best warranty with your Oklahoma City new homes. (6) 9-21-18.mp3

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