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Oklahoma City new homes | Showing Off

Oklahoma City new homes | What You Need To See

Hey, welcome back to shaw homes. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read some articles and educate yourself on what it looks like to build your Oklahoma City new homes. Sometimes new construction can be overwhelming because our customers don’t know where to start or what it looks like or the price because so many things have different numbers and variables to it. So we developed what we call the path to your new home. So today we’re talking about that path. It’s 10 easy steps to get from where you are now to walking into your Oklahoma City new homes. Just to recap real quick, um, we already talked about the first five steps instead of we’re going to talk about the second five steps. So the first step was that model home tour. Again, we want you to see all of the information and all of the options. That way you can make the best decision for your family. I’m about nine.

A step number one was the model home tour. You’ll see 90, we’ll take about 90 minutes to see six to 12 homes that are all fully furnished and decorated, and you get to drive your own vehicle. That way if something comes up, you’re free to go at anytime you know you’re not stuck in a van or anything with me, but the model home tour is just focused on inflammation and the function behind the design and really just allow you to see all of our floor plans and what works best for you and your family after you found that perfect floor plan for you. Step number two is financing. We like to connect you with one of our three preferred lenders. That way you can find that monthly payment quote, what you feel comfortable with investing every single month into your brand new Oklahoma City new homes. Um, it’s a really easy process and it takes about five minutes in a 24 hour approval.

Um, you know, the best thing you can do is know exactly where you’re at financially. So that way you know where you need to be for your Oklahoma City new homes. They do interest rate matching and closing cost matching and all types of loans as well. Those three preferred lenders are spirit bank, Bank of Oklahoma, and First Oklahoma Bank. Step number three is the home site reservation. Like I was saying before, we have 25 different communities and over 500 different home sites. So we started allowing our customers to reserve. There are one of a kind home site. The way you reserve it as a thousand dollars check written to shaw homes. That’s refundable for seven days. Now. We don’t even cash the check, so for any reason at the end of seven days, if you’re not ready to move forward, we literally just hand you that check back and um, it’s a hundred percent refundable. So this way it allows for no rush decisions. We don’t feel pressure that someone else might take your home site, so allows you to slow things down, take your time, I’m get all of your questions answered. And it also blocks competing customers from that home site.

And then homicides are all one of a kind as well. So we can duplicate floor plans over and over. But we can’t find another piece of land exactly like the one that might be your one of a kind home site. So when you’re looking to build your Oklahoma City new homes, I’m finding that home site is one of the biggest steps. The step number four is the price out. This is where we allow you to build your Oklahoma City new homes on paper. Where do you pick out the floor plan, pick the community right down to the home site and go through all of our upgrades and you’ll see itemized pricing, what every detail costs, and you’ll have a total price printout done on the spot so you can walk away knowing exactly what it would cost to build your Oklahoma City new homes with shaw homes.

Before we make any commitments. Step number five was the purchase agreement. This is where you’ll need to be 100 percent certain on the floor plan you want to build and the home site you want to build it on, but other than that, you can change the cosmetic features in the home. In the design studio a, which is what I want to talk about today at this article, so for the design studio, that’s step number six. The design studio is our customer’s favorite step in building their Oklahoma City new homes, mainly because you work hand in hand with our professional designers to help put your color schemes together and your granite and quartz help you pick out your flooring and your carpet and the wall color, granite and cabinets. So there’s a lot to decide. We have a little over 400,000 options, so it’s great to have a designer to help you through this process.

Um, they are, there are three easy meetings for the design studio. The first meeting is the interior meeting where this is where you pick out all of your interior items like countertops and cabinets and flooring and paint colors. Um, and then in between meeting number one and meeting number two in the design studio a, you’re sent out with some homework that might be going to our lighting studio to pick all of your lighting fixtures. And then also driving around to look at different bricks and different materials that you’ve already chosen in the design studio because in the design studio you’ll see small samples of materials, but for your Oklahoma City new homes, it’s always great to see these items installed so you get to drive around and look at homes where those selections have been installed in the home already. And in step number two is all of your exterior selections. So this is where you pick out all of the brick and stone and Stucco,

allowing you to really make the exterior of the home, one of a kind for your Oklahoma City new homes. And then the third meeting is to review everything and finalize your selections. And once you finalize your selections, um, we literally hit a button in our software and it sends out all of our purchase orders to all of our trades and suppliers. And everything starts moving at this point. So after you sign off on everything in the design studio and we pushed that button, you are no longer allowed to change anything in the home. And otherwise there will be a change order fee of $300 and that feeds in place really to stop you from making the changes to allow us to say you have decided on everything and allow us to build the home that you have decided, but we understand that things do come up and you do, you want to make changes and that’s okay, but we will have to track down the purchase order and that supplier and the trades and resubmit paperwork. So sometimes we make mistakes. So we charge them $300 for all the additional work that goes into making a change order.

There are also no structural changes allowed in the design studio. If you did want a structural change, that would have to be done in step number five, which was the purchase agreement for your Oklahoma City new homes. Because again, we’re sending out for building permits. So those specs have to be specific whenever we submit that paperwork. So if you were wanting to, let’s say, move the garage for two or four feet or move the back patio covered back patio or maybe extend a wall here. Um, anything that adjust the structure of the home is considered a structural change and has to be done before purchase agreement. Other than that, um, if it’s an interior custom option, you can do those in the design studio. So if you wanted to maybe add different windows or different move some walls around or something like that, you can do any of those in the design studio. I’m that custom option for your Oklahoma City new homes interior. Custom options are $200. Again, in the design studio, you get to work with our award winning designers that have the largest design studio with tons of options offered and it’s a simple process and we also ask that there are no children allowed in the design studio mainly because they might be one or two other people in the design studio at once. So in order for people not to be distracted and to have your full attention, we ask that find a babysitter that night for children that are under the age of 12.

So that’s what the design studio looks like. Um, again, our customer’s favorite step in this process is the design studio. This is when things start getting real and you start putting your house together and it’s so nice to have a designer there to help you through this process. So if you’re looking to build your Oklahoma City new homes, definitely check out shaw homes.com and look through this 10 step process again, the model home tour than financing homesite reservation. Do the price out so you know that bottom dollar price and you can price them out the way you want to. And then he signed the purchase agreement with the earnest money deposit and then you’re after that, you’re sent to the design studio. And then, um, you know, this is when things start getting real. So typically this is heavily dependent on our customers, but for this process that takes about a month to two months. Jesse Hancock (4) 10-5-18

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