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Hey, this is Jordan with shaw homes. I’m in sevenoaks south right now. This is a model home that I claimed as my own and I’m so thankful because we have so much traffic coming through this area. This is a very popular area to build in. Um, in fact it’s like I opened the doors and people are lined up to come and check the availability of the home sites and people want to come in and check all of our move in ready homes because people want to live in this area. And we have opened up his second phase just within the last couple of years and it’s crazy how quickly it has filled up that we’re actually starting to develop and open up parts of the third phase here in the near future as well. And so I’m thankful that I’m located in this area because of all the traffic that it’s bringing in and my goal more than anything.

It’s just to help people find the right home and the right location. And so make this process as easy and as simple as like as as we can for which we, which we have. Because of our, of our system and our processes and also just provide the best experience that I possibly can for people and building their home and show homes, prides, Oklahoma City new homes, at show homes. We pride ourselves in doing that and it’s an honor and a privilege to be able to work for them and to represent that as well. And so here in seven slash south, it is busy everyday. We have traffic of people coming in and I’m just constantly having to follow up just to make sure that people are getting their home sites requested a because that land is going so quickly in this area. So I’m eager and excited to be able to talk about us as an Oklahoma City new homes builder.

These are some things that you kind of get to look forward to because of this is the urgency that we kind of create here at shaw homes. People want our homes, they flocked to them, they see the quality that’s. And then they see the customer service that we provide and they see the character and the integrity of Mr Shaw himself and they want to be a part of it. They look at a Oklahoma City new homes and the, and, and, uh, want to frame a themselves after that. And so when people come in, one of the questions they often ask is how much is this home? Uh, and I always have to let them know, well, uh, do you, do you like this floor plan? Does, is this what kind of the floor plan that you guys are looking for? Are you looking for a one or a two story?

And then kind of finding out what works for them. But if they’re really adamant and persistent about that price, I’m like, okay, well we can actually build a version of this floor plan here in this community as low as $263,000, $263,000 and 800, $263,800. Um, that was hard to spit out. Oklahoma City new homes, but if you build a different version of this floor plan and a different part of this community, it can be as high as $360,000. Do you know which version of the plan that you’d want to build or if you would want to build in sevenoaks south, do you want to build a broken arrow, jenks or big speed? And so whenever that is, if they’re looking for we all, we often a combat it with that and then we let them know, well, how much is it? Well, okay, uh, the Austin part is we have this thing called a price out and so once we know where you want to build, um, which community and down even to the home site and we know which floor plan that you want to pick, we do something awesome called a price out and it’s one of my favorite points because I’m kind of a bit of a numbers Geek and this is where we build your home on paper.

We kind of go through a, um, a presentation on our, our, our little tv go room by room through the home and all the selections of talked about what comes included in all the different things that you can do. And we’ll do a line item price out for you and we’ll print it out on the spot so that way you can compare and look at it. Often what we’ll do is print it out for the husband and the wife and then let them go to their separate corners and determine what they want in the home and they mark what they do and what they don’t. And then they compare that price out is a really awesome part. But where we start with everyone is actually something called the model homes who are and on that model home to we’re a, because we actually have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder in Tulsa.

We take people on that tour and I mean, who doesn’t love to see beautifully decorated model homes. I mean, that’s why most people come in in the first place. And with that being said, um, we always want to make sure that you follow us in your own vehicle and you just follow that community manager and each of these plans we actually have over 70 different floor plans, um, for you to pick from. Oklahoma City new homes we go through a handful of these and it just saves you a ton of time. Who is interested in saving time, who, who isn’t interested in saving money. Those are the two biggest ones that people want. And the great thing about Shawn Holmes is we can do both. That model home to her is only 90 minutes long. And as an Oklahoma City new homes buyer, we will offer that model home to or to you as well.

This allows you to, Oklahoma City new homes, really, instead of going through 70 different floor plans, trying to figure out what you do and what you don’t want, we only take about 90 minutes to go through six to 12 of them. And then from there we’re able to narrow down what you would want in a floor plan and save you a ton of time. In fact, people have told us that even if they end up buying a used home or building with someone else, they found that this is the most single most helpful thing that they did during their home shopping experience. And that’s because we focused on the function behind the design of the homeschool or plan, and when we design a plan, there’s a great deal of thought put into why we laid out the rooms the way that we did. And these, these plans come from 30 years of architectural experience that come from thousands of comments from customers that have been through our homes already.

And in fact, uh, you’re, you will be looking at, you know, version two point Oh, or three point, Oklahoma City new homes, of a plan because we’ve rebuilt it and redesigned it based on popular trends. Uh, and so with the way that works is we just have people follow us out on their own vehicle. We take a few families at the same time and that way if, you know anyone has an emergency, they can go at any given time. And, uh, we just start at one end of the map and we’ll work our way across. And we encourage people to tell us what they like and what they dislike about the plans. It’s not going to hurt our feelings because what works for one family won’t work for another. That’s why we have as many plans as we do because some people only want a two story. Some people only want a one story.

Some people are empty nesters, some people are multigenerational, some people have kids, some people have parents living with them. So it really depends on the needs. And so as we continue to go through the homes, we really get to Kinda tell you what works best and cater to the needs of you and your family and save you a lot of time doing that. Because one example, and as an Edmund Oklahoma City new homes builder, I would really, uh, it’s important for me to mention the men row itself can be built 15 different ways and that can range from someone that has an empty nester that only wants a one story, a three bedroom, two bath with a steady or dining room, uh, all the way up to multigenerational where you can have a bonus room and a game room upstairs with two beds and two baths upstairs are two beds and bath upstairs.

So it really just depends on the needs of what those families, uh, of the, the needs of those families. But if you just come in the model home and some of La, yeah, well I don’t, I don’t like this plan and then just decide to leave. Then you’re not getting the full idea of what we have to offer. Oklahoma City new homes, most plans, not multiple different ways to build. We only have a handful that can only be built as a two story, but most of them can be built as a one or a two story. Now most of our models are built as a two story just to show you what it can be like as a two, but it’s really easy to demonstrate to people what it would look like as a one by getting rid of the staircase and letting them know what changes were that staircase is at.

And so that’s what we always want to make sure that we’re doing. So if we start on the Prescott will explain like this might be the press, got he, but you can also build a Prescott age or a press guy a or just a Prescott one and the reason why we’d want to tell people that is because that can, that can go from that, um, you know, empty Nester to a, having a family because you can then have two bedrooms, a bath and a game room upstairs. So just having three bedrooms and two baths downstairs so it can be expanded greatly or decreased. So really just depends on those needs. So as an Oklahoma City new homes builder offering 70 different floor plans can seem overwhelming. But the idea is we are the experts, we know our plans and once we find out what you’re looking for in your plan, we’re able to really narrow down what works best for you. Jordan Moore 2 11-30-18

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