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Oklahoma City new homes | Surveying The Scene

Oklahoma City new homes | Build The building

Thank you for joining us for another pod cast segment. This is Jordan warm and seven oaks. Sounds located between 101st on $100 between Lynn Lane and county line, which is 193rd street and ninth street in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. This community is a very popular community that a lot of people are moving to because it’s direct access to a lot of things in the area that are expanded. Um, we are handling the traffic very well and uh, we’re excited to say that we are quickly filling up phase two and phase three will be in the runnings here shortly. Oklahoma City new homes um, I just have had the privilege of being able to help people find their one of a kind home sign and build their dream home here in this community as well as we also have three moving ready homes here. They’re not gonna last long at all, but we have three.

One of them is a stone broke v and another one is a been tonic queue and we actually have another ventanas acute that will be completed probably in about a month or so. Well, that’s the exciting news. They’re very well priced, roughly a two 97 to about three away there, the prices in those and that is a great value for you’re looking at four bedroom homes with three to two and a half baths, game rooms, uh, and three car garages in this community, in this location are almost unheard of. So it was a great price for this location. And so one of the things that we’re really focusing on here is Oklahoma City new homes and the fact that we are expanding our shaw homes family, uh, into the Oklahoma City area. And so wanted to be sure to mention that a few other communities that are close by and that would be at a great price on more affordable price of the highland creek. Now, as good as that price is, you are a little further out from everything else, which is why the price is as good as it is. We also have a, um, another community called ashbrook where you can build on a half acre home sites that are not far from highland creek as well.

And, uh, the next thing that I want to mention, of course, is that Ashbrook and highland creek are actually both in wagoner county, which the property tax rate is, is a little lower than Tulsa county, which is great for considering that, that, that is a half Acre home site, uh, having a better price. Um, other than that, that’s close by. There was of course, this community which has said no south. And we have villages, southern trails. There are a handful of communities, Oklahoma City new homes, Spring Hill at forest ridge, well, stone a, forest Ridge highland forest ridge are all ones that we build on that are out in the waggoner area as well. Um, we do build in rush Brooke north and we filled up notice and pond, but we still do have one more home site are moving ready home. That’s there. It’s the notting hill l, very unique because we’ve turned the garage sideways.

So it’s a side entry and it’s just a beautiful home, great location and central broken arrow. And so with that being said, as an Oklahoma City new homes builder, these are the things that we want to make you aware of because we always do have moving ready homes that you can purchase. These are of course ones that are, um, the colors are all the most popular ones that are in style right now. And um, they’re not overly decked out. I know sometimes I think it’s really funny, but sometimes other builders think that we don’t have a lot of things that come included and we do. We just don’t like to load up a bunch of things that people don’t like to pay for. For example, if you don’t have a dog and we include doggy doors and you end up having to pay for that, that just is something that you could have saved money on.

So we put the most popular things in there. And then we let you choose what you want to add on special in your building. But if you’re looking for a move and ready home, they’re pretty much just what people are asking and looking for. Anyway. We survey the community, we survey what most families are like in that community and what do they have one, and we take an average of that. We take the best price and everything down to the color scheme and everything. So these are the important things that we take into consideration on a moving ready home. And the great thing is it comes with a warranty as well. Oklahoma City new homes, so when you’re building, you know, we have Tulsa’s best warranty, we do offer that as well, um, for our move in ready homes. And the great thing about them is that they’re good to go.

You don’t have to wait seven months there. Some of them were under a, like I mentioned, that Ventana is just about a month out from completion, which means that you wouldn’t have to wait much longer than after closing, that you’d be able to move in. The other ones, they’re just good to go. Oklahoma City new homes, once you, once we accepted the offer and we write that contract, then we just have to close on it and you can move in from there. So we have a lot of people that are looking for, they’re relocating or they’re looking for something that’s move in ready something quick and fast and new construction. We do offer that. So I always keep those things in mind when you’re looking at homes and that you’re not wanting to just look at a use tone. I mean if you think about it, you don’t really know what you’re getting with these.

Tell them you don’t know who built it, you don’t know the builder’s reputation, you don’t know anything behind it and you don’t know what’s behind the walls. And we do. We build every single one of them. We know who, we know, the trades people that we’ve hired to be a part of that process and we trust them all. We’ve been doing it since 1985, so for over 30 years. And Oklahoma City new homes, we had the or the highest volume builder in the Tulsa area. And so for that price we have a lower profit margin because we build more than that. Money just goes straight into your home and there’s not as much there for a profit. And so with that being said, we have the best prices when you do an apples to apples comparison to no one’s going to beat us on prices, um, and no one’s really going to be that much better than us.

That at those without having to take a hit because we have the highest volume, we’re able to get a, just like if you were to go to Sam’s, what’s the thing? If you buy in bulk, you always get it at a better price. So we buy more materials and we are trades have been working for us for a very long time. So because we had been working with them and we do so much a quantity, uh, they get us, they beat us at a lower price than someone that just bits off regular jobs where you might have to either pay more for the experience or pay less for someone that doesn’t have the experience or someone that is going to do it cheaply. Arms have all the great experience. Oklahoma City new homes because we, we give them someone to jobs, they give us a better price. So that’s just the way that works or not really going to get around having beat us, beating us in the competition on that one.

And so with that being said, Oklahoma City new homes builders, shaw homes is the best builder and Oklahoma. And so, aside from the move and ready homes, you can of course build, which is what we mostly do. We build the majority of our homes and most people will end up waiting about seven months to do that. It’s usually only about six months to build the home itself. However we take a month into consideration or longer for you to make your selections. Once your selections are made, it’s usually about a six month wait from there. And that’s taken into consideration the variables of what it usually means to wait, um, weather and the seasons and everything. So that is on average what it is. And sometimes we even finished before that. So, uh, as an Oklahoma City new homes builder, we like to set the standard high. We’ve been doing this for a long time.

We have a lot of experience and we want to make this as easy and painless as possible for you to purchase a Sha home and um, one way that we do that, he’s taking people through our path, which is an excellent way for people to see how easy it is to owning home. There’s nothing difficult about it. We’ve done this a few thousand times, so you don’t have to. That’s just as simple as it is. So we take you on a tour. Once we get through that tour, we find out your favorite home. We find out the community that you want to build in. We find that home site and once we find that we can price it out down to the dollar and get you as close to your budget as you want so you know exactly what it’ll cost to add everything into the home. Oklahoma City new homes at that point we move on to the purchase agreement from that purchase agreement, which is what we’d consider that contract.

You go to the design studio plan review, then we start building, then we close and then warranty. It really is simple and there’s a lot of details in between, but it’s just that simple. And so for as an Oklahoma City new homes builder, we want to offer this simple process to you that are in Oklahoma City as well, and we’ll cover a little bit more detail about the path and what it means to owning a shop at home and go into a little bit more detail there. So thank you again for joining us and we’ll catch you on the next one. Jordan Moore 2 12-7-18

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