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Oklahoma City new homes | Rebuilding

Oklahoma City new homes | Model Homes

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about what the model home tour it looks like for your Oklahoma City new homes. I’m like I said, the first thing that we try and do on the path to your new show home is take you on that model home tours. So today I’m going to tell you know what to expect if you do join in on that model home tour. Um, the reason we started doing this model home tour is that we have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder and the Tulsa area. So we started taking our customers on these model home tours because who doesn’t love looking at beautifully decorated model homes. Our customers have told us that even if they don’t end up building with shaw homes or they buy an existing home that, uh, our model home tour,

one of the coolest things about Shawn Holmes is that we have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder in the Tulsa area. And that’s why we started taking our customers on the model home tour. Because who doesn’t love going around looking at beautifully decorated model homes. Our customers have told us that even if they don’t build with shaw homes or they ended up buying a used home that the model home tour has been the single most helpful thing that they’ve done during their home shopping experience. And that’s because on the tour we talk about the function behind the design and why we’ve laid out the room is the way we have and what might benefit you. Oklahoma City new homes, and a lot of times you’re looking at the version two point, oh, or three point zero of that floor plan because we’ve actually rebuilt it and redesigned it so many times based on popular trends and feedback from our customers over the years.


the way the tool works is that we take several families at the same time.


we go to the same days every week as well. So Saturdays at 9:00 AM, Sundays at 5:00 PM and Monday’s at 6:00 PM. And whenever we start the tour, we start in our community called Ashbrook. Ashbrook is a great community because it’s over here in broken Arrow a, it’s a nice cozy community with about 25, 30 homes. Not very many homes, but it’s great because you get to really know your neighbors. But uh, it has a larger home sites, so one half Acre home sites. I’m again just look for a community in Edmond to build your admin and the new home. But on the tour we started in Ashbrook and a floor plan over here in Ashbrook is called the Prescott Prescott can be built in Oklahoma City new homes, but the Prescott starting location is two, four, zero, six, eight east, 95th street south in broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Um, some cool things about the Prescott is that it has several different versions.

It can be built as a one story or with just a game room upstairs or a game room, a bedroom and a bathroom or a game room, a bedroom and another bedroom and a bathroom upstairs. So several different versions, but it has the most windows in the living area. And one of the cool things is that the windows, the back patio used to hang those windows, but over the years our customers kept saying that it’s blocking a lot of that natural light. So what we did is we actually moved the back patio to overhang the nook and go off the end of the note. So it allows for a lot of natural light to come in. Um, it also has the most storage closets, so none of the things our customers were telling us that they wanted or a storage space. So we’ve designed the Prescott to have the most storage space and storage closets of any of our floor plans as well under the huge pantry in the Prescott.

So if you’re looking for an Oklahoma City new homes that has a large pantry, definitely check out the Prescott. Another cool thing about the Prescott is that it has a late night laundry design. So the laundry room is actually as far away as it can be from the bedrooms. And this is great if you’re the person that likes to do laundry. I want to hear the laundry going all night long. I’m next on the model home tour is a community called highland creek. Highly Creek is out here in broken Arrow, one of our communities that has the most amenities in it. So this community has a pool, a clubhouse to playgrounds to half mile walking trails with fishing ponds and basketball and soccer fields as well. So a really cool community. Um, and the floor plan that’s out here is called the Addison. The Addison can be built as a one or a two story home and the address is two, two, five, zero seven east, 104th street south in broken Arrow a, but you can build the addison and Edmond and it could be your Oklahoma City new homes.

Oklahoma City new homes, some cool things about the addison is that it’s our most square foot efficient four or five bedroom home. I had a split plan, separation of the bedrooms, so two bedrooms and a bathroom on one side and I’m on the other side of the house or another two bedrooms and a bathroom. Um, it’s a great plan for a nursery because there’s a small bedroom off of the master closet. A lot of times our customers use this for an office or a nursery. It is the smaller bedroom in the house, but since it has a closet, it’s still technically a bedroom and in the game room upstairs fits comfortably. It’s a really huge game room for the size of the home, so you’ll really enjoy the large upstairs game room with a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs as well. All right, moving right along on this model.

Home tour is the next community is seven oak south. Uh, south is a really cool community. It has a pool, some really nice homes in there. There are two model homes in seven oaks south of this stonebrook and the Greenville, the Stonebridge Bingo can be built as your Oklahoma City new homes. But in here the cool things about the stonebrook is that it has an oversize nook and it turned island. And this is great if you want to separate spaces, you actually get to, you know, not have your back turned toward anybody in the living room and you get to enjoy looking out into your backyard as well. The stonebrook can only be built as a two story because the only bedroom downstairs is the master suite, but there’s a huge pantry in the kitchen as well. We call it the preppers pantry. So Doomsday preppers, you know, you get to stock up and store a bunch of food in that pantry.

In the stonebrook we also have the snooze button design, so this is great because it has an exit through the bathroom and closet. Um, and this is great for people who like to get up at separate times. One person can get up and exit through the master closet, um, after getting ready that way they don’t go back and forth through the bedroom to wake up their partner, hence the snooze button. It also has a unique l-shaped vanity in the master suite. So one of the biggest vanities in our models. And the next floor plan on the model home tour is the Greenville. Again, the green vote would be a great home to build for your Oklahoma City new homes. The Greenville has the most open design concept with super high ceilings in the one and the two story versions. There are 13 foot ceilings in the entryway and 20 foot ceilings in over the dining room, so really grand entrance.

Uh, it has, uh, the largest area dedicated to the master suite and there’s a unique optional master suite expansion where add two bonus rooms off of the master suite for either a master or a study or an exercise room, whatever you’re going to use it for. Next, on the model home tour is our community called the village at southern trails religious southern trails as a great community with a pool and a playground as well. The model home built there is the monroe to p, uh, the Monroe Tupe address is three, six, one nine south for Boulevard in broken arrow. This one is r, has the largest great room of any of our floor plans and the largest outdoor living space. It also has the snooze button design and a corner tub in the bathroom with a hidden hall bathroom as well. So you’re a guest bathroom is down the hall and around the corner for a great privacy for the, for the guests that come over. Um, the Monroe is our most versatile plan as well with 15 different versions next on their model home tour. Um, there is a community called Somerset, somerset. I’m in there. The model is the Redford. The redford is located at one, two, zero, seven, two

south 68 east avenue in bixby. I’m the cool things about the Redford has, uh, turned island and design for backyard views, the most kitchen cabinets in the biggest kitchen of any of our floor plans. And it’d be the perfect Oklahoma City new homes. It was also a marriage saver master suite with his and hers vanities and closets. A next on the model home tour is a states at the river. And the model there is the Monroe one, I. This is the largest version of the monroe. So if you’re looking for a large home, close to 3,700 square feet, definitely build the monroe one. I, as your Oklahoma City new homes, the Monroe one I, you know, most versatile design with 15 different versions. The largest great room, the largest outdoor living space, and the largest master vanity as well. Next is the Monterrey built in our community called Timber Creek, which is at 32, 19 West hundred and 18th street south in Jenks. I’m the Monterey that’s built there is the true second suite on the main level. Most private bedrooms have any plan, powder, bathroom layout, and most private upstairs bedrooms as well. And the last one is the Ventana built in Yorktown, Spanish for windows. So check out our model home tour today. Jesse Hancock (6) 11-2-18.mp3

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