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Oklahoma City new homes | So Many Choices

Oklahoma City new homes | Cool Choices

Hey, thank you so much for checking out shaw homes and welcome back. This article today we’re talking about the included features in your brand new Oklahoma City new homes. A Shaw homes has created the best system from start to finish getting you into that brand new home. Um, and again, today we’re going to continue on. I’m talking about all of the included features that come standard. I’m one of the coolest things about shaw homes is that we really allow you to build and design this home the way you want to. So all of these standard features are where we start, but there are so many different choices and upgrades you can choose that way you truly get what you want out of your brand new Oklahoma City new homes. So what we’re gonna talk about right now is just continuing on is what comes included is a mason I doors with painted trim

with your choice of Cheyenne Roman arch riverside or two panels square or a six panel colonial style. So these are your interior doorways. We also have the hardware for all your interior doors. You can do knobs and hinges, um, in your choice of finish, so oil rubbed bronze brushed, nickel or chrome, also for the cable and phone Combo, jagged, they’d come included in the great room. So that’s your living room where you’ll probably be watching most of your tv and that’s where you might even have your wireless router set up. They also income included in this study, the master bedroom, the game room, and a bonus room. It’s applicable. So anywhere else that you might want to add a cable phone Combo, Jack, I’m definitely you can add those in any room, but most of the time with your Oklahoma City new homes, these locations are all our customers ever need the paint.

The way this works is that you get one paint color included four walls and ceilings throughout your home and garage, one color for doors and trim. Many colors to choose from as well. A trim in closets are painted the wall color and one accent color for a study or dining room, any extra color over those three that come included will be a $300. Charge per color. All non master baths, full bats come with a cultured marble vanity top and back splash with the white fire fiberglass shower and Tub Combo of all of the toilets in these other bathrooms. Again, come included with a standard round toilet, but if you want it to, you can’t upgrade your toilet into a elongated toilet or an Ada toilet, which is chair height and elongated. Next, and all of our two story homes will have an oak hand railing with Oak Newell and painted score ballisters at the bottom of the stairs. The lengths vary based on the plan as well. Our lighting allowance, the way this works with your show home is you will get $1,500 for a one story home in $2,000 for a two story home.

So out of the lighting allowance, this is where you would choose all of your lighting fixtures, like your pendant lights and your Chandelier’s, all your coach lamps. And, uh, you know, all of your ceiling fan as well. So this is one of the best things about shaw homes is that you have so many options and if we added them all up, it’s a little over 400,000 options that you get to choose from how this can be a little overwhelming. But the other cool thing about shaw homes and your, when designing your Oklahoma City new homes is you work hand in hand with a designer that’s been doing it for more than 15 years. So with their expertise, they really narrow it down and help you through the process step by step. And our customers love the design studio process. Also, you got a tiled shower, um, in our premier communities, um, depending on where you want to build, we’ll let you know if it’s a premiere community here with Shaw homes, but in our premier communities you do get a three centimeter granite or quartz included in the kitchen.

You also get a tiled shower in the master bathroom included. Oklahoma City new homes also the knotty alder front door, which is three by six foot eight included, as well as these premier communities. Right now, our Chisholm ranch edge wood estates, elwood park estates at the river, millicent pond, Oak Ridge, Quail Creek, seven lakes, somerset, Spring Creek, Timber Creek, village at southern trails. Well, stone and Yorktown. So these are our communities where these come included. Also real quick to talk about, um, the sod on oversized and acreage home sites is ruby estates is one of our communities out here and I nola, um, but these all come fully sorted on your front yard and partially sorted rear yard up to 15,000 square feet total. Um, so for your Oklahoma City new homes, depending on the square footage of your home site, it may most likely will come 100 percent sorted on your entire home site, but if you find one that’s over an acre, it might just come up to 15,000 square feet total in Timber Creek. One of our communities here, um, it’s fully sorted front yard and regard is unless up against wooded areas. So once we hit the trees, we stopped the side. What are the area home sites will have sought in that area that is cleared in graded prior to construction of the home. Ashbrook is one of our quarterly or half Acre home sites here in broken arrow. This one would be fully sorted. Spring Hill farms again would be fully sorted the entire home site, edgewood estates fully sorted


to but not included in enjoyment easements. And then offsite is up to 5,000 square feet included.

So if you’re wanting to build a home, definitely check out shaw homes for your Oklahoma City new homes. And thank you so much for reading this article where we just went over all of our included features. Um, one of the coolest things about shaw homes is that we do what’s called a price out and this is where we allow you to pick the floor plan that you love and that fits all of your needs and then pick the home site you’d want to build it on. So that’s in that community in a specific home site. That’s one of a kind, whether you want a home site that backs up to a pond or backed up to a tree, maybe in a cul de sac, and then we really allow you to build this home on paper first. That way you have all the information before you make that important decision about your Oklahoma City new homes.

Then during the price out, we’d go through all of our upgrades and you’ll see a slideshow on a TV screen and you’ll say, yes, let’s put in the double ovens and yes, let’s put it in that hardwood flooring and you’ll say, no, we might not need the Christmas light package and it was just going to see all of our different upgrades and then you’ll also get to see itemized pricing. What every little detail costs right down to the dollar. That way you can see exactly what it would cost you to build your admin home with Shaw homes and then we print this off for you and allow you to take that with you and that way it’s a great benchmark allowing you to know what it would look like. Sometimes building a brand new home is overwhelming, so we like to just narrow it down for you and give you all the information.

That way you can make the best decision for you and your family. I’m one of the ways we give you all the information is by doing this price out and it’s priced the way you want to, down to the dollar. A total price printout is done on the spot with tons of options to choose from for your Oklahoma City new homes, uh, with knowledgeable staff. You need to meet at the model there. It is about a 45 minute meeting with Shaw homes and that sales staff there, and you’ll see itemized pricing so that way there’s no surprises to get all of your questions answered. If after the price out and that price is somewhere within your budget and what you

want to build, the next step would be signing the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement is done about 45 minute meeting. You would watch a video that’s about 40 minutes long. if you didn’t change your mind after you signed this contract, our prices would stay the same, but we found over the years that our customers like to change their mind, which is okay, but the only things you can’t change your mind on your mind on with your Oklahoma City new homes is the floor plan you chose and the homesite you chose to build it on. Because Shaw homes we send out for building permits and construction loans. So we have to be pretty specific whenever we submit those plans to the city. But colors are not. Final finishes are not final. So you can change anything cosmetically throughout the entire process of the design studio. Also at the purchase agreement, any additional deposits would do, which would be your earnest money deposit made out to show homes. Jesse Hancock (4) 9-21-18.mp3

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